Adult Age! Built it or Ruin it!

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Lesson's to be learnt during your teenage!!

Adult Age! Built it or Ruin it!
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The age of 19 or a particular age group from 16–25 is very crucial and proves to be a strong foundation for your career life and work too. The more productively you spend your time during these days, the more you will benefit in the future. Following are some critical piece of advice I would like to share/convey to a 19-year-old kid;

Be kind to yourself- You should love and accept yourself the way you are. Don't judge yourself in the wrong way and create your misery. Swap any negative thoughts with positive ones.

Stay focused on the present and don't worry about the past or future. Do not let negative things from the past affect your present-day happiness. Whatever occurred in the past cannot be altered, and you should make it go and move on.

Everyone in the world has made mistakes one time or another. Admit and take responsibility for your error when it happens. Find out the reasons, learn from it, and create a plan not to make the same mistake again.

Don't compare yourself with those who are more productive than you and become hopeless. Instead, make a downward comparison and be thankful for what you have—practice gratitude daily.

It would help if you worked on personal development and also learn continuously throughout life.

Self-Growth is not just a one day process; its a lifelong journey. The person who continually engages himself in learning and development is sure to reach his maximum potential. Talking about myself, I daily spend 1 hour on my self-improvement. I read daily to improve my imaginative capacity, vocabulary, and improve my sense of perception to look at things. Reading has given me a new passion for exploring on. The more I read, the more I gain knowledge, which ultimately provides me with an edge over other people who don't and mindlessly waste their day out.

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Maintain close relationships with family and friends. Take their help as required when you need advice or when you are in a bad situation. Keep in mind that friendship is not a one-way street. So, you should also help your friends when they need you.

Perform the daily exercise for 30 minutes to an hour. Plan your day so that you get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night, which is imperative to stay healthy. Avoid eating junk foods and eat wholesome foods instead.

Surround yourself with good people. They will help you succeed in life.

Self-discipline leads you to happiness. Set yourself a goal to become more disciplined.

Don't worry about what people will say, and most importantly, never be afraid to fail.

Nowadays, when many teens are spending endless hours on mobile phones, I urge you to limit the use of mobile phones for your usage only. Understand what is best for you. Make mobile phones your slave not master. Don't just now and then check your phone to see messages, likes, and comments. Instead, have a plan for your career, set goals for your life.

Perform best in whatever you do. Don't just blindly follow the rat race, which most of the teens do. Choose your career wisely. Develop good habits that will ultimately shape your future. Be in a good, positive, and optimistic group of friends who always want to see best in you. Adopt reading books as one of your primary habits.

Be kind! Be Grateful! Be Courageous! Be Confident! Be Helpful!

Bless you, happy and peaceful life ahead!

Believe that you can overcome all life's challenges.

Enjoy your life to the fullest!

Live every moment in the present!

Respect your parents!

Grow and Develop as a kind and decent human being!

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