7 Habits of Highly Positive People

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You can master them, too.

7 Habits of Highly Positive People
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Happiness and positivity are not about smiling all the time or living in the mountain as a monk.

It’s a mindset. It’s a mentality. It’s a lifestyle.

It’s practicing the same routine over and over again.

It’s a lifestyle that can be hard to switch because most people grew up being programmed by their parents and the people around them to think and see the world in a pessimistic way. Yet they wonder why life is treating them poorly.

Our belief system is programmed and formed up to the age of 7.

Here is a statement from this source:

“Dr. Bruce Lipton states that we are being programmed for our first seven years and that 95% of the results in our life come from that programming of the subconscious. This form of repetition will change the way your subconscious functions.”

Dr. Bruce Lipton goes into more details in this video:


You may have a bad childhood where your parents were pessimistic and never believed you will succeed in life. You are a product of your parents and your belief system has been formed by your parents. This does not mean it’s permanent. It’s your job to break out of that old, negative belief system and change the way you think. It’s your job to hack your belief system, remove the negative habit, and add more positive habits into your belief system.

Good and bad things happen in our life. It’s what it is. What you focus on with passion is what you’ll see more of. Whether you think positive or negative; either way, you’re right.

Happy people don’t brag about being happy. They don’t try to convince people they are happy, otherwise, it’s just a fake persona they display. Happy people are happy from the inside and it reflects on the outside. Their happiness just shows. People can sense it. People can sense their happiness through their eyes, energy, tone of their voice, and their attitude towards life and any situation. I’ll share the habits of positive people.

1. They travel the world

They go out. They see the world. They explore a new area. They see the things you’ve never seen before. They see the world with new and fresh eyes with the curiosity of a child. They explore different cultures. They learn a lot from traveling. The more you travel, the bigger your consciousness becomes. It expands your mind. It opens your mind.

Read a book, if you can’t travel in the current moment. It’s another solution. You travel internally by reading a book. You’re traveling mentally in another world while learning at the same time.

Happy people are adventurous. They are always ready for a new adventure because they enjoy having a great time. Traveling around the world increases your mental well-being. Traveling builds strong confidence and gives happy people a bigger perspective on life. Traveling makes happy people more open-minded.

Creating new experiences in life gives happy people a great insight into the world and seeing a world of opportunities. There is so much beauty in the world and it stimulates positive people to see the unseen.

Traveling around the world detoxes you from social media, which is the toilet of the internet, as Lady Gaga described it. Positive people turn off all their notification so they can be focused on their adventure. Making new friends from different countries and cultures is amazing as all of you great an everlasting memory. Traveling takes positive people away from the daily life of stress. It gives them time to detox their mental well-being by enjoying their life around the world.

2. They look at solutions.

They know a temporary problem does not mean it’s the end of the world. They look at problems and obstacles as an opportunity to grow and find new solutions to the problems.

Instead of thinking “I don’t have friends.”

They think: “What can I do to make new friends?”

Instead of thinking “I don’t have money.”

They think “What can I do to make more money?”

They look at solutions. They are seeking opportunities. They use their brain to think about how they can fix a problem instead of whining about it as if it’s a permanent issue. They’re always getting what they want with this attitude. They know whining and throwing tantrums won’t fix their issue. It’s never a permanent issue, it’s just a temporary issue that can be solved if you keep your head high and see the light at the end of the tunnel.

There are even bright stars in the dark universe.

A bright soul will live a bright life.

3. They set boundaries.

They refuse to be friends with negative and toxic people. They want to vibe with highly-positive people who are loyal and real. They don’t settle for less because it will make them unhappy. They just want to be with people who just “get it”

It’s about having the courage to say no and not caring what people think of them. They refuse to be someone their family and friends want them to be. They want the freedom to be fully themselves and being accepted by that. They claim their own power. They refuse to let others take away their power.

They are tough. Happy but tough. They clap back. They tell toxic people to back off. They are not afraid to stand up for themselves when they have no choice. That’s why they’re happy in life. Because they say no. They stand up for the sanity of their mind. They protect their sanity. Defending their sanity makes them stay sane and HAPPY. Defending yourself IS a positive habit but in a tough, healthy way.

Pleasing other people and always saying yes as you allow people to hurt you WILL make you unhappy and miserable in the long run. You start to feel miserable because you’ve never expressed your frustration or said anything back to the toxic people.

Positive people avoid those who aren’t on the same level as them. They want to vibe with people who want to evolve and grow with them. They’re never on the same level, they always level up and want people to level up with them. You can’t be a positive person who hangs out with a negative person. It will affect your mood and both of you will never be on the same wave.

4. They use gratitude on a daily basis.

They count their blessings. They appreciate the little things in life such as breakfast in the morning or seeing birds on the trees. They appreciate the sound of music and vibrant colors in nature. They have a journal where they write down 10 things they’re grateful for today. They also say it out loud or in their mind. They do this routine to stay on the high vibrational level. They start their day being grateful for what they have whether it’s a cup of tea or having money in their bank account.

Small blessings will multiply into big blessings.

The more they find things to be grateful for, the happier they’ll be. The more satisfied they will be with what they already have. Positive people know that the more grateful they are, the more they will receive. They know being grateful can transform their life for the better. Positive people

Positive people know that if they want something, they have to act as if they already have it. They are grateful for the things they want as if they already have it. They feel it, they sense it. They feel as though they already have what they want. Being grateful puts positive people in harmony with the nature and universe.

Being grateful in life makes positive people more reasons to be happy.

Just being grateful for at least 5 things each day is more than enough. Write down what you’re grateful for. It doesn’t matter how little or small it is. Wait till you come up with something to be grateful for because you’re being challenged to look at the positive blessings in your life for the first time.

A bird singing in the morning is something to be grateful for. It’s a blessing to have small birds sing for you in the morning on a new day with new opportunities.

5. They embrace their solitude

They have good people around them and aren’t afraid of being alone. They would rather have a small circle of family and friends around them.

They know to be friends with themselves. They aren’t greedy. They don’t want more and more friends in their life. They aren’t friends with everyone because they know people can betray them. More friends lead to more disappointment and drama. They are fine with just a few friends and a good family they can rely on. A small circle of family and friends leads to less disappointment and betrayal.

They love their small tribe. They don’t ask for more than that.

It’s better to have 1 loyal friend than 100 fake friends.

6. They stay in the present moment.

The past is history and the future doesn’t exist yet.

It’s easy for people to get caught up in so many things. “Buy this, do that, complete this.” But they don’t back up and think “What am I doing?” They never get to stop and be in the present moment because they always think about what to do next. The list goes on.

Happy people know the present moment is what puts them in a state of content. The present moment is where you’ll find happiness. It’s where you’ll find stillness and peace.

It’s where you watch the beauty of life in motion.

Happy people enjoy the present moment and don’t take it for granted. They cherish every single moment of the present. Chaotic and unhappy people think about all the things they have to do throughout the day. Happy and calm people can back off and be still in the present moment.

7. They don’t take things personally.

They don’t let their emotions take the best of them. They don’t take things personally when they’re being confronted with something they did wrong without being aware of it. They’re not quick to make a conclusion. They listen to the other person. They want to be corrected because they see it as an opportunity to grow and evolve. Positive people can lower their ego to listen and understand how their behavior and action can affect people’s feelings without intending it. They don’t yell or scream back. They communicate and talk through it with common sense. They take responsibility for their actions and behavior because they know they aren’t perfect and are still learning.

Every day they get to know themselves better through the eyes of the other person.

That’s healthy behavior.

Many people get easily triggered and let their emotions go uncontrollably wild like a child. They throw tantrums. Only insecure people get triggered easily and take everything personally. A confident, happy person doesn’t get easily irritated or take anything personally. They don’t take everything too seriously.

Happy people let go of what happened in the past. They move on, they move forward. They detach from the past. They let go of the energy they can’t control. They move forward on the bad days. Because moving forwards always leads to happiness and peace.

An animal doesn’t think about what happened 5 minutes ago. They have already moved on and forgot about it. They are and always in the present moment.

Humans are the only species who keep thinking about the past. We still think about an annoying situation that happened 2 years ago. That’s why we age badly and get many unexpected diseases because negativity thinking IS a disease. The word disease says you’re at dis-ease with yourself. Don’t feed it, just like you shouldn’t feed the trolls. It’s not worth it and you’re only torturing yourself.

Positive people automatically ignore the negativity once they’ve learned to understand the power of positivity. They don’t deny the negativity in life. They are aware bad things happens. They just choose to have their main focus on the positivity and handle the negativity in a better way. They don’t identify themselves as the most powerful positive person or consider themselves SUPER-Positive.

They just understand the power of the mind and how their thoughts create their own reality. They observe their thoughts and don’t put too much energy into it. They just let their thoughts come and go by just like customers come and go.

Positive people create their own reality. They may fall down, but they don’t stay down. They always climb back up and try again until they succeed. That’s how they build a strong mindset because they’ve encountered 10.000 failures before succeeding. They never let anyone take them down. They still have the enthusiastic trait of a child. They know how to relax and climb down. They give space to other people to be themselves and give kindness to those who deserve it. They are high on life. They love relaxing and having a good time.

Positive people are beautiful people.

Suzan Dalia
Suzan Dalia
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