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30 Journal Entries to Self Discovery - Day 13

by Michelle Schultz 3 years ago in self help

What is my life motto?

Hey, Y'all! Happy October! Halloween is my all-time favorite holiday and so this is my all-time favorite month! But anyway, happy day thirteen! Sorry for the small day break there. Had a little sickness that I had to get over, but I'm back and back to keeping up on the daily posts! Hope you're all still following along! Here's the quote of the day from another one of my favorite authors (no seriously, go read Fahrenheit 451):"And what, you ask, does writing teach us? First and foremost, it reminds us that we are alive and that it is a gift and privilege, not a right." - Ray Bradbury

Day Thirteen: What Is My Life Motto?

As odd as this is, I do have a life motto. I alway jut thought of it a my "words to live by" but motto works too. My life motto is "Just keep moving." It's gotten me through a lot of rough times. When something bad happens, I say that quote to myself and I find the strength to keep going. Life isn't easy. Not for anyone, but personally, in my hardest moments, this has been my motivational quote to get through and continue on.

It's so versatile too. I can use it in almost any situation that I get myself into. Whether I'm going through a rough patch in a relationship or I'm having problems at my job, I tell myself to just keep moving and everything eventually works out. Even if it's just a bad day, just keep moving. It's not the solve all motto that most life mottos are. However, it's enough to get me through everything from my everyday problems to things that have really affected my whole life and the direction I'm headed. But every single time, it's gotten me through and I've managed to work things out in a positive way. I'm a firm believer that time can solve almost all problems.

I just love the quote. It helps me express so much of what I need to do. I need to figure out those next steps and just focus on them and move towards them. You can't stay in one place. When you hit rock bottom, you can't stay there. You have to pick yourself up and keep moving forward. When you're inches from the top, you don't stop and unpack. You pick yourself up and keep moving forward. The expression just travels through so much to reach the place in your mind that really needs to hear it. At every point in life, I think people can benefit from this quote.

I can't count the number I've times I've used the motto, "Just keep moving". It's assisted in getting me through some of the most difficult moments of my life. It still does. Honestly, even in the worst of times, because of this motto, I'm still able to keep my chin up like my nose is bleeding. I've fallen on my face a lot. Literally and figuratively. But this motto keeps me inspired to get back up and keep going. If it wasn't for a lot of people telling me this, I probably would've dropped out of high school in the beginning of my junior year (high school isn't exactly my favorite memory). But I powered through and I made it. I jut kept going. It was horrible and I never want to ever go back, but I made it through. It's kind of like Dory's phrase from Finding Nemo; "Just keep swimming."

My thoughts: I thought this was a great question for self-discovery. It really helped me look at my self-confidence and what I really try to tell myself in a time of need. I genuinely think that this question is really helpful for a couple different reasons, if not to just remind people what keeps them motivated. Perfect self-discovery question. I wouldn't change one thing about it.

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