A Five Step Routine to Start Your Day Peacefully

by Laura Romberger 10 months ago in happiness

How to start your day with positivity and mindfulness

A Five Step Routine to Start Your Day Peacefully

We all know how chaotic life can be. What we may have planned for the day may, many days almost definitely not happen. Unfortunately we these things are sometimes out of our control.

However how we choose to start our day will set a scene for how we react to what the day brings us. If you start in a rush and stressed, then it will be much harder for you to come back down from that when challenges arise. But if you begin your day with mindfulness and organization, you will be much more prepared (and calmer) and ready to take on the day that awaits you.

We are in a constant state of change. Even our cells are changing and adapting in this very single moment. Life is also constantly on the move. It doesn't stop for us to recharge. Therefore we must stop ourselves. We must actively make room for mindfulness, forcefully put the brakes on so that we can regain our balance and ground ourselves.

There are many attributes that need to be obtained to live a happy and healthy life. But today we're going to talk about strength, courage and calmness—more importantly on how to find these things within ourselves each morning. And we can do this with a simple routine.

  1. Take your time waking up. If that means you may have to set your alarm 15 minutes earlier to give yourself that space, do it. When you first arise from bed, stretch. Then go get your cup of coffee or hot tea. Sit with it quietly. Along your mind, your soul, your heart, and your body to adjust to being awake. This is your mindful moment before you take on any task or stressor of the day.
  2. Read an inspirational article or motivational quotes. Practice positive affirmations every morning. This is your opportunity to reaffirm your faith, strength, self-confidence and inner peace. Breathe through each of these thoughts. Repeat them or reread it.
  3. Practice a quick yoga or meditation practice. This helps ground you for your day and helps you open up your heart.
  4. Prepare for your day. Review your planner, your calendar, and your schedule. Take a little time to scan and organize your emails. Mark which emails will be a priority for the start of your work day. This is an important practice in the morning because it helps you have sneak peek at what the day holds for you, what is on your agenda and what must be completed today. The task of this will help you feel prepared and not as if you're being thrown into a storm.
  5. Last but definitely not least, and I usually do this on my way out the door after getting ready for the day, stop and appreciate something beautiful in the morning. Maybe it's the way the morning sunlight is shining through the window or how your pup is curled up in your bed still. Maybe it's a flower you see in your garden on your way to the car. Take a picture if you can so you reflect on this moment later in the day if you are feeling stressed. It's the little things in life that have the opportunity to bring us the most joy.

Mindfulness can be a powerful tool and practice against stress and worry. It allows us to slow down and see things from a more clear perspective. Mindfulness puts us in a place of comfort and security. We can focus more on the priority items. With mindfulness techniques we learn to become more patient.

Not only is it healthy for our minds and our souls, but it also is good for our physical health. Practicing mindfulness techniques help us control our heart rate and our breath. With reduced stress, we also are at less risk for weight gain.

Mindfulness does take practice, but a little practice each day and it will start to replace bad habits.

Laura Romberger
Laura Romberger
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