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5 Ways Women Can Be More Confident

by Nicole Waite 4 months ago in advice

Because let's face it society would tell us to put on makeup and run around in our birthday suits.

5 Ways Women Can Be More Confident
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In today’s society, women are expected to be strong, confident, and “have it all.” However, this isn’t always the case. Can you blame us? Society’s definition of confidence is exposing our most private, sacred parts of us to nobody who has done anything to deserve it. If you don’t believe me, look at the cover of most magazines.

What if I told you confidence doesn’t require you exposing skin, purchasing $500 in makeup, or consuming unsafe diet pills? Because honestly, confidence has nothing to do with society’s unrealistic standards of beauty and fulfillment. Confidence doesn’t have anything to do with any of that noise.

We often think of confidence as something that is already there. But it’s not. To be confident, we have to do things that make us feel more confident. Confidence should be a verb the way I’m going to explain it. You have to take action daily to be your best self and know it.

Changing your mindset and your definition of confidence can change your life. Here are five ways that you can become more confident in yourself and your abilities.

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Take Control of Your Thoughts

One of the biggest misconceptions about being confident is that you have to be on a pedestal, pretending that you are perfect all of the time wearing a crown and a shiny wand. That’s obviously not true. What women have to understand is that self-assurance doesn’t mean being perfect. In fact, being confident in your abilities and strengths is a more honest way to be.

There’s nothing wrong with being vulnerable, authentic, and at ease. You don’t have to pretend to be a world-class performer to be confident. You can simply be your best self, and know that you are. If you want to be more confident, you have to get better at exercising your confidence muscles without the perfection complex.

Practice Self-Compassion

It’s vital that you practice self-compassion and realize that you have the power to make fears go away. Take a breath and breathe when you start to feel anxious.

Self-care is also a form of self-compassion. Practicing self-care and being kind first to yourself will give you a confidence boost that shines on the inside and out.

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Say YES to New Experiences

One of the best ways to become more confident is to take new things on that push you outside your comfort zone. We all love learning new things, but sometimes it’s hard to do this because we get stuck in our comfort zone. Take some time out of your day to get more involved in things that you love. Try new foods, go to an event, take up an instrument, or check out a class in a new career. Each experience will bring you closer to a greater self-awareness, and give you more confidence.

Make Your Own Rules

There’s something to be said about creating rules that you live by. This is something that many women like to do, but it’s not easy. However, it’s a great way to gain more control over your life. You can decide what you’re going to wear in the morning. What time you’re going to work out.

Learn Something New Every Day

Never stop being willing to learn something new. By learning something new every day, we’re also able to process information at a higher rate. The more you can retain information, the more confident you’ll become, because you’ll always be prepared for what’s next.

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Create a Support System

There are many external influences on our lives that can be sources of insecurity and shame. If you’re going through something difficult, spend time with a close friend and vent. This is especially helpful for people who are struggling with things like infertility or domestic abuse, where they have no support system. These are often people who aren’t normally the most confident in themselves. We all deserve a village.

Woman to Woman

Don’t let society tell you confidence is in your clothes or what you put on or take off your body. It’s not. Confidence comes from within, and when you are truly confident it doesn’t matter what you wear or what’s on your face. You are the most beautiful when you are you!

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Nicole Waite

Nicole Waite is a freelance writer who loves giving back to the community. Twenty percent of all tips will be donated to The National Kidney Foundation to help find a cure for kidney diseases.

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