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The man who really loves you, in addition to want to sleep with you, there is this desire!

Knowing Xu liked to play soccer, he deliberately parked his car at the soccer field and prepared a deflated soccer ball to stimulate him. I took Xu Magic Mountain to the field and played a game of football.

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The guy you spend all day with, the guy you sleep with, do you really know him?

Most women want a partner who can stand up for themselves.

To put it coldly, it is "bodyguard + money printing machine".

Of course, there are also another part of women, just want men's love, understanding, tolerance, so after marriage they will take men as the center, to send men meticulous care......

However, no matter what kind of woman, these are not the kinds of love men want.

So experienced love and marriage of female friends summed up such a "truth" : men are very realistic, only desire, no love.

But the harsh truth is that men actually want love more than women do. However, what men need is not beauty or devotion from women, but a high level of empathy and support on the spiritual level.

Speaking of which, most women don't want men to love their bodies and other strings attached, but their souls. However, they are often unable to be "soul mates" with men.


Remember "30's It"? Gu Jia is so perfect, why is Xu still cheating?

The character Gu Jia can be said to be the closest to the perfect wife, she is very much in love with Xu Magic Mountain, love their common small home.

For this family, she returned at the peak of her career.

For the children, she went to learn to make a cake, to learn the astronomical telescope, and even blindly reduce their identity, to please the children can enter a good school Mrs. Wang.

When Xu's company hit a crisis, she sold her luxury goods to raise money for her child to learn another skill.

For Xu's company, she is drunk by Wan Zong and almost sexually assaulted.

For the sake of their life together, she sharpened her head, did everything she could to try, to fight, to humble herself, even to beg, to bear all the things that should not be borne by her own....

Gu Jia is not a bit of a rich lady, she is a housewife working hard for the family.

And Xu Magic Mountain?

Understatement of a few words: "If it were not for you, we which have today's situation, we have children, for a big house, every step you are more than I have courage, you push me forward....."

Xu was able to hide in the quiet and warm greenhouse and focus on designing his dream. Because this woman named Gu Jia, in the outside for him to hold up a piece of wind and rain sky.

But also because of Gu Jia's independence, intrepid, perfect, the family that lets her painstakingly manage many years appeared huge storm!

Lin Youyou, the hotshot flirtator, is young, energetic, thick-skinned and high.

She took Xu to line up for ice cream at an Internet celebrity ice cream shop. Xu thought it was strange. How could it taste?

Eating ice cream with Xu, taking a bite of his without limit, and acting like he doesn't care, leaving Xu with endless memories.

Knowing Xu liked to play soccer, he deliberately parked his car at the soccer field and prepared a deflated soccer ball to stimulate him. I took Xu Magic Mountain to the field and played a game of football.

A boy wrote on Zhihu that he knew Lin had killed Xu by watching a soccer game.

For men, football represents? Youth + hormone full.

Men love football, love is their own? Youth, strength, sexual ability.

Lin Youyou said to Xu Xuishan:? "I find you like a man in a shell, afraid to get out of the rain, unable to get sick, unable to eat dinner, every layer of this is imposed on you by your wife, you shut up the otherwise interesting little boy inside you."

Did Lin just upgrade himself to? "Soul catcher" makes Xu feel the innocence of youth that he has not seen for a long time. For middle-aged men, this is a more deadly temptation than sex.

In Hsu's mind, he is used to the power of family and being taken care of by Gu Jia. But Lin gave him a more special feeling.

Gu Jia lost her husband's heart just because she made three mistakes:

1. She serves Xu Magic Mountain so well that marriage loses its freshness.

2. She raised Xu as her son and let the man lose his responsibility.

3. Being too independent and strong, and not knowing how to rely on men, makes men lose their sense of existence.

And look back at Lin Youhave, why can she disintegrate a little bit of Gu Jia do her best to build the marriage fortress in the heart of Xu Magic mountain?

Many of you have heard this saying:

"If she has no experience in the world, show her all the prosperity of the world; If her heart is old, take her on a merry-go-round."

In fact, there is a corresponding sentence:

If he is in love, you take off your clothes; If he knows too many men, you are at the hearth.

These two sentences reveal a very simple and effective titillating secret: give him what he cannot ask for.


Apparently, Lin knows this!

A woman is the strength of a family, not a good wife and mother.

Marriage is a game, the man's sense of crisis, is the woman's sense of security. The more he worries about you, the more he loves you.

The second half of life and men get along under the same roof, if you want to let men love you for life, you must learn men's psychological manipulation, attack and kill war defense, retreat and retreat based, let men always maintain enthusiasm for you, even fear of losing you, actively rely on you! Keep the marriage fresh.

Today we are joined by Wang Siyu, a famous emotional tutor who has been focusing on emotional counseling for ten years, focusing on in-depth analysis and application of male thinking.

Teacher Wang Siyu thinks that every woman should be upgraded to "soul catcher", master the "flirt" secret, let men surprised by your change, sink into your charm is infinite, you can deeply shake their heart, capture their soul.....

She has a wealth of practical case experience, deep analysis of the nature of the relationship between men and women, to the problem of love between men and women to give specific feasible solutions.

Teacher Wang Siyu said, "To understand a man's mind, you only need 18 psychological manipulations!"

So, how can these 18 psychological manipulations change your marriage?

Why do men have so many bad habits that you can't change him?

Why do men stay silent when you want to talk to them?

Why do men lose interest in you and even want to cheat or divorce you?

Why are you making things worse when you're trying to change them?

This whole psychological manipulation of love and marriage

"18 love and marriage psychological manipulation, conquer the man's weakness, let him love you a little more every day" teacher Wang Siyu will use actual combat case experience, let you master the man's psychological code, teach you to tease the man's psychological mood, let a man feel you bring him a sense of surprise, happiness, the only sense!

Four PSYCHOLOGICAL LAWS + FIVE COMMUNICATION BIBLE + FOUR EMOTIONAL thinking + FIVE love LAWS, let the man loyal to you, infatuated with you, depend on you!

Learn MALE PSYCHOLOGY TO MANIPULATE ART, TEACH YOU TO BE QUIET OF LIFT UP INTO THE MAN's HEART, let him hear comfortable, be willing to become you like.

Four rules of mind

3 Ways to communicate the Bible

5. Emotional thinking

Five Laws of love

Master the secret of titillation,

Upgrade to "Soul" catcher

To surprise men with your change,

Fall in love with your charm.

Through the insight into men's psychology and emotions, gradually manipulate each other's hearts,

Let him love you more and more deeply, pay more and more!


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