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50 easy habits that will change your life for the better

by Michail Bukin 4 months ago in how to
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Happiness is in the little things. We talk about small but important things that should be included in your diet of the day.

50 easy habits that will change your life for the better
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Sometimes we focus our attention on achieving large-scale goals, progressively paint steps and make plans for the distant future. It is certainly important to work for the future, but, plunging into dreams of what should happen in a month, six months or a year, we can forget about one important aspect - the present. It turns out that habits and actions that are invisible at first glance can have a greater impact on our lives than we could have imagined. How to feel happier with this minimum of effort?

1. Go in for sports on Monday evening. A 15-minute workout at the beginning of the week will set you in the right mood;

2. Want to buy something new? If in doubt, or the upcoming purchase is an expensive investment, wait 72 hours;

3. Do not turn on one powerful light source, it is better to turn on several, which will be comfortably diffused in the room;

4. Constantly replenish ice in the freezer. Suddenly, guests will unexpectedly come to you, or you decide to organize a party this Friday;

5. Buy a spring plant, even if it's winter outside;

6. Buy an onion chopper. Even the simplest kitchen appliance will greatly simplify cooking and relieve tears;

7. Once a week, take a bath with new aroma supplements. One hundred percent relaxation and energy boost at the same time;

8. Start Saturday with a classical musical composition. Quiet start to a great weekend;

9. Climb the stairs, not the elevator (if possible);

10. When asking questions "for the sake of appearances", listen to the answers. Perhaps they will be useful and timely for you;

11. Go outside at least once a week. It doesn't matter if it will last 15 or 40 minutes;

12. Fall asleep at least a couple of meters away from your phone;

13. If you have found the perfect pair of jeans, buy two pairs ( read also: Three pairs of jeans that every woman should have in her wardrobe );

14. Give thanks even when it seems inappropriate to you. "Thank you" is never an extra word;

15. Don't listen to music with headphones all the time. The streets can sometimes sound more melodic;

16. Say hello to neighbors, even if you don't know each other;

17. If you are going to visit, take cakes and a bottle of wine with you, even if you were told that “nothing is needed”;

18. While on a diet, indulge in dessert at least once in a while. Cheat meal immediately lifts the spirits;

19. Don't put things off for the "front" exit. Feel free to put on and enjoy your image;

20. Pay attention to how you sit: do not constantly cross your legs and do not slouch;

21. Going on vacation, delete the application with work mail and set the invisible mode for general chats;

22. Put your house keys in the same place;

23. When cooking, use large black pepper from a pepper shaker, not ground from a bag;

24. During the holidays, rent a car and drive to the nearest city for a couple of days;

25. Discover new directions in music. Don't just listen to generated algorithms;

26. Pay attention to the depth of your breathing;

27. Give breakfast a little more time - let the first meal pass without haste;

28. If you feel sleepy, take a nap during the day ( read also: Six reasons to start sleeping during the day );

29. Politely refuse to attend an event if you really don't want to go;

30. Feeling a panic attack, put things off for 5 minutes and drink tea;

31. During dinner, do not respond to new messages;

32. When hands drop - listen to your favorite album of your youth;

33. Get to know someone from a different generation. So you will learn something new or imbued with greater respect for the past;

34. Ask “how are you?” from a friend with whom they have not communicated for a long time;

35. When choosing a line at the supermarket, stop at the one where one person with a full basket than several, but with a small number of purchases;

36. Leave fruits at work so that they are always at hand;

37. Going on a trip, buy one new book for "easy" reading;

38. Be polite even to rude strangers;

39. Try to take a contrast shower, even if at first it seems impossible;

40. Unsubscribe from junk mailings that you still receive by email;

41. After each season, take outerwear to the dry cleaner;

42. Frame your favorite photo;

43. Arrange a dinner for one and prepare a dish that has not been done before;

44. Instead of takeaway coffee, opt for a cappuccino at a coffee shop;

45. Recycle all plastic bags. Most large supermarkets have opened their collection points;

46. Stretch several times a week in the morning;

47. Set only one alarm clock (better put it in another part of the room);

48. Once a month (or more often) please yourself with a gift;

49. Tell a close friend about your experiences or write them down;

50. Compliment without being shy.

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