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5 Podcasts to Make You Forget that You're Cleaning

by Emily Keeler 2 months ago in self help

Sometimes, you just need to get in the zone

5 Podcasts to Make You Forget that You're Cleaning
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Cleaning is a double-edged sword, especially when you have depression.

On the one hand, cleaning can make you feel rejuvenated and revitalized... but that requires having the energy to get out of bed, first. On those days, the mere thought of cleaning can be enough to make you pull the covers up even higher.

Some days, in order to feel better, you need to trick yourself a little.

My favorite way to do that, is by having a list of podcasts that I only let myself listen to when I need to clean.

When I see a new upload for that week, I'm reminded that I need to "do the thing" (ahem, that small mountain of dishes on my nightstand.)

By only letting myself listen to the podcasts when I'm cleaning, I'm able to both trick - I mean, motivate - myself, as well as, reward myself.

Not all podcast episodes will pique your interest, every single week, though. That's why, I've put together this list of 5 podcast series to choose from, whenever you need that little push to get you going.

#1 - approachable.

Not only is approachable. a great podcast, it is also a fantastic YouTube series.

Samantha Ravndahl and Alyssa Anderson are two 28 year-old women who live in Toronto, Ontario. In their podcast, they discuss life, society, culture, and relationships. Between their two different perspectives and experiences, I find approachable. asking questions I never fully realized I had.

If you're looking for a place to start, one of my personal favorite episodes is one where they review Reddit's "Am I the Asshole?" stories. You'll be so distracted, thinking of your own responses to their questions, that you'll hardly remember the dishes you're doing.

#2 - I Weigh

Jameela Jamil's podcast, I Weigh, makes me question the world around me with each episode.

Jamil interviews some of the most inspiring activists, influencers, artists, and trail-blazers. She asks her guests pointed questions about their individual experiences, with a focus on BIPOC; queer; and disabled voices.

Each podcast challenges society's idea of worthiness and its absurd connection to weight, appearance, race, and assumed ability. I Weigh is a captivating discussion that assists in both a learning, and unlearning process.

This podcast is also a fantastic place to find resources on social issues, as well as, to learn about public figures whose work you admire. For example, I started listening to Black Frasier, after Jameela Jamil's, I Weigh episode with Phoebe Robinson in August 2020.

#3 - Black Frasier

Black Frasier is a humor-driven, interview and advice podcast, hosted by comedian, actress, and New York Times best-selling author, Phoebe Robinson.

Despite the show being called, Black Frasier, Robinson says she has never actually seen the tv show, "Frasier." This podcast is not about that - instead, the name is a comment on the kind of humorous experience the listener can expect when they listen to the podcast.

Black Frasier explores journeys of self-discovery; observations about the current world we live in; and questions about the future, while maintaining a comedic approach that will keep you listening.

#4 - Let's Not Meet

Let's Not Meet is perhaps the creepiest podcast I've listened to on Spotify.

For those of you who like to give yourselves the chills, this true horror podcast will hit the mark.

Host, Andrew Tate, narrates the submitted stories of people who have escaped horrific encounters.

These stories are especially haunting, because they feature seemingly regular people in, what appears to be, every-day situations. The strokes of luck by which these strangers escape tragedy, will keep your mind turning: what would you do if you were at the center of one of these stories?

#5 - Kowabana

Kowabana features hauntingly told "true" Japanese horror stories, balancing between passed-on myths, as well as, contemporary internet legends.

All the stories in Kowabana are translated from Japanese to English by narrator, Tara A. Devlin.

As a Canadian, I will admit, listening to Devlin's Australian accent is definitely part of the fun! Her delivery, as well as, the weaving of the story at hand, will captivate you as you begin to make your way through your own daunting cleaning journey.


Feeling confident in your space is one of the best ways to feel confident about yourself. When we practice capability by completing those small, mundane tasks, we start to believe in ourselves, again - bit by tiny bit.

I hope that these podcasts give you the bit of trickery you need to get yourself going. It isn't easy, but you aren't alone. Sometimes, it's good to be reminded of the conversations, humor, and magic that continue to exist around you, even through a podcast.

Maybe, as you're cleaning, you'll find some of that magic, again, in your own home, too.

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Emily Keeler
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