Becoming Your Biggest Fan

by Jerome Shaw about a year ago in self help

Being the Audience of Your Art

Becoming Your Biggest Fan
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Be the audience of your own art. If no one else will, then why not you? In my life, I have supported a lot of different people. I will always root for someone who is going for their dream. Someone who creates art with ambition and believes in themselves. That's the type of person that I strive to be. Still, I understand that I have to believe in myself more than anyone. How else could anyone believe in me?

You may strive to be an individual that respects the craft. You understand that worthwhile things take work. What lasts long doesn't tend to come easy. What comes easy doesn't tend to last long. But if you are an artist, in any form or fashion, understand that you can be your biggest fan. You don't have to wait for support from other people. Support will come as long as you support yourself.

Each time I publish a video or a podcast episode, I can feel if it was one that I especially liked. I listen to my work more than anyone else because I am part of my own audience. Without support, some people find it hard to be creative. Realize that creativity is abundant. You don't always have to wait so long. Things can hit you at times when you least expect them. When something shocks you do you not feel inspired?

Inspiration is a word that describes being in spirit. When you have found yourself inspired you were in spirit. The moment you feel this, I encourage you to write these things down. With documentation, you honor that moment of inspiration. Understand that there is a wellspring of creativity inside you. Some call it the infinite intelligence, the one song, the universe, or the living force. This divine intelligence is always surrounding us. All you need to do is be like a child and believe it exists. At this very moment, I feel in spirit. Perhaps you feel inspired as you are reading this article. Go with that feeling and let it guide you. It's what guided me to write this in the first place.

Your number one fan

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Understand that you can be your biggest fan. If no one else why not you? Be inspired by your work. Be captivated by your creations. You never know who is watching. But it doesn't mean that you can't join the party. Appreciate the things that spring from you. Appreciate your own greatness. Appreciate your innate ability to create. Even if you don't think you're that creative, you are still a creator. In fact you create every day. Every day you turn oxygen into carbon dioxide. You are creating things at an unconscious level of thought.

I implore you, my friend, come to know yourself. Root for your work like it's a basketball game. Cheer yourself on every day. The world gets behind those who get behind themselves. Bet on yourself as though the odds don't matter. There are so many things you have yet to do. A beauty of life is that there is always more to see. As you are reading this, know that your life is not over. You are here for a reason and there is purpose in finding your passion.

I once watched an interview with Kevin Bacon. When asked what he thought his best projects were, he said, "I still believe that my best days are yet to come. That my best movies or my best shows or my best work is just around the corner." He's never settled. Never satisfied. It doesn't mean he's not content. It doesn't mean that he's not happy or appreciative of his work. But he's his biggest fan. He knows that life is limitless.

Get excited in your life as you continue to create. There may be someone you're unaware of that is rooting for you. Don't be afraid to be that person for yourself.

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Jerome Shaw
Jerome Shaw
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