17 Self Discovery Journal Prompts

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And Why They Are Important

17 Self Discovery Journal Prompts

Honestly, if I kept every journal I've ever filled, it would probably be enough to fill a decent-sized closet. I've always kept one, I feel incomplete without something to write in. I want you to do me a favor, whether you decide to do this in a journal, on your phone, or on a loose leaf piece of paper, whether you do these daily, or all in one shot, PLEASE keep it, and look at it AT LEAST once a month. In that twelfth month do another round of these questions, and compare. Did any answers change? For better or worse?

1. What are you doing right now? Is that what you would like to be doing?

The main goal in all this is for you to become aware of yourself; it is so important to recognize how comfortable you are in a situation, or how your mood is before, during, and after everything you do, and to take note of these things.

2. What is your biggest fear? What would you do if it was placed right in front of you?

Confronting/coming clean about a fear/phobia, no matter how big or small takes some of its power away, and when you come up with a game plan (god forbid you ever have to face your worst fear), if ever put face to face with said fear/phobia, it will almost... minimize the horror behind it all.

3. What is the biggest mistake you've ever made? Do you regret it?

One of the hardest things to do in life is to determine whether a mistake you made is regrettable. Some people live with no regrets (AKA the best way to live, in my opinion), others regret the small things that actually have helped shape them into the person they are today. Confront your mistake, and analyze it.

4. What is the most embarrassing moment you've had so far?

It is very hard for some people to do this, but LAUGH IT OFF. It already happened, you cant rewind and erase. Act like it was one of your girls, and make a joke of it, sit down, and roast yourself. Laugh it off. It's important to confront things instead of pushing them deep down, this is how miserable ass people are created, okay, okay.

5. Make a list of everything you feel is "cringe worthy."

I can't express enough how important it is to be in touch with your likes and dislikes.

6. What is the most toxic relationship you've ever been in? Did you learn anything from it?

A lot of people when they come out of relationships ask themselves what they've could've done to fix things, or work things out, to figure out how it went wrong. There is absolutely no need for that. Think about what it taught you, and keep it pushing.

7. Who is the ONE person you miss having in your life? Why do you miss them?

FOR CLOSURE, even if you don't want to admit it, do it. Who else is going to see? This is for your eyes only. If you miss them, say it. No need for floating (unresolved) feelings. What memories do you have that make you miss them? Face it, and move on. The longer you push feelings down, or hide them, the more fogged by misery your mind will get.

8. The person you just mentioned, are they out of your life for a reason? Is it worth it?

It's important to remember what happened AFTER SOME TIME, so you can truly reflect. Fresh feelings fog your mind set. Cool down, heal, whatever you need to do, take as much time as you want (the more the better, just saying). AND ONLY THEN can you decide if it's worth it or not.

9. Where do you want to be in life in five years? What steps can you take to get closer now?

IT IS NEVER TOO EARLY, NOR TOO LATE TO START A PLAN OKAY, OKAY. Goals give you motivation, something to work towards, something to look forward to. It doesn't hurt to brainstorm how to get there.

10. What are you most proud of so far?

GAS YOURSELF UP, GIRL, IT'S OKAY. How'd you feel in the mindset of it all? Who was by your side through it all? Sometimes you need to remind yourself that you are the shit to brush yourself off, and get back up again.

11. Who are the top three people who 101 percent have your back?

You need to remember you're not alone, even if it's hard to do. You have people who you can lean on when times get rough. These are the people to surround yourself with.

12. What is your absolute favorite thing about yourself?

Take a second, dig deep. When all else fails, you'll always have this to remind yourself of the good when it seems like it's all going down hill. You can be your own sunlight on a rainy day.

13. List EVERYTHING that lifts you up. Food, drinks, people, places, animals, movies, songs, WHATEVERRRRR.

You need to know what powers you through, what makes you feel good, so that when you're feeling a little more down than usual you have no excuse to not feel better, because you know exactly what you could be doing to take your mind off everything.

14. Who is your celebrity role model?

Typically, your role models are people you'd like to be like, or learn something from.

15. Who is your reality role model?

I feel it's very important to have a celebrity role model, and a reality role model, because I feel one inspires you, and the one in your everyday life is who you can almost subconsciously take to traits from that you admire.

16. When was the last time you did something crazy and spontaneous?

Everyone needs to have this side to them, at least every once in a while. When you think about a good memory where you were overjoyed, it's hard to not get inspired to get that feeling again. Be that person more often that goes with the flow–or against it.

17. Now I ask you again, what are you doing right now? Is that what you want to be doing?

I hope this was helpful, and you have a wonderful journey to self-discovery! Happy Writing!

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