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Ying CAI Er: How did I turn the other half into a pet wife crazy demon!

For example: "When you cook a meal for your husband, you can make him fill up his hungry stomach when he comes back from work, which is to provide him with realistic benefit value; When you compliment your husband and make him feel good, you provide emotional value.

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It is said that a woman's face can tell whether a marriage is happy or not.

I can't agree more.

Unhappy marriage of women, men do not pain and often abandon, do the most accused of the most, everything is working hard, everything is not good.

At home, taking care of children, doing housework, and cooking a good dish, but he does not know how to appreciate.

Emotionally, full of worry no one to tell, sad even cry all dare not cry out, because the other party will not cherish!

In terms of appearance, no makeup, no grooming, middle-aged spread, he's not even interested in touching you!

The most incomprehensible thing is that some women, what all need not do, a few words, a few expressions, can put the man to be submissive.

Basically DO NOT DO HOUSEWORK, SPRINKLE a JIAO in front OF THE man, ask a hug, the husband takes the initiative to share housework.

There are always endless words, effortless a few words can let the husband do as he is told.

She has the final say in the economic power of the family. No matter how expensive the cosmetics are used on the face, the husband thinks that the flowers are very valuable.

May A lot OF people will say, this kind of woman is "twee", is not will say a few sweet words?

In fact, no, this kind of woman is just a wise woman!

Because they know how to manage feelings!

A lot of women who are good at managing feelings, never rely on the level of appearance, nor pay, but means.

Men will only open their hearts to women who know how to provide emotional value, from fuel to spirituality.

So what is emotional value?

Emotional value refers to the ability to affect the emotional changes of others, which corresponds to the realistic interest value.

For example: "When you cook a meal for your husband, you can make him fill up his hungry stomach when he comes back from work, which is to provide him with realistic benefit value; When you compliment your husband and make him feel good, you provide emotional value.

It's fair to say that there are few people who don't want to associate with someone of high emotional value.

Because, in contact with high emotional value of people, can let their mood in a relaxed, happy state.

Especially for middle-aged men, men at this stage, career pressure, family pressure, look up, almost all the people around him are dependent on his survival. His heart is lonely, eager to talk, but do not know how to express.

If you can provide the man with enough emotional value at this time, it will be a scarce resource that will not be replaced, and you will be able to hold a man's heart better.

Because, more than a woman who can do housework, he now needs a woman who can understand him and provide him with emotional value and emotional attachment.


Like Ying Caier, 38, and Chen Xiaochun, 58.

They are known as the "happy couple" in the entertainment industry.

In those days all-powerful pheasant elder brother in front of the wife Ying Caier lovely like a little spring?

If a man is willing to be tamed by a woman, it must be that this woman has something worth his love!

Ying Caier once said in the program, "A woman decides the tone of a family."

Before his marriage, Chen was known to have a violent temper in the entertainment industry, just like the young pheasant he once played. Smoking, drinking and going to nightclubs are common, and negative news such as "Chen Xiaochun plays a big game" and "Chen Xiaochun ignores reporters" often appear in the entertainment headlines.

But since marrying Ying Caier, the once violent man has become mellow, and under her influence he has become a nice guy and a model husband.

Ying CAI 'er is a charming woman who knows how to capture a man's heart.

If you look closely, you can see that she has a unique charioteer's way.

In the variety show Three Yards, she knows how to use effective communication strategies and resolve conflicts in a calm state.

Chen Xiaochun chat ball or games, with friends home how to do?

Ying Caier's approach is to wait for her friend to leave, to give her husband face. Don't let your husband think home is just another place to have fun. Let him know the importance of family!

When Chen Xiaochun does not know how to be considerate of his wife's hard work?

Ying CAI Er's approach is to let him empathize! Let the husband try to take care of the children independently, experience the usual self.

She knew how to save face for her husband, with her charm and wisdom, tamed Chen Xiaochun's wild, angry and edges, so that he became gentle and affectionate love home.

Chen Xiaochun once said Ying CAI 'er: She taught me to enjoy and brought me sunshine.

Ying CAI 'er's own female charm and royal husband skills, is Chen Xiaochun dote on her real reasons.


A LOT OF women put THE marital life is not happy to blame men for the love of novelty, but no matter what kind of man, can not resist the act and action is full of charm, gentleness and consideration of other people's feelings of the woman.

As we get older, it's not just the good looking skin that fascinates men, it's the attractive women who read men's minds.

Because truly attractive women know that youth is fleeting, and no one can live on the face forever, and a strong emotional intelligence and charming temperament, can let you amazing time, live into an enviable appearance.

Because a really attractive woman knows how to talk, and when she opens her mouth, it makes people feel like a breeze. They know how to quickly close the distance between people, how to use language packaging themselves, so that they appear elegant and cultured.

In marriage, we are not blindly force each other to love themselves, but should do a charming woman let him involuntarily love you!

In fact, a woman's charm is not born, but there are strong and weak points, and as long as you slightly change the daily speaking style, body movements, social image, plus a few special for men's communication routines, you can exercise the day after tomorrow to become a "eat" open attractive women!

For this reason, teacher Tian Qian specially aimed at women's low emotional intelligence, do not understand communication, lack of charm and other problems, opened the "confident woman charm class" to help women achieve both inside and outside.

Tian Qian teacher said: "For a woman, can talk, high EQ is the top charm, but also you really get men appreciate and respect of the capital."

So, what changes can Confident Women make in your marriage?

Why is it that the other person won't listen to anything you say?

When did you stop speaking the same language?

When did he stop appreciating you and being sexually interested in you?

Also a woman, why other people than you "life"? ?

Why can't you have a good relationship despite all the skills you've learned?

That's because you don't understand:

The way a woman speaks, her body movements and her social image are the three most important parts of soft power. Whether you're meeting someone for the first time or in a long-term relationship, the only thing that can really change a man's attitude toward you and improve the state of your relationship is your soft attraction.

Read a man's mind, avoid minefields, grab a soft spot, and keep him hooked.

Learn the high EQ women's essential skills, five major communication skills, talk into the heart of men, enhance soft attraction, do a happy woman with ease of conversation.

Learn to send out unique female charm, teach you from the psychological, emotional intelligence, action, social practice everyone love the woman unique attraction.

Learn marriage preservation, find the right way to get along with men, not only husband and wife, relatives and friends, to maintain a lifelong close relationship.

Follow teacher Tian Qian to learn confidence women charm class

Master the five modules of attraction

Teach you high EQ communication skills + charm promotion + marriage preservation


Less attractive women are more likely to receive negative responses from others in relationships and relationships, according to a US study.


Psychologists have found many psychological effects and patterns, and if a woman can add a little psychological "skill" to her social life, she will be as attractive on the index as wearing a dress that costs thousands of dollars.

For example, Daji enthralled King Zhou in order to "control" men and gain power through an "external skin appeal"; "Liang Shanbo fell in love with Zhu Yingtai" relies on a kind of connotation quality of attraction.

If A woman wants to conquer A MAN, while relying on her own charm, she should also know how to use men's psychology to achieve a "hunting" purpose.

One of the trainees got herself into a mess because her husband cheated on her. She felt that she had no female charm and could not even keep her husband.

Therefore, she has been looking for solutions, friends around her told her to dress up, change her hair, change her clothes style, to change her appearance level, but it seems to be the wrong way, did not get a good change effect.

Later, someone told her that housewives do not have the beauty of independent women, she began to work, go to work early and go home late, independence is independent, but the emotional problem is still not solved.

In fact, there is an important way to get a man back, that is to improve the attractiveness of the self.

We find women attractive whether they use their outer or inner selves.

There must be something about one person that the other notices in order to create the necessary attraction between them.

Because of this attraction, it will make men love you and never forget. Your attraction is only valuable if he can love you in his heart!

In fact, every man is living in the heart of a wild wild beast, you only need to use a little wisdom, you can master the initiative in the hand.

So, you need to have the unique charm to attract men, and improve your emotional coaching skills, using a few tricks to guide them to you and fall in love with you.


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