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The man cheats to deny to admit, SEE 40 years old original match how FIGHT turn over?

Why does a woman of the same age, who started from scratch with her husband and suffered for the sake of the family, remain so young and energetic while she herself has become a abandoned woman?

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Mei Lin never expected that after 15 years of marriage and 12 years of children, she would experience marriage change when she was approaching middle age.

Until she saw the text message in her husband Lao Li's mobile phone, the string of tension in her mind, the instant "snap" to break.

That night, Lao Li once again drunk to come home, see drunk husband, Mei Lin already used to, although the heart is tired, but also helpless.

As soon as Lao Li came back, he spread out on the bed. Mei Lin spent a lot of effort to take off his coat. At that time, the mobile phone also fell on the bed.

She had no interest in the phone, but just then, the screen lit up. Pop up a string of words: dear, you home, you just left, I began to miss you!

Mei Lin's brain "buzz", like found some big secret -

Her hand began to shake and she tried to open it, only to find that she did not know her husband's passcode.

Watching Lao Li pass out beside her, she pulls his finger directly and unlocks the fingerprint lock. When she saw the content of wechat chat, she felt the sky was falling apart.

Original, in the eye of husband Lao Li, she this rightfully accompany her to bear children, the wife that pays all painstaking efforts for this home is inferior to a nurse even.

What YELLOW face OLD WOMAN, BAD TEMPER, HAVE NO culture, HAVE NO interest, complain woman, GO UP NOT MESA.....


Lao Li in order to please the woman outside, his wife was such an evaluation, which is really let Mei Lin feel every word death.

Tears fell down, in such a dark environment, Mei Lin never felt lonely and helpless!

Why do you pretend to love her when there is already a new love outside?

Why clearly already all kinds of abandon, but also pretend to care and intimate!

Why so many years of feelings, you easily betrayed!

Why, WHY??

Mei Lin was puzzled, and the more she thought, the more unwilling.......


Later, at a classmate reunion, Mei Lin meets her old classmate Li Yuan.

Why does a woman of the same age, who started from scratch with her husband and suffered for the sake of the family, remain so young and energetic while she herself has become a abandoned woman?

He was betrayed this matter, the friends and relatives around Meilin naturally dare not reveal half a point, for fear of being surrounded by people's sympathy, more is afraid of being laughed at!

But if she doesn't seek help, she won't be able to save the marriage and may be pushing herself into depression. Happy when the time comes, should be that woman outside!

Holding the idea of trying, Mei Lin opened his mouth to Li Yuan poured out the marital crisis, and asked Li Yuan, should not forgive the cheating husband!

"Mei Lin ah, in fact you said this matter, I had experienced several years ago!" Li Yuan, not tight not slow of the end of the table of tea carefully tasted a mouthful.

He continued: "Believe me, the most difficult thing for you now is not whether you choose to forgive him after he cheated. The most difficult thing is, if you choose to forgive him, how to face the bigger emotional crisis lurking next, that is: the vicious cycle of suspicion, cold war, deadlock, anger and quarrel!"

Then Li Yuan took a look at Mei Lin from beginning to end and said with a sigh, "No one has the patience to see through your slovenly appearance to see your shining inner part. You can have the inner part of white lotus flowers, but you must have the sexy appearance of green tea. Men are visual animals."

"Look at yourself now. How long has it been since you put on your makeup properly? You know what's all the rage now? Do you study every day? "

Li Yuan said the manner of speaking, every move has said not to come out of the elegant. Even Mei Lin, sitting opposite her, forgot that she was a woman and was deeply attracted to her.

"People are realistic and will always choose what is best for them. This benefit is not just about money.

When a man is vacillating between his mistress and his original wife, it's time for you to go out and have a tough battle with the mistress: the mistress smells of youth? Then you are mature and elegant! The mistress is sweet and gentle? Then you are gentle atmosphere! After all, you must win!"

Mei Lin leng leng, asked: you said these, I can not, how should I do?

For a man, you can only keep him liking you if you continuously satisfy his emotional needs in a 360-degree way and provide him with a comfort zone that no one else can.

Because no man can refuse a woman who can bring him a sense of joy and happiness.

Li Yuan raised an eyebrow, slid open the phone, pointed to wechat, "Now I change, you also see. Here it is, 8 Steps to Save a Cheating Lover. I was learning every day, and slowly I changed, and I saved my marriage, and now I send you the link, you just need to learn, and then use it..."

This is Li Yuan to Mei Lin method, Mei Lin had no hope, but finally saved her husband.

To successfully salvage a marriage after an affair:

It is not just a simple "I forgive you" or "you just go home", but a real test of the couple's personal abilities: the ability to deal with and analyze problems, psychological tolerance, emotional regulation, self-repair ability, crisis resilience and so on.

8 steps to save your cheating lover

The mentor has 10 years of practical experience in emotion

Teach you to find the right time, strategic repair relationship

The affair is not terrible, terrible is our ignorance


"Wife, I'll be home for dinner tonight."

Mei Lin just picked up the baby, a message popped up in her mobile phone, is her husband Lao Li sent.

It is also funny to say that my husband, who often goes out for business, has been running home frequently recently.

Holding her to sleep at night, but also straight kua she understand him, is the most important person in his life, the words in his mouth are concerned about love.

And those messy text messages, Mei Lin did not see again.

Through this study, she became a both inside and outside repair, temperament elegant charm woman, popularity is getting better and better.

Of emotional intelligence ceasELESS rise, the ceaseless progress of WORD skill, let her BE IN AGAIN and again in communicate with husband like a fish in water, the husband also begins nervous BEAUTY Lin now, be afraid deeply, not careful, the wife ran with others.


Now, her second life is just beginning, and everything is heading in a better direction!

And this, also corroborates a wise saying: when you become a woman who can talk, high EQ, pattern, how can men willing to leave you!

At this time, women should learn "8 steps to recover the cheating lover" tactics, to overcome the affair. Although the heart has a shadow, although feel very wronged, but divorce will be more wronged, this is the best way.

Especially for Mei Lin, who has done everything for her family, divorce is a last resort. I can't get a divorce until I can't live anymore.


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