Attracting Good Luck

by Laura Doan 12 months ago in happiness

5 Chants You Can Do Today

Attracting Good Luck

I'm sure you're reading this to find out how to attract good luck or you're skeptical. You can do anything you want in life as long as you believe in what you're doing. If you believe you can attract it into your life, then it will come.

These chants/mantras/beliefs are powerful and they can change your life. Change your mindset. Change the way you're thinking. Question yourself. Every time you think of something negative, question whether it's your belief or it's someone else's belief instilled in you. Once you catch yourself in a loop based on your previous beliefs, you'll be able to rewrite your new beliefs. To rewrite a new belief, you have to constantly work on it. Think it, say it, write it. Doing those three things are powerful because they change your vibration. Everything is energy. When you're a high vibration, you attract more of the things you want. For the skeptics out there, if you're constantly thinking, "This could never happen to me." Ask yourself, "Why not?" By doing so, you're going to find out the reason why believe it can't happen for you.

Here are five chants that I do to bring more luck into my life. (They work!)

  1. "I am lucky."—Constantly tell yourself that you are lucky. If you're always telling yourself, "I always bring bad things into my life," then that's the command you're sending out to the Universe. That's why you will always receive bad luck, because you told yourself and believe that you do. Change that mindset and belief. Tell yourself you are lucky as many times until you believe it to be true.
  2. "Everything will go my way."—Doesn't everything always work out the way they're suppose to in the end? Live your life with ease and know deep down that it will work out for you. Isn't a relief when you're suppose to do something, but then you remembered that you already did it? That feeling of relief, the feeling that the problem is no longer there, is exactly how you should be feeling. It's already there.
  3. "I attract only good luck into my life."—The more you believe you only attract good luck, the more it will come to you. Believe and know that it's easy to attract. When you're doubting yourself, that's when you'll struggle manifesting it into your life because your thoughts and beliefs are not in alignment. Therefore, the Universe won't know what to give you because you don't know what you really want.
  4. "Everything I've been asking for will come because I attract luck."—Envision all the opportunities you want in your life, write them down, say it out loud. Most importantly imagine yourself as a magnet for good luck. Believe that everything is going to work out for you today, then let it go. It will happen.
  5. "I am thankful that I am blessed with good luck."—Be grateful for the luck you've attracted into your life. The Universe likes to give more to those who are thankful and appreciative of what they have. The things you say and think should line up when you're trying to attract things. If you're saying one thing and thinking the other, who wouldn't be confused as to what you really want? Be clear and specific about the things you ask for including good luck.

Hope you found these chants helpful. I know for a fact they work because I say them everyday and everything in my life goes my way. It may not be exactly how I planned it, but it works out, achieving the same end result. If you like the content I'm putting out, don't forget to share it with others. We can all improve on ourselves in one way or another. Have a great day. (:

Laura Doan
Laura Doan
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