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Love Capsule: I married my partner during COVID and it changed my perspective about weddings

by Nawab Shaikh 2 months ago in ceremony and reception

Love Capsule

Love Capsule: I married my partner during COVID and it changed my perspective about weddings
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It’s safe to say that almost every girl dreams of her wedding to be a grand affair. A beautiful lehenga or saree, flowers decorations, band and music in tow. Me, like every other girl dreamed of a splendid wedding spread across lawns with guests pouring in, congratulating me and my fiance for the beautiful couple we make. My parents always had hopes of marrying their only child in the grandest way, to be remembered their lifetime. But, my wedding did happen, but not in the way I ever imagined it to be.

My fiance proposed to me in the summer of 2019 after we had been together for five years. It had been a long time and now, we both were sure of the step we wanted to take. Comfortably settled into our careers, we had informed our families of the deep love we held for each other. And nonetheless, everyone rejoiced with tears of joy. My mother even started planning for what she would wear!

Our wedding was to be held in June 2020. All this excitement went on for months. We had hired a wedding planner and planned for our wedding to take place on a wide-spread lawn. It was a dream come true! We envisioned the whole place to be decorated stunningly, and our wedding to be held under the stars. But as December 2019 neared, rumors of a virus began making rounds. And slowly by January and February, stories about the virus became viral. I wasn’t really worried, because we all had a common cold, flu, and itty bitty sicknesses before, so a virus wouldn’t be much of a threat this time.

But who knew, that this very virus, or rather, coronavirus would turn all our lives upside down?

By the duration of the next two months, a global pandemic was already on hand and lockdown had been imposed in all parts of the world. A gathering of only 5 or 10 people at a time was allowed. And I could feel my dreams of having a beautiful wedding slip away. Since childhood, the second-most thing I wanted was a beautiful wedding. I refused to acknowledge the situation and confined myself to a room for a few days. Until my fiance forced me to acknowledge the situation. He asked me to make the most out of the situation. “Amidst the chaos in the world right now, what matters most is that all our family members are safe. You and I are together. That is what matters the most,” is what he said, that completely changed my mind.

The next day, with a fresh mind, I began thinking of ways to tie the knot. First, we had to cancel our contract with the wedding planners and the wedding destination. We suffered quite some losses there. But, next, we began thinking of organising our wedding at our terrace, which had quite a space to fit in at least 10-20 people. And this would include the closest people around us, and possibly our best friends. Luckily, my fiance’s uncle was fluent in Indian rituals and so, he would wed us. Soon enough, we decorated our terrace with colourful clothes and flowers and it looked pretty! We had our wedding dresses with us, so that was not a problem. We collected all the amenities and soon enough, we were ready for a little wedding!

On 26th June, our wedding took place on the terrace of my home, and it went as smoothly as it could. Laden with happy smiles and tears, we all clicked photos and my younger brother even made a little wedding video! How lovely it was! It was a memorable affair as I realized that it is people who matter the most, especially during difficult times. The scale of the wedding didn’t matter, but the presence of my husband’s hand in mine did. His promises and togetherness were more important to me than anything. Soon enough when the lockdown partially got lifted, we got our marriage legally registered. The absence of a grand wedding never bothered me again, but now, my husband and I are planning for a mini honeymoon vacation soon!

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ceremony and reception
Nawab Shaikh
Nawab Shaikh
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