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2021 Doesn't Have To Be Wasted

Because there is more you can do for yourself

By J.R. HeimbignerPublished 2 years ago 3 min read
2021 Doesn't Have To Be Wasted
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I would not have admitted to being a "check-the-box" type of person ten years ago.

I was always driven, but I never had a strategy. Like most people, I was going with the flow of life. Everything I've done in my life has been to please myself or others. Which, as I subsequently discovered, is a terrible way to live. I'd returned from an internship in Arizona feeling miserable and unsure of myself.

I was up early one morning, watching the dawn and breathing in the fresh air. I started to reflect on how little I had prepared for my future. I was seizing every chance as it presented itself, without regard for the consequences.

This internship, from which I recently returned, was comparable. It was a fantastic career opportunity, but it caused me pain in other areas of my life. It was a financial setback. It was taxing on a spiritual level. It was draining in terms of relationships.

I realized how much I needed to shake things up.

I started establishing objectives for my life as a result of the adjustment I made. This way, I understood what chances I wanted to pursue, had a reason to pursue them, and a reason to reject ones that didn't align with my ideal existence.

There's no difference between you and me. Particularly in the world we currently live in.

Make a Change, Set Goals Today

You need to make a shift if you've been taking chances as they come and haven't chosen where you want to be or where you're headed. Despite the fact that we are now in the third quarter of the year, I am still sitting on the lakeside, soaking in the early air.

You may not have felt like you had many options in the past. But now is the time to make some that are driven by your aspirations. It's time for you to set some objectives, just like I did. Otherwise, you will spend the rest of your life regretting living from one chance to the next.

3 Reasons You Won’t Regret Setting Goals

  1. Direction: Goals help provide you with direction in your life. And with that direction, they will help point you toward a more fulfilling life.
  2. Purpose: Goals help define the purpose in your life. While directions guides, purpose gives life to your goals. Purpose carries you to where you want to go.
  3. Action: Goals help you live intentionally starting today. Direction guides, purpose gives life, action creates movement. And this movement is what brings the best out of you and I.

What would it look like in your life if you had a bit more purpose, direction, and action? If you and I are alike, I'm sure it would make a huge impact. With all the things that the fall offers, the last few months of 2021 are starting to slip away. What should you do to begin creating objectives for the rest of the year?

Set Three Goals for the Rest of the Year

It's time to make THREE GOALS for the remainder of the year. That's correct, simply three objectives to improve 2021. I recommend that you spend an hour or two this week setting three objectives for the coming year. Then decide on your next course of action.

If you have no experience with goal setting, I recommend reading Michael Hyatt's piece The Beginners Guide to Goal Setting. Then sit down and write down your three objectives.

Goals don't have to be difficult to achieve. I understand that it might be difficult to get back on track with healthy living or strengthening relationships. It is critical that you do this task today.

What can you do now?


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