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3 Life Lessons I Learned As a Psychic

by Jocelyn Joy Thomas 9 months ago in happiness
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These life lessons come up in readings again and again

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A life lesson will repeat until we learn it. We will go through it with new people, relationships, circumstances until we finally get it. Once we do learn it we may be tested to make sure we have learned it. We are given multiple opportunities to learn and grow and move beyond where we first start in life.

In my work as an intuitive reader, also known as a psychic, I have read for thousands of people. I noticed there were a few life lessons that came up quite often. To better understand, it’s important to know what a life lesson actually is.

What is a life lesson?

Life lessons are part of the soul’s plan to learn and grow while we are here in this physical form. They are often carried over from past lifetimes.

Or if you want the non-spiritual version, life lessons are a continuation of patterns formed when we are young. They are made of choices. When we think a certain thought, a behavior follows. As long as we continue to make the same choices, think the same thoughts, and behave in the same way, we perpetuate the pattern. The lesson, in part, is to make a better choice.

Once you make a better choice, you shift your perception, see things in a new way, this means you are learning or have learned the lesson.

Until this is done the lesson will repeat and repeat.

Life Lessons


The lesson of forgiveness, like all lessons, will show up in all areas of life, career, family, love, health, as well as matters of the self. Forgiveness is an act that we sometimes resist, it can feel as if we are saying it’s okay someone has hurt us. Or that it’s okay that something terrible happened.

The important thing forgiveness teaches us is that without acceptance we cannot move forward.

To forgive is to accept whatever happened, we are ready and willing to move on. We accept so that we can move through the experience. With acceptance comes healing and forgiveness follows.

The act of forgiveness truly liberties us from the experience. Until we forgive we are haunted by it.

Acceptance is the main undercurrent of the larger lesson of forgiveness, it is the first step in learning the lesson.


The art of compassion, and it truly is an art form, is to see things from both people's points of view. No matter what the situation, whether it be a conflict or merely just two differing viewpoints, compassion can be the bridge that builds better relations.

Compassion is a form of love, it is love in action. To hold compassion for a person, especially when they are acting out, is the ultimate test. Yet, compassion lessons come in smaller ways too. Will you kill the spider who appears on your wall or let him be? Will you smile graciously at a friend when they are having a hard day or call them out? Small measures add up to big shifts. Compassion doesn't happen overnight but it does become, over time, a healthy habit.

The wonderful thing about compassion as a life lesson is the more you open up to it the more it finds you. Your heart attunes to it, so it isn't as hard to remember to be compassionate as you might think.

If you have this life lesson you will have experiences that place you in a position where compassion will resolve issues. Conflicts, circumstances where you feel at an impasse, personal connections where you feel stuck in trying to understand the other person. A lack of compassion can have you feeling stuck, victimized, disconnected, angry, or sad.

Compassion connects with the heart, it tells the other side of the story and is an act of kindness and love. The art of compassion is like a dance, you must remember to give it and receive it, making sure to stay balanced between the two.

Heart connection, tolerance, willingness are the undercurrents of the larger lesson of compassion, they are the steps you take to learn the lesson.


The lesson of patience teaches to slow things down and allow them to happen in the time they are meant to. It’s not an easy lesson, it can be very hard to wait. It can feel all wrong to have to put things on hold because they just aren't coming together.

Part of the lesson is allowance. Sometimes we don't have all the facts to move forward with something in our career or life in general, no matter how much we may want to. Or we might feel impatient with love, sometimes the other person in a relationship isn't ready to move forward. We might feel impatient with healing, yet the fact is, healing takes time.

Pushing for things to happen in our timeframe means we are seeking to control them. That is the heart of the lesson, let go, let go of trying to control the outcome.

Another part of the lesson is trust. If trust is scarce controlling people and events is a common reaction. Letting go requires trust. Trusting in timing.

Allowance, letting go, trust, these are the undercurrents of the larger lesson of patience, they are the steps that must be taken to learn the lesson.

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