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An Open Letter To My 40-year-old Self

by S.A. Ozbourne 5 months ago in goals
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Written when I was 20 years old

Image by xaviandrew from Pixabay

So I wrote this letter when I was 20 in 1998. In 2018 when I turned 40 I read it and had a good laugh. But I never showed anyone. Mostly because it was embarrassing and also surprisingly too close to home. Especially about the US President. But here it is in 2021 when I am almost 43. Enjoy!

Hey, 40-year-old me!

Are you still alive? Did you get hit by a bus, drown in the pool, or get stabbed at a rave? Hope not. And hopefully, you are not still going to raves. As much fun as they are and as awesome as ecstasy is, I am sure it’s bad for your body and you have moved on. Is ecstasy still popular? Or is there some new artificially intelligent robot that plugs into your brain and gives you an electrical high?

Anyway just in case you forgot, here is a quick summary of your life and the world you lived in. I wonder how different it is.

So the world is pretty weird right now. There are some really awesome things happening but also a lot of really crazy things happening. First of all, Bill Clinton got caught with an intern and that is pretty much all everyone is talking about! I think this will make him look like such a fool! He may go down as one of the stupidest presidents of all time.

Hopefully, in your time, someone with more class who keeps his pants on is president. Also, is Canada still ok or have we been swallowed up and become just another state of the United States?

Also, the movie Titanic won tons of Oscar awards and is like everyone’s favorite movie. And Leonardo Dicaprio is every girl’s dream. Is he still a sex symbol in your time? Or did he get really ugly or overdose?

France won the World Cup, Japan held the Olympics, and the US is still at war with Al-Qaeda and Sadam Hussain. Please tell me the war in the middle east is finally done!

Computers and the Internet are huge now and I am using Windows 97. Windows 98 came out as well. After 99, how will they name Windows? Will it be Windows 01, 02, and so on or Window 2000, 2001,2002? Or has Windows been replaced with something even cooler? Like Lazers 2020?

Big musicians now are Green Day, Alanis Morissette, Spice Girls, and Celine Dion. Especially because of Titanic. What’s the music 20 years later? Has it gone all wonky and super electronic like techno or is there a new genre of music I don’t even know about? I still love Michael Jackson so hopefully, he is still pumping out the cool music.

I think you probably haven’t gotten dementia or anything so I don’t really need to go into too much detail about my life at age 20. I am still in university. Majoring in English and Communications. Neither of which I like but a degree is a degree. Hopefully, I can get a good job and move out of my parents’ place. Maybe live in a nice condo downtown.

I don’t have a girlfriend, never had one actually. Been on dates but nothing seems to work out. I am not really shy and have tons of girl “friends” but none of them want to be my “girlfriend” so I keep waiting for it to happen. Please tell me you are married with kids, a big house, a dog, a cat, and a nice career.

(For the record, I am not married now, have no kids, no house, or fancy career. I do have a dog and cat though.)

Here are some things that I hope you have figured out because as of now I don’t know what I’m doing.

How to Cook

Since I live at home and mom does it all, there hasn’t been much reason to step in the kitchen. So please tell me at 40 you are a good cook and not eating TV dinners at home watching Friends.

(Can't really cook so making pasta and watching the Big Bang Theory)

Having a career

I am so confused about what to do with my life. All of our friends are already deciding what job they will have, who they will marry, and surprisingly even some have kids. Hopefully, at 40 you have settled down, figured out what career you are suited for, and making mad cash.


Being Happy

For some reason no matter what I do, I still feel like I am missing something. Maybe it’s because I don’t have a girlfriend, a good job, or any real hobbies, but nothing I try makes me happy. Except for ecstasy like I said before but that is only temporary.

So I really hope you have figured out what makes you happy in life. Is it your job, your wife, your child, some special pass time, or touring the world? Whatever it is, I hope it gives you purpose and makes you feel happy to be alive.

Anyway, whatever you are doing, wherever you are (hopefully not living in your parent's basement in Toronto), and whoever is making you happy (he or she, I won’t judge), I really hope you are making the best of each day. Life is precious and if you have made it to 40 then that means you have been doing something right.

Keep doing what you are doing and don’t give up. I am sure you will make it to the next letter I plan to write which is for me at age 80. Actually, why don’t you do that for me? Write a letter to your 80-year-old self when you’re 40.

Thanks for reading and if you have any advice for me, well, I guess it’s too late. Unless time travel is a thing! If it is then totally come and visit me. And bring me a hoverboard. They should have those in 20 years, right?

Your…self in 1998!


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S.A. Ozbourne

A writer with no history or perspective is a paintbrush with no paint!

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