5 Things to Say Right Now

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To Attract more Money

5 Things to Say Right Now

Who can't benefit from having more money? Everyone has the ability to attract more money into their lives, and today I'm going to show you how! We all grew up with preconceived notions about money. How many times have you said to yourself, "This year is going to be different. This year is going to be my year." In hopes that you'll be making more. I know I do it.

While on my journey to happiness and abundance, I realized the things I've been saying to the Universe weren't in alignment with what I was feeling inside. Once I made it a habit to say these positive quotes, it changed my life. I started receiving more with less effort.

The more you say these quotes out loud, or think them, you're going to start creating a habit for yourself. Soon enough it will be part of your daily thoughts. Besides saying it out loud, the most important part is believing in what you're saying. All of this is going to be a waste of time if deep down you don't care or believe in the things you're saying or doing.

Lets get right to it:

  1. "Money flows to me easily."—The more you tell yourself that money comes to you easily, it will happen. You're ultimately changing your perception that you don't have to work hard for money. You are your own person, so believe in whatever you want to believe. You don't have to follow in your parents' footsteps with their belief system.
  2. "Making money is fun and easy."—Why can't making money be fun and easy? Ask yourself that. Whatever you get for an answer, take that and reword or rewrite that into something positive. Making money is fun and easy if you're doing what you love. Money will come to anything you do as long as you put passion into it.
  3. "I don't need money to enjoy my life."—It's hard to stop focusing on money because of the high value everyone places on it. Money can be in any form but it happens to be paper. Don't be afraid of letting money flow into and out of your life. Constantly focusing and telling yourself that you "need" the money will give off a vibe that you don't have it. Enjoy the money you do have, and more will come.
  4. "I will attract __(say or think of an amount)__ into my life."—Ask and you shall receive. You can ask or say to yourself any amount of money you want to attract in life, and technically that money is already yours. It's just on the way. Normally the money you ask for is the amount you believe you are worth. Why not ask for more? You deserve it!
  5. "I'm happy and thankful for money coming my way."—It's always an amazing feeling when we get money, yet sometimes we forget to say "thank you." Be happy for what you have. Be grateful, and thank the Universe for whatever came your way. Not everything you ask for will come the next day. It'll come to you when it gets there, but just know you will always have it when you need it.

Thank you for checking out this post today. Challenge yourself by incorporating these into your life. Everyone can have money easily. The only thing stopping you is yourself.

Also if you like the content I'm posting, feel free to share or donate. It goes back into helping me create more content. I'm currently working on a book that is going to help you and many others attract anything you want in life. I hope you found this helpful and have a blessed day. (:

Laura Doan
Laura Doan
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