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5 Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager before Your Interview is Complete

Show you're the best candidate for the job through your enthusiasm!

By TheBusinessPeriodPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
5 Questions to Ask a Hiring Manager before Your Interview is Complete
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CONGRATULATIONS! You landed an interview! In my article, “Dealing with a Manager Ghosting You”, the main issue is a lack of time and communication. But what happens when you get a good hirer to chat with you? Time and communication are everything! In fact, those are some of the most important qualities managers look for in a prospect.

Just imagine for a minute. You’re on a virtual interview with a manager from a promising tech startup. They ask you a mix of behavioral and technical questions and your answers are right on target. Interview time has concluded and your energy is empty! Before you log off, the manager asks you the most important question: “Are there any questions you have for me?” Did this surprise you? Did you not prepare for this question? One thing I learned in interview preparation throughout my college days: Always ask the hiring manager questions!

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Why It’s Important

There’s a simple answer to why you always need to ask questions: Enthusiasm! You’re trying to get a job to make money. And to do that, you need to express to the hiring manager that you’re already committed to both the role and the organization before they’re even finished with all of the candidates.

The key thing to remember is that interviews are a two-way street. You’re interviewing the manager just like they’re interviewing you. Take advantage of that last question because it opens the door of asking questions that are revolved around aligning goals and it separates you from the competition.

Not knowing the right questions to ask can be tough. So, as a helping hand, I’m giving you some questions that I have asked in my past interviews.

In your next session, here are my Top 5 questions to ask:

What would you need me to focus on for the first 30 days starting out in this role?

This question shows that you’re looking ahead and showing that you’re ready to get started and start producing. The purpose behind this is to get a sense of your job expectations. Being a new employee is always tough so ask a lot of questions and find your rhythm in the day-to-day activities.

How do you see the company developing in the next 5–10 years?

Every employee that believes in the vision of their company has the answer to this question. Asking this implicates that you want to hear their perspective.

Who is the company’s greatest competitor and how would my role play in beating them?

A company hasn’t made it until a rival wants to take your spot. The best way to beat out a competing firm is to have a product or service that’s both unique and effective from what the competition is doing. You need to show that you’re in on the action. Displaying you’re a team player can get you some cool points with the manager!

What values do you expect your staff to display?

The team is only as strong as its leader. Every team has its way of conducting things. Make sure you ask this question because the person who hires you is usually the one you’ll be working with. It’s vital to know the team’s philosophy and how great you fit in.

What do you personally like about working for the organization?

Going into a room for a professional interview, the hiring manager is intentionally learning how well you’ve researched the company but, take this opportunity to flip the question on them. It’s beneficial to get a feel for the work environment using an employee’s point of view.

After the Interview

Your questions have been answered and you’ve shown control just as much as the interviewer. What is there to do next? Appreciate your gratitude for the session by sending out a thank you email to the hiring manager. Summarize the key points made during the interview and close it with what you’ve learned from talking with them. It’s the little things that they’ll remember you for. Use it to your advantage!


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