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Women so forbearance, the relationship is the most easy to break!

Li Hui changed from being flirty to cheating, and finally even had a long-term third party outside, because he firmly believed that LinQin would tolerate him again and again, no matter what he did, she would be there.

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What is your attitude toward your partner when they push your boundaries?

Some say: Inclusion.

Some people say: love, so accept.

Some people say: the bottom line should not be touched.

And in a relationship, a lot of girls don't even know what their boundaries are.

- 01 -

Some women, at the beginning of love, the sense of boundary is relatively weak, after marriage is more let men to violate their own boundaries.

So slowly, the other side more brazen.

Lin Qin is so that the other side repeatedly violated their boundaries, and finally even the bottom line is not.

When she fell in love with Li Hui, she found that Li Hui liked to chat coquettish, and she felt very angry at that time. Later, after Li Hui's apology, she also chose to be inclusive.

Arrived later, she again and again found Li Hui chat SAO, until later derailment.

When she felt that she could not live any longer, Li Hui always apologized sentence by sentence and her family members counseled for peace. She finally chose tolerance.

And such tolerance again and again, indulge Li Hui constantly violate her boundaries,

Li Hui changed from being flirty to cheating, and finally even had a long-term third party outside, because he firmly believed that LinQin would tolerate him again and again, no matter what he did, she would be there.

So to the end, LinQin helplessly watching Li Hui with a third party outside fooling around, but still can not put down this marriage.

The more you tolerate, the more you give. When you give 100% of your energy and love to a relationship, it becomes harder and harder to get out.

- 02 -

Most people think they have principles before something happens:

"If someone I love cheated on me, I would definitely leave

If the person I love doesn't care about me, I will give up the relationship

If the people I love don't respect me, I want a divorce, too


But when that happens, many of those principles are lost. Once can forgive, twice can be considered as tolerance, but such forgiveness is really from the heart of tolerance?

Luli always felt that she was tolerant of her husband, but he never felt that she was tolerant of him.

Here's the thing.

Lu Li full-time at home with the baby, her husband Chen Zhi work outside. Two people have good feelings, but also talk about something to say.

That day, Lu Li mopping the floor at home, Chen Zhi out of a busy day plus trouble stomach, a come back from work shoes did not take off ran into the toilet.

After a busy day at home, Luli was very angry when her husband stepped on the clean ground. Just want to scold out heard the husband said stomach discomfort.

Lulli thought, I can't be angry, can't be angry, he is also uncomfortable only like this, angry two people have to quarrel. So Lullie dragged it again.

Her husband stayed in there for a long time, and Luli dragged her everywhere. When Chen Zhi came out, he asked Lu Li, "Why are you still mopping the floor? Why don't you cook dinner so late today?"

At this time, Lu Li began to hold back: you are not sick, come back clearly to see me in mopping the floor, you do not take off shoes ran into the toilet. Isn't it because of you that I have to drag it around again?


As a result, Luli began to mutter: Next time next time, which time do you remember. Last time hurry to go out, let you throw the garbage also did not throw, behind is not and continue to like this, the garbage is thrown over there smelly for a day; Last time said to help me to buy food, the result came back nothing to buy, but I also ran out to buy..... Everything. The next time. The next time, it's not the same.

"What else do you want me to do?



Later, it became Lu Li's scolding meeting, the husband quarreled with him, finally pushed the door into the room. And Luli's out there yakking at him.

Luli thought, I've been so tolerant of him, why can't he grow a little?

Chen Zhi thinks: Things happen, happen, say it next time? Every time he's talking about the past.

In fact, Luli's behavior is not tolerance, just endure not to attack. She did not like his behavior, but because she did not want to quarrel and suppressed, finally in the suppression of the time, will erupt.

- 03 -

Many people think that I did not fight with him, is tolerance.

In fact, tolerance should be your inner acceptance and understanding, not you because of some other reason to suppress their emotions.

These two brain circuits should be completely different.

Depression is:

Because I don't want to quarrel with him, so he did it, I put up with it.

Tolerance is:

He did it because it was understandable how he was doing, so I tolerated it.

There are only two endings in the marriage of silence: not in the outbreak of silence, it is bound to perish in silence.

Only mutual tolerance of marriage, can continue to accumulate, business.

In the relationship, to know clearly express their bottom line, learn to tolerate, no longer suppress their own.

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