5 Morning Motivations to Overcome Procrastination

by Dillon Burroughs 9 months ago in advice

Improving the Art of the Start

5 Morning Motivations to Overcome Procrastination

Yes, it's another day! You want to make a difference, but you're barely out of bed. Your body wants to quit, but you're not ready to give up yet.

How do you crank up the morning motivation?

I'm assuming you are already awake and have eaten, if needed. This is not a nutritional piece, but a five-part motivation that helps me (and hopefully you) push through 10-hour plus days on a regular basis. Let's do this!

1. Caffeine

Unless your body has some problem with caffeine, get some hot tea or coffee in you. I advise against soft drinks, as they are less natural and have other negative additives. In moderation, caffeine is the legal performance-enhancing drug of choice for most Americans who simply want to get stuff done.

While I prefer good, old fashioned black coffee, if you're in a hurry, a Starbucks double shot drink sipped over an hour of work is a huge energy boost!

2. Move

Yes, working out is great (running is my exercise of choice). But at the office, I'm talking about something more reasonable. Pace around your office a bit or hike up and down the stairs a time or two to get your heart moving.

At a previous job, I would intentionally park at the far end of the lot and briskly walk to my office. My heart rate would be ready to roll by the time I arrived at my desk.

Some people prefer a standing desk or even a treadmill desk. However, simply getting up and moving does enough to make an impact on energy.

3. Music

If you have earbuds, you have motivation. Go to your favorite music source and choose something that moves you.

Some people prefer movie soundtracks while doing creative work. It makes them feel like they are doing something epic.

Others desire calming music to feel peace during a hectic day. I usually prefer electronic music or something driving, but with no words. This keeps my mind moving without words to interfere with my work—which is mostly writing and editing.


Sometimes the right quote is all you need to make it through another day. I regularly print out phrases that inspire me and place them on or near my computer screen. Here are some I'm looking at right now:

  • Done is better than perfect.
  • If you know your why, you can figure out your how.
  • The extra mile is never crowded.
  • To enjoy a comeback, you must first endure a setback.
  • Breakthrough often requires a breakdown.

5. Inspiring Stories

When all else fails, the inspiring story of another person moves me like nothing else. Joni Eareckson Toda has been in a wheelchair for more than 50 years, yet it hasn't stopped her from becoming a bestselling author, speaker, and running the world's premiere Christian organization for people with disabilities.

Stories of veterans also inspire me. When a person serves in a time of war, loses a body part, then comes home to start a business or run a marathon, it makes me think, "If that person can overcome so much, I can at least get something done today."

Personal stories are perhaps the most powerful. My own father fought cancer for a decade, enjoying an extra 10 years of life while finishing his degree and starting a new career. Personally, I've overcome some unbelievable odds at times. Just thinking back to some of these moments can boost my mood to keep going one more time.

You may be thinking, "This stuff is too simple." Don't knock it till you try it. If you're lacking some momentum at the moment, try one (or all five) of these motivators to kick-start your day today.

Dillon Burroughs
Dillon Burroughs
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