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Are you Looking for New Ideas to Shake up Your Weekend Plans

My Plans for the Weekend are...Let the Weekend Begin!

By Lynne BlackPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
Are you Looking for New Ideas to Shake up Your Weekend Plans
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So, what are your weekend plans? Are you looking for some new ideas? At the same time, Fall is here. The season of color is here! I’m excited to share some fun ideas with you so you can make the most of your time.

Weekend Plans

Whether you are planning to spend your day inside watching football games on Sunday or in your backyard; I have some suggestions to take the Fall season to a new level.

In the first place, go out in your backyard and host your own tailgating party. For some ideas; check out my Create the Ultimate Tailgating Party at your Home this Season post. And, for some fun and fashion styles for game day; be sure to visit my Kick Off the Season – Fashion and Ideas for a Touchdown post.

Get creative and plan a pot-luck meal. Meanwhile, have all of your guests bring a different appetizer, entree, or dessert. Also, you can make this more creative by making a game out of this and having everyone guess what everything is. Finally, you can have a prize for the winner such as a dessert or a bottle of wine.

If you want to turn one day into the entire weekend; head out of town. Look for a bed and breakfast in a location where there is a lot of picturesque scenery and things to do.

Fall Weekend Plans Essentials – Shoestring Budget

When you are looking for something to do inside your home; I have a few tips for you.

However, if you’re on a shoestring budget and looking for some things to do that do not cost a lot of money; I have some ideas to make the most of your day or night.

Gather your family and friends and plan a scavenger hunt! Find some local spots and hide something. For instance, leaves will be falling soon; so why not have one of the clues be to “Bring back a red leaf”? However, if you don’t have the time to plan a scavenger hunt; there are several Apps available. Be sure to check out 14 Fun Team Building Apps for ideas for work, family, or friends.

With the pandemic, many people may prefer to stay inside. Moreover, you can plan a scavenger hunt in your home. For some ideas; you may want to get Goose Chase Apps.

Another idea I have is to plan some type of theme day or night. So, there are a few ways to do this. First, you can choose something you think your family and friends would like. From there, create something adventurous.

If you’re single, you can plan a pub crawl.

Also, if you go to a Farmer’s Market regularly, you can have a few friends try to locate the largest pumpkin. After you find a bunch of pumpkins; you can organize a pumpkin carving party and you can give the winner, a Fall wreath.

With Halloween around the corner, gather a group of friends to sit around a campfire to tell some ghost stories.

Fun Recipes from Lynne’s Kitchen

If you’re a homebody, why not make some new fall recipes? After my Sister, Edie died, I was looking for a few new projects to keep my mind occupied. Since I’m a foodie, I came up with a few recipes and wrote a small cookbook that I self-published.

Moreover, the recipes include food you can make for a get-together with your family and friends or for the holiday season.

Are you Looking for New Ideas to Shake up Your Weekend Plans

Why not make a homemade pizza? For some tips, be sure to check out my Pizza Making post.

Plan a movie marathon! Pick your favorites from your own DVD library or type in “Free Movies” online and dozens of movies will come up. Don’t forget to “Pop some PopCorn”.

Meet you Outside

So, the clock is ticking. Are you ready to head outside?

Go for a hike or a walk.

Or, you can go for a run.. Sign up for a 3k, 5k, or Turkey Trot.

Jump into a pile of leaves.

Plan a sports activity outside. For instance, you can organize a football or soccer game outside.

Draw or paint a picture outside.

Go apple picking and turn your apples into candy apples by adding some fun toppings.

Plant some Autumn flowers

Make the most of your weekend!

As always, I welcome your comments on what your weekend plans are?


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