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"Since you love games so much, let's get a divorce."

Chengli after work all the time spent on the game, and gradually to ignore the small qin, two people also from the beginning of sweet marriage life, work together on the sofa, watching movies, said he met today by watching them, or ridicule company again how wonderful work of the people, by now after work, a person to the computer desk to play games, a person quietly tidy up table of dishes, Then curl up on the sofa, quietly watching TV.

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O "I'll just play the last game, real quick"

O "That's what you said three hours ago, and it's 11 p.m."

O "If you're sleepy, go to bed and wait for me to do something"

Hear this ONE, SMALL QIN SAW one EYE THAT CONNECT RETURN SENTENCE SENTENCE ALSO ALL LEAVE A FIGURE OF MAN TO HER ONLY, WHAT WORDS ALSO DON'T WANT TO say, silently turn around, PRESS THE LIGHT OF THE room, lie back on the bed. This bed, at the beginning is she and Cheng Li ran many times furniture city just to buy back, when buying this bed, they are talking to each other after happy married life. He said:

O "In the future I cook, you sleep, I personally bring breakfast to bed, for you to eat"?

O?" Yeah, you said, "Don't back out, or I'll kick your ass."

O "What a tigress. I don't know why I married you."

O?" Then why do you say"

O?" Oh, no way, who let me fall in love with you?"

Frolics picture completely and stop, "da da, da da, da da, da" keyboard sound from the room only bright place came, that said, who let me fall in love with your man, now only want to accompany his game, Xiao Qin turned over, do not want to see the man. Cheng Li and Xiao Qin have been together 5 years much, after experiencing the sweet campus love, also experienced graduation, the hard work of two places of separation, be in their hometown finally, had a small house that belongs to them both, although the house is small and complete, it is a small home that they manage attentively.

Just do not know from when to start, Cheng Li came back from work, in addition to eating and simple and small Qin chat after a few words, ran to the computer to play the game, and a play can not stop, one inning after another.

If you don't want to lose this game, try again.

That's a win, handsome. Keep it up. Let's do it again.

Chengli after work all the time spent on the game, and gradually to ignore the small qin, two people also from the beginning of sweet marriage life, work together on the sofa, watching movies, said he met today by watching them, or ridicule company again how wonderful work of the people, by now after work, a person to the computer desk to play games, a person quietly tidy up table of dishes, Then curl up on the sofa, quietly watching TV.


Xiao Qin and parents complain, Cheng Li a home is not to play games, is to play games on the matter, do not talk to her, she is like their own personal life, even worse, tired enough to go to work during the day, go home to have a good rest, but in the night sleep was woken up by a variety of sounds, sleep very restless. The parents' answer was just:

O "Men love to play games. They play games. It's nothing.

O "You're not satisfied that he comes home from work to play games instead of hanging out."

O "Married life is like this, plain and simple, nothing"

O "Why don't you hurry up and have a baby? You two will be busy."

Parents take the opportunity to urge the practice of having children, let Xiaoqin can not laugh or cry, this marriage is almost gone. We're gonna add another kid, and, uh, I don't know what to say.

When I met my girlfriends on the weekend, they talked about it and shook their heads with each other. Our understanding of marriage is really very different from that of our parents. My parents think that the so-called marriage is that two people live together and have someone beside them to spend the rest of their lives together. But for us, marriage is not only two people together, we also want two hearts together, will care about each other, care about each other, rather than side more people.

Bestie puzzled asked:

O "He wasn't like this before. How come he likes playing games so much these days? Didn't you talk to him?"

Xiao Qin deeply inhaled a breath, looked at the eyes of boudoir friend in the leakage: helpless, angry and a trace of despair, in silence after a few minutes, Xiao Qin slowly opened a mouth:

O I don't know why, I've asked him, tried to understand why he did it, tried hard and hard.

O Make him a dinner he likes, put wine on the table, he eats and drinks, then turns to the computer table.

O asks him to watch a movie he likes. He picks up his phone and continues to play the game.

O asked him why he liked to play games so much after work. He replied, "I work so hard. Can't I play games at night to relax?"

O Why are you so upset lately?

Because play the game fight do not know how many fights, until now I have no strength to fight again.

In one day, Xiaoqin tired back home, to meet her, only "da da da? "Dada dada? "Da, da, da" keyboard sound, and nothing on the table. At this moment, Xiao Qin broke down, backlog too long anger and dissatisfaction all broke out, she went to Cheng Li's side, he said that has been in her mind lingering words:

"Since you love games so much, let's get a divorce."

Then turned and left this home, leaving only a blank head, a shocked Cheng Li at home.

Not love, just unable to love, not to be seen, not to be cared about, not to be cared about, just next to more personal marriage, how can happiness.

Xiao Qin's words, is used to say how much strength.

? part3

Men who play video games like to say,

I'm not out partying, I'm at home with you, just playing video games, how can you be so unreasonable.

Because of depression ah, a marriage I have to bear the pressure of tons of increase, family, career, children's education, the elderly support, I am a person will have negative emotions, all need to vent, playing games is to vent the pressure of life!

I play games is the cheapest form of entertainment. What more do you want?

In the face of these words, whether do you also like small qin, quarrel, and even in the end all be dead, lazy tube he, each do, yao got married, but because the game the "most loyal little three" leng became his spouse of the population marriage, even life constantly and game rivalry, the means to pull the husband to return to their side.

Small qin want is very simple, when two people together to talk about work, said the words to each other, she was coming home late, care about why she was so late, what's wrong with things, to hear her say ", or, she made a desks, of two people eat together, not only leave a back to her, can go out this weekend, two companions of people around, Or share the housework and make their little home clean and cozy instead of being knocked out for two days.

Just how to shout "stop", how to stop, small Qin really has no way, for Cheng Li, all her moves are exhausted. I've run out of ideas.

So don't want to end the marriage of small qin and chengli, finally found the iron fan teacher consultations, to redeem them will be broken, love by iron fan the teacher's help, they began the search and chengli began to indulge in the game - because of work is not smooth, can not be recognized, too much frustration in the actuality, chengli solace only through playing games. The way they communicate with each other - too much complaining, accusatory tone, less listening. Consult through time and self change, final Cheng Li and small Qin redeemed their love, sought for the other side, also borrowed an opportunity to talk about the love after a marriage afresh, sweet more full be like at the beginning.

If you are like Xiao Qin, you can't help your partner, you don't want to go to the point of divorce, or your partner, playing games is not that crazy, but it still takes up too much of your date time. Maybe fall in love again, listen to each other again, feel each other's you, can harvest different answers.

How many of these crimes did your guy get?

Why is that?

Because he loves to play games

Why is that?

Because there's no love left between us

Why is that?

Maybe it's just that you don't understand why he likes to play games.

Marriage insulation station mentor - Iron fan teacher to take you into the world of men love to play games, in-depth analysis of men's game addiction reasons, let you that he quit the game addiction, no longer addicted to electronic products, return to the family, and you talk about a married love.

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