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Most couples divorce in a snowball's way

Unexpectedly, LI BaOLI GRABBED THE SMOKE IN HIS HAND AND CURSED fiercely: I was out of money, they SHOULD work well for me. Tea is not money? Cigarettes are not money? You are such a bitch!

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Most couples divorce in a snowball's way

There is a saying that goes like this:

"The so-called good relationship is derived from one person's tolerance and accommodation, and the other person's enough."

In "I am a Speaker", the host Carnation Kou told her own story:

She and her husband are both strong personalities and often do not give in to each other.

Once they quarreled, Kou Carnation was so angry that she cursed:


Huang Guolun was stunned and said, "Nai Xin, do you know that there are some things that cannot be said?"

Then silently packed his bags and left.

When you think the other person is wrong, if you stand in your own shoes and only abuse and blame, even if the other person can understand you, some words will really hurt his heart.

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A family without blame

To cross the happiness

Yang Jiang and Qian Zhongshu are famous literary couples, and their lives are not without their daily chores.

Qian Zhongshu is a complete idiot in life, often make mistakes.

Qian spilled the ink, but Yang Jiang smiled and said gently, "Never mind, I'll wash it."

Qian Zhongshu said regretfully: "Ink! The tablecloths in the landlord's house were dyed black."

Yang reassured him, saying, "The ink will wash out."

When Qian broke the lamp, Yang said gently, "It doesn't matter. I can fix it."

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Whenever there is something in the family, Yang Jiang always comforts Qian by saying, "It doesn't matter," instead of just blaming him.

Because of this harmony, their feelings have become a generation of stories.

A good relationship is never about being right or wrong, but about learning to be understanding and tolerant.

No wonder the great French writer Balzac said, "A happy marriage requires only a friendship that forgives all human shortcomings."


Love is not born

Love is close, reverse is sparse

"Han Feizi" says: husband and wife, not have flesh and blood also. Love is close, do not love is thin.

And this truth, but many people do not understand.

The movie "Ten Thousand Arrows Through the Heart" tells a story like this:

Li Baoli from Wuhan and Ma Xuewu from the countryside are a couple.

Li Baoli was beautiful and had a strong personality. She always felt that her husband was a countryman and that she had already been promoted to marry herself. She often shouted at him because of little things.

Ma Xuewu is the workshop director in the factory, everyone gave him three points of face; At home, he is often scolded by his wife, never hold up his head.

When moving to a new home, Li Baoli because of a small matter and the moving workers quarreled, Ma Xuewu saw it quickly in the past, give a few workers smoke, want them to quickly finish the job.

Unexpectedly, LI BaOLI GRABBED THE SMOKE IN HIS HAND AND CURSED fiercely: I was out of money, they SHOULD work well for me. Tea is not money? Cigarettes are not money? You are such a bitch!

This incident, became the last straw of the camel, the last straw Ma Xuewu put forward a divorce.

Always strong Li Baoli meng, she did not know where the problem is, more do not know how to end.

A lot of people are like Li Baoli, don't know how to suddenly Ta changed. A good home, how just because of a word to say across the collapse.


The vast majority of couples divorce

Can't escape the snowball way

"It's Not my Fault" says:

"The vast majority of divorces take place over a long period of time, with couples blaming each other and defending themselves in a snowballing fashion.

Each spouse is constantly focused on the other's faults and fiercely defensive about their own strengths, attitudes and ways of behaving.

That's exactly what causes the other person to dig in their heels and not even give an inch."

In the education of children, now more and more young people understand: we should learn to tell children how to do, but not how not to do.

This way, in the husband and wife also very good.

Blaming someone for something is a form of saying "don't do it" without telling him how to do it.

A little more patience, a little more tolerance, feelings can go more comfortable.

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