5 Ways to Own Your Power

by Chelsea Swift 10 months ago in healing

Never apologize for being a powerful fucking human

5 Ways to Own Your Power

Welcome creators... please, have a seat... today's, topic? Personal power.

Basically, encouraging you to feel comfortable in your skin, and own your soul power. As women, as people, we find ourselves in categories. Categorized in all directions....

Feeble. Dainty. Aggressive. Intimidating. Emotional. Detached. Sexy. Cold.

All spectrum's of the judgement rainbow appear as we separate the betas and the alphas, and continue to apply stigmas based on how we appear.

It seems that the "balance" of a perfect woman just doesn't exist. It can't exist. Why? Flaws. You can't have those, and opinions? Let's not be irrational or too radical with those either, so, what can we do collectively as a society, and as future leaders/inspiring women?

We stop fighting it. We stop capitalizing on it. We stop the battle of the sexes all together. After all, you can't have a war without the opposition.

Simply put, don't acknowledge bad behavior by retaliating. Done being categorized by men? Stop categorizing them. Done being categorized by women? Stop categorizing them.

Categorizing anyone, any sex, any race is genuinely a waste of our true intelligence, and as the creators of our life, it's time we take OUR power back. Collectively. As women, as people, as creators, and build a society where everyone is free to be exactly as they'd like to be.

Here are 10 steps to reclaiming your power, while enhancing the lives around you.

1. Just fucking OWN it:

Never apologize for being a powerful fucking woman. Person. Soul. The first step to personal power is just owning who you are... the good, the bad, the ugly, the in between, all of it... just be yourself.

You can't go wrong if you're being true to yourself—sure, you might encounter some resistance, people that don't understand boundaries or possible "friends" falling away, as a result of your newfound power.

But, this is part of it.

Only healthy, loving, supportive, respectful people can join you on your power walk. The empowered? Empower. It's pretty simple. The non-empowered? Drain you.

So, don't ever be afraid to shine your light and step into the TRUTH of who you are, and let everyone see how bright your light can really be. #winkclink

2. Own your strength

Again, owning your shit requires a new level of strength. A new level in general. A layer peeled open from within.

Getting real requires... well, realness. Real feels. Real tears. Real goodbyes. Real awakenings. To people. To ideas. To beliefs. That no longer serve you.

This can sometimes take us a minute to really catch up with our soul, so own it all. Owning it all means you have the strength to just push through the mess to be your very best.

"Own your strength" means it's pretty fucking brave to just be who you are, and it looks really fucking good on you.

3. Pass It On

From here, we don't close the door on our fellow souls. Because, we are souls. We are a soul family. Collectively, we live as one on this planet, and as a soul tribe, we move as one.

So, our decisions collectively enhance or breakdown our society. By passing personal empowerment on, and allowing someone else to heal and be themselves, helps heal the world. It is the realest thing you can do in this lifetime.

Simply, accept oneself to accept others.

Accept everyone for who they are, and where they are on their journey. It's not meant to be a straight line. Let a motherfucker zig-zag without judgement. Let people feel. Let people heal. And, just simply hold space in your heart for them, that's all you can really do.

Love is how you heal. It's not perfection. It's acceptance. It's patience. It's kind. It's time we pass it on.

4. Throw a compliment

A compliment, a genuine, heart felt compliment can lift someone's spirit 12 feet. You want to enhance your personal power? Enhance the lives around you.

Compliment someone else's strength, tell them what makes them beautiful, because, being kind is how we revive society. It's how we're reminded that we are not just bodies, but that we are spiritual souls having a human experience.

5. It's your journey

Everyone is their own universe. Their own mindset. Their own beliefs. Their own characters. They write the script. They direct. They cut. They paste. It's all up to you, and it's all up to them.

Sure, we can share beliefs, but the reality is, we are all very unique.

Our fears, our hopes, our dreams, our desires, our emotions, our storylines, our life, our scenes... all unique. So? Don't take it personally. This is the final step to really accepting and respecting who you are... you have to start sharing that same acceptance and respect for the people around you.

Level up means actual spiritual levitation.

Recognizing your soul in another.

We are all on our own journey. We will have different experiences, so when someone is trapped in a negative head space or an emotion or an idea that you don't resonate with... remember, it has nothing to do with you.

It's not personal. It actually has nothing to do with you.

Everyone you meet is fighting a battle you don't know about, and every person you know plays a different character in someone else's story including their own.

We are ideas of one another. We are made up in mind. We are whatever we make our mind up to be, and vice versa. I am whatever you say I am. Because, that's your story. Your belief.

We are as deep as we reveal. We are as authentic as we allow ourselves to go. The mask you decide to put on every morning covers the depth of your soul... that crazy, calm, rapid ocean of who you REALLY are. Hide it. Embrace it. Do as you wish, because it's your story, your journey.

Just make sure you let other people have their own experience.

I'm convinced we keep going around in a spiritual spiral of lessons, breakdowns, and breakthroughs until we reveal what's been hidden. Just a theory...

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Chelsea Swift
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