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A List of Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself Daily

by Cosmo Carr 9 days ago in self help

Tell these things to yourself every day to keep a positive mindset. What you think is how you feel.

A List of Affirmations You Should Tell Yourself Daily
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If you are trying to get in a more positive frame of mind, or just need some reminders on how to encourage yourself, here is a list of affirmations that you should think to yourself daily to encourage cultivating a healthy process of thinking towards yourself.

1.) I am grateful that I am me.

Saying this can help spark gratitude for your own uniqueness and life.

2.) I feel healthy and strong today.

Even if you don't feel healthy and strong, repeating this to yourself over time can really help you believe it.

3.) I can find a lesson in everything

There really is a lesson to be learned in everything that happens, good and bad. If you find yourself irritable or upset about something, it can help to think of how the situation might actually benefit you in the long run.

4.) I choose not to criticize myself or others.

We find ourselves being harsh more often than we would like. Saying this can help you to curb judgmental thoughts about yourself and other people.

5.)My potential to succeed is limitless.

Spark some of that productivity by encouraging yourself to succeed. Once you get used to saying it, you will see that it may be exciting to know your own potential!

6.) I am full of confidence.

This can feel cheesy and egotistical. It isn't. You are simply reminding yourself of your worth.

7.) I love doing things that make people happy

This one probably rings true for a lot of us already, but it is nice to give ourselves some credit for enjoying making people happy. If you don't like making people happy, saying this will help you to begin feeling enjoyment in helping people.

8.) I enjoy being productive

We know how it feels to procrastinate. Let's soak in the mood we feel when we are productive and completing tasks.

9.) I am living a calm life

You probably are not living a calm life. I'm certainly not, but repeating this can help you bring feelings of calm and resilience to your day.

10.) I will focus on the positive.

Tell yourself to be positive today, and you will be more likely to stay positive.

11.) I am doing the best I know how.

We should all take the time to really forgive ourselves, we are all just doing the best we know how, right?

12.) I am in charge of my thoughts.

Nobody else can think for you. Remind yourself to be aware that you are in charge of yourself and what you think.

13.) I am aware problems are illusions of the mind.

A powerful way to challenge your thought process when a problematic situation arises. This is a problem, but not really tho

14.) I am thankful for another day.

Life is precious, and we never know what tomorrow holds for us. Internally thank the universe that you are here again.

15.) I am always changing.

Every day you learn and grow and it is important to remind yourself that you are always changing and adapting.

I love daily affirmations because they really get stuck in your head after a while and I find myself countering negative thoughts with the affirmations that I say to myself often. I'ts a great way to learn how to talk to yourself positively, and is especially important to help you create a healthy image of yourself after coming out of per se, a rough childhood where you learned to talk negatively about yourself for years. Affirmations can help reverse the negative psychology that you have learned to use on yourself and transform your habits to think in healthier ways. If you enjoyed this list of positive affirmations, please leave me a <3!

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Cosmo Carr
Cosmo Carr
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