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A New Year To Be The Same Me

Resolutions For The Next 365 Days

By Jassy La’Nae Published 2 years ago 4 min read
A New Year To Be The Same Me
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January 1st doesn’t stop me from being who I am. It does not change my reality, or the challenges I still have to face everyday. I don’t plan to change, I plan to evolve. I don’t want a fresh start, I want my goals to continue branching out as much as possible.

A new me would mean that I am looking to change something about myself. Maybe that is true in a way, I want to change some things within myself. But, for me, a new year is another piece of paper switched over to the blank page in the same book I have been writing in for all of my life. It’s not a new me, but a new entry for new creativity, love, and of course, MONEY!

This year of 2021, I plan on improving the love that surrounds myself. 2020 has been a depressing downfall for all of us, and the ones surrounding us. We are all just trying to survive, instead of just trying to love the best lives we can. We are suffering the losses of friends and family due to this contagious virus that has surfaced. Quarantine has made us feel trapped in our own homes, causing a rift between the ones we travel to see due to distance, and making dining out a deadly activity.

I plan to make memorable memories with the close ones around me. To spread the love and positivity that we need in this critical time we are in. To let those whom I love know that they are truly cared about, and that we will continue to thrive during this pandemic.

Coming into this year, I have realized more about myself health wise as well. During this time, I have eaten a lot of fast food. At this point, I think the McDonald’s employees at the drive thru are tired of seeing my face.

Healthier foods is a beginning of healthier choices in your life. You feel more energized on the inside with vegetables, fruits, and healthier meats in your body. You tend to feel more good about yourself I have realized. Once you get out of old habits you’re accustomed to, and actually set a goal for yourself and stick to it. To change an unhealthy trait you’ve become comfortable with and replacing it with something that will benefit you mentally and physically in the long run of your life. One small step encourages you to take huge leaps.

Just like some things are meant to be left in the previous year. Can’t bring all of that baggage along with you into a new year. People like Donald Trump. I tend on leaving bad people who are no good for me in the past where they belong. Instead of improving the relationships, I would rather just erase, delete, and move them into the trash bin. Some people are just no good for us. They bring out the worst in us, rather than the best parts of ourselves. The people who drain your energy instead of giving you life, making you smile, and feeing good. You surround yourself with positive people, you will become more positive. If you surround yourself with millionaires, you’ll eventually want to become one too. If you really want change, then you have to be willing to make those drastic changes. It’s okay to think something was going good and it ended up not working out how you assumed. I mean, LOOK AT 2020!

Another thing—in which I believe most of us probably need in this time—is trying to find true happiness in myself.

I have no problem with making others happy, or knowing what makes them happy. But when it comes to myself, I have noticed the lack of TLC I have given to myself. At some point, I began to think that my purpose was to make others happy and not to worry about my own. But, anyone doing that will eventually lose themselves. That is not an option for me.

In this new year, as the same me, I promise to take care of my mind and heart as much as I take care of my body and outer looks. I vow to give myself the same appreciation and attention I tend to give to others. To encourage myself as much as I encourage my friends and loved ones. Tell myself “I am proud of you. You are doing a good job” the way I tell my loved ones. Endure all my flaws, improve them, and turn them into masterpieces. Invest in myself and become a millionaire.

You don’t always have to think of the new year as a fresh start. You’re not starting at zero. It’s okay to think of it as the time to improve in anything you need. Taking a break, or just simply letting go of any toxicity and negativity surrounding you. Giving yourself more because you know that you’re worth it. Boosting your self esteem and pushing yourself passed limits you never knew existed. It is a new year, but you’re still the same person. But like years, the body changes as well. The mind changes, the personality changes, and the looks change. Change the page and make your story what you want it to be. Be who you want to be, or become who you’ve always meant to be.


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Jassy La’Nae

A woman who is gifted with her words.

You can follow me on my social platform(IG @thecrystalhaven_) for affirmations for every day issues we deal with. You can also order beautiful crystal jewelry from my website or by dm'ing me.

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