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by Mopsy Meirelles 2 years ago in goals
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Essentialism is a way of living.

Essentialism teaches that many of the things we care about, the situations we do and commit to doing, are noises in our path, they are noises in our lifetime.

They are situations that don’t matter, they are things that are taking up space, just disturbing our thoughts or expending our energy and that is exactly what our essentialism does. It helps us to understand what is essential, and what is noise.

What is disposable in our life story?

What has to be removed ?

so that my energy that is fulfilling, that is fulfilling, that is abundant has to be channeled because that is in fact our goal.

People often name the path of what we are looking for in any sector of life worn out already, worn out with countless conflicts, countless problems, countless responsibilities, countless personal demands, which we are in, causing our energy to end up draining away. And when it comes to building what we have to build, we no longer have the strength, when it comes to finding what we want, what we desire and aspire to, we no longer have the capacity, exactly the noises have exhausted our strength.

There is a mindset behind this philosophy and a method.

There are three pillars that form and sustain this essentialist mentality.

I choose to do and be aware of what you do, what you live to be your decision, and you choose where you want to be, job, your relationship with the family, you chose what you are doing now, where you want to be and you are aware of everything you are doing now and it’s your choice! If it is not a choice and it is not a decision, it is time for you to rethink your life.

It is essential for you to approach your life goals whatever they may be, you need to live a life where you choose things and not the life you choose. If you don’t make the choices if you don’t make the decisions, if your life isn’t designed out of what you want for yourself, you will only distance yourself from what you dream of.

Firstly, if we are in this job, be it good or bad, I choose to stay in this job for two or 1 year, so I can pay my bills, so I can finish paying my bills? Or if we are in a good or bad relationship, and we are aware of it. we chose to live in a good or bad house, and we are aware of it. Things that is conscious for you and not life events.

According to only a few things really matter, not all that comes to you is important, not all the complaints from your family members are crucial, not all the problems of the surrounding people are essential, not all the difficulties that are happening in the world are fundamental to you, not all the things that happen are significant for you to be thinking about and taking to your bed and your pillow.

Not all that happens in your work is useful, being aware that few things really matter and essentialist, we need to discern what is valuable, what is essential and what is not.

What is important we focus on?

What is not important has no relevance in our life and does not take us anywhere to be stuck there?

Worried and goes to sleep and wakes up thinking and brooding over these feelings. To trap us in that emotional snowball and when you go to see you have it stuck for days and weeks and you spent energy on something that never had relevance to that ability to understand that few things are important this is fundamental and ask yourself.

What is the key?

Knowing that few things REALLY ARE IMPORTANT.

Third and more important for the world we live in, you understand that you can do everything else that you don’t need to do things at the same time, you don’t need to commit to everybody, you don’t need to have all, you have to understand what really is important is what really has value, what really is essential and that few things are in fact, having this awareness is FUNDAMENTAL.

We can do anything and commit to everyone but as long as this is your choice, but we don’t need to be everybody, you don’t have to be something the world demanded. We don’t need to be everything your family wants, you don’t need to help everyone who asks you for help, you don’t need to solve all the problems, choose the problems and define them.

Define the problems that are the most important now, define the accounts that are most important to pay.

Which sector of your life needs more of your attention?

Don’t want to solve everything at once!

This is fundamental.

We live in a moment when the pressure falls on us that everything has to be resolved the same time. This needs to do everything at a super fast pace. It ends up becoming a wear and tear and the person gets sick, anxiety speaks louder, anguished, and frustrated.

We commit to doing everything the trend is to do nothing.

When we commit ourselves to doing something that we already know, we will not do, we are already sending a message to our brain saying that we have an inability to accomplish saying that our day is overloaded and that our life should have more hours, but you can choose to work more hours with what is essential do not spend many hours of your day for what is not essential, choose not to occupy what you spend your energy taking from your emotional axis, knowhow to define, knowhow to choose, know how to really rationalize what is important, starting from your choices.

3 steps to build the essentialist idea how to direct your ideas to what has possibilities and idealizations, what actually makes sense for your life.

People have defined what they want for them, they even have the ability to accomplish and achieve, but they can never reach it, they can never achieve it, they arrive halfway through the body, it seems that halfway through it give up and something happens that makes her stop.

In the end, people end up discrediting themselves because it never works, often what happens to us is the noises, we have everything very well elaborated within us.

We know how we are, we know how to do, we know where to go, and how to go, we have everything to work out. However, there are things that are not essential and that are taking up our time are wasting our energy. These things can be people, they can be situations, difficulties, psychological illnesses, physical illnesses, they can be things we don’t treat, we don’t care because we don’t see, because we neglect, it can be anything, any noise that distracts you and your goal, can hinder you.

Start exploring more all the things you decide on in your life, look at all the options, everything that happens around your work, everything that takes up your time, have a perception of your work.

Explore within your relationship everything that has generated discomfort in some situations, map all the noise within your relationship, what has been disturbing you, what has kept you away?

In the same thing in spiritual life, see what makes sense to you, see what is necessary to understand that there is no obligation not to relate to God, see what is essential!

In family life will also be that you need to carry your family on your back?

Do we need to worry about everyone? Be aware of the noises in the affective and loving area, in the work area, in the spiritual and financial life.

And we end up entering the belief that we need to feel Important! If we want to feel important we have to start carrying the world on your back to be IMPORTANT!, exploring all that has no relevance.

Learn to say NO!

Start eliminating noise!

Little by little keep the people who get in your way, from situations that cause you to wear out, get away from the places that cause you discomfort, that take you away from your goals, that take you away from what you want to have.

You got used to saying yes to life! For those who you think to be good at heart you have to say yes at all! And you can do yes as long as it doesn’t overwhelm you, it doesn’t wear you out, it won’t hurt you.

Eliminate what wears you out, which has no relevance, which wears out your time in your life.

When you say no you will join the new way of living, you end up getting away from some people, because you go against some people’s expectations. Because the world out there wants you to say YES always! Because when they ask for something from you, they expect the answer to be always YES, because when they ask for something from you, people expect them to be welcomed, when you say NO! I CAN NOT! I WON’T GO! Whatever people are already looking at you hastily!

Unfortunately an idea of ​​negative belief that has come from childhood, THAT WE NEED TO BE ACCEPTED IN THE WORLD, THAT YOU NEED TO BE LOVED!


Eliminate the noise, you will see that you will eliminate a weight that was never yours.

This is a cycle that you have to make natural in your life, not just once! It’s a cleansing and you have to make it natural, especially when you see that things are going very wrong.

From this awareness and mentality many things start to happen and incredible also this is life transformation!

May the things you want for this help you get to them!



About the author

Mopsy Meirelles

My name is Michelle a descendant of gypsy family I traveled to almost 85 countries and lived in 10 different countries.As I come from a long journey one of my new passions is to write about the behavior and emotions around the world.

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