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The thing that's ruining their child's future is something 70 percent of mothers are doing

Children's concentration is not often cultivated, but should be protected, but many mothers in their children's homework, a glass of water, a pot of fruit for their children to come over. Or always shout in the side, the waist is straight, the eyes are too close to the desktop, the word is too scrawl, the paper how empty so much...

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When she got home from work, she let her children do their own homework and never accompanied her

Her children can read picture books by themselves for two hours, and she never cares

During the double holidays, her children practiced calligraphy for 3 hours

He can play for 4 hours at a time, and he is only responsible for watching TV shows


Isn't a mom supposed to do homework with her kid every day? Isn't there supposed to be no time for yourself? How can it be so easy? How do you find time to watch TV? Have time to go out?

Many colleagues see Xiao Luo lead such an easy life, are crying: such a mother I also want to be! Please give me a stack of such children!


Why are other people's children allowed to do their own thing for long periods of time? Your baby can't sit still with a nail in his ass, can you?

The first five minutes of class is serious, quiet, less than five minutes and next to the classmate chatted crayon small new;

When the class was about to end, I started to get excited and didn't pay attention to what the teacher was talking about.

Do homework less than 10 minutes to start to eat fruit to drink water;

Read less than 10 minutes began to wander, anxious old mother died


There's only one reason: too many moms fall into the mindfulness trap

For example, many mothers don't know how long their children can focus:

An adult's sustained attention span is 40 minutes. Children have less time to focus because their brains and nervous systems are not yet mature:

About 7 minutes for a 2-year-old;

About 9 minutes for 3 years old;

About 12 minutes for 4 years old;

About 14 minutes for 5 years old;

By the age of 6, it takes about 15-20 minutes.

For example, many mothers don't know how their children's attention develops:

Keep bothering the kids

Children's concentration is not often cultivated, but should be protected, but many mothers in their children's homework, a glass of water, a pot of fruit for their children to come over. Or always shout in the side, the waist is straight, the eyes are too close to the desktop, the word is too scrawl, the paper how empty so much...

In fact, these behaviors are some of the most serious daily behaviors that interrupt and destroy children's ability to focus, but mothers are stuck in them

Buying too many toys destroys concentration

Toys are children's companions from a young age. Children love toys, and there is nothing wrong with that. But too many toys can have a number of other negative effects besides affecting children's concentration development, so mothers don't have to use this way to show their love for their children, but actually harm their children

Train Children to Do Two things at once

Many mothers like to teach their children while watching TV, or let their children read picture books while listening to English, thinking that this will give full play to their children's potential.

In fact, it is wrong, this is in the wrong to encourage children to do two things at once, in the end, the child's English ability not only did not improve, but more easily distracted.

Because fell into these misunderstandings, so the child's future was unknowingly hurt


Every child's education, in the end is fighting for mother, mother, is the world's most in need of a certificate to work "occupation". But not all mothers know how to protect their children's focus.

So how do you develop a child's ability to focus? This time, we have invited Mr. Qidan, a family education tutor who works in the front line of children's education, to uncover the mystery of concentration, so that children can truly have the concentration that benefits their whole life and gain a better future

What is the effect of high concentration on children's future?

It takes twice as long to do what other kids take three times as long to do.

The speed at which information is received and the range of associations that are made exceeds those of unfocused children;

When focused, the child's feeling will be very keen and can capture all the information related to the current matter. No matter how complex the learning process is, the child will feel effortless and will accept the whole process with pleasure.

The process of completing the homework will be very smooth, no longer need to test the old mother's heart;

? ...

If there are so many benefits of focus, mothers know the importance of focus, and have been working hard for their children's education, but still can't achieve the desired effect? That's because mothers forget: there are developmental features of child psychology that, for example, probably 80% of mothers can't answer

Why can't children pay attention?

Why can children motionless watching cartoons for a long time, but can not concentrate on reading or writing?

Does a child's hyperactivity mean he is less attentive?

How do you judge a child's attention level?

What are some ways to develop a child's focus?

? ...

If you can't answer these questions, then it shows that this is a mother who lacks the knowledge of child psychological development. And a mother who understands child psychology will go a long way.


If you also realize the importance of concentration, and want your children to finish their homework quietly and on time, so that they can learn self-growth, self-management and become "someone else's child",

Then, I strongly recommend you to study "Fun, focus, teach good children".

From now on, let's protect children's nature, cultivate children's concentration, tap children's potential, do a good job in "homework" this little thing, and achieve 80% of the big things in the future!

Hello, everyone. My name is Qidan. I am a doctor of Child Development and Educational psychology from the Chinese Academy of Sciences

Up to now, I have helped thousands of families out of the misunderstanding of children's education, and become a reliable "Qidan mother" in the eyes of children.

Next, I plan to integrate the past 12 years of family education research, from three perspectives, 14 small topics to teach you a comprehensive understanding of children's focus, for the growth of children fundamentally "empower"!


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