Acid Box Meaning

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Inspirational Speech About How This Logo Came to Be and What It Means to Me

Acid Box Meaning

Hello, I am Anti Clvtch. It's nice of you guys to drop by. I am an artist and brand owner, my Instagram is @anti.clvtch. If you would like to check out my page and watch my journey feel free to follow and keep tabs on the page. Now this acid box used to just be some complete and utter accident that I made the first day I decided to do a collage art-style, which is basically finding a bunch of pictures and making them come together to form something completely different or completely random. I choose to make it look psychedelic and trippy because I like making art that makes people just say "WTF" out loud.

This acid box stems from the old Tide box. I was looking at vintage Tide ads and I just saw a woman smiling holding Tide and for some reason my brain just said "that should say acid instead of Tide," and instead of just breezing past the image and paying it no mind I decided to do exactly what my brain was telling me to do. I had a lot of fun making the first acid box post because there was a lot of fear and uncertainty, with a hint of doubt, but there was also a lot of joy and excitement behind the first post because for the first time since I started collaging I felt like this post was actually me. So I swallowed my fear and anxiety and posted it and I wasn't at all expecting what happened next. It's like every single door opened up for me and I was able to blossom into the artist that I am today and now every time a post of mine has an acid box I still feel a bit of that adrenaline I had when I first started posting the acid box. The point is, whenever in life you are met with a chance to take a risk that may or may not help you in the future, take that risk because you never know where that road might take you and even if it doesn't work out in the end then at least you have the knowledge that now you know that it won't work. The last thing you should want is to die with regret, you only have one life so why not tell that person you like how you feel, pick up that side hobby, travel the world, quit your job to start a business or even better why not just be the best version of yourself and live only to make you happy? Because if people really love you then you being happy will make them happy. Acid isn't just a psychedelic compound, it's a way of life. If you don't wanna take anything away from this at least take away the meaning behind Acid: "Always Continue Into Dreams." Don't ever stop chasing your dreams, you never know where they may lead you.

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