Is He Going to Propose?

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10 Signs Your Partner is About to Pop the Question

Is He Going to Propose?
Are Those Wedding Bells in the Distance?

Are you one of those people who has been planning their wedding since childhood? If so being in a happy, long-term relationship with someone you want to stay with forever can (ironically) be a bit hellish. The will they/won't they, agonized waiting for a proposal (combined with the should I/Shouldn't I of whether you want to propose, because it is 2020, after all) is something quite unique. Of course, the most efficient way to find out if your partner wants to marry you is to ask them, but failing that there are a few signs you can look out.

10 Signs Your Partner is Going to Propose

The thing about a marriage proposal is that even the most confident person can find themself becoming a nervous wreck. These nerves can display themselves in the most unusual and unexpected of ways. Here are the 10 most common signs that a proposal is on the way;

1. Changes in Spending

If the two of you usually go out to dinner or like to splurge on days out regularly, and your partner suddenly wants to stay in and save money (without changes in their financial position) it could be that they're saving for a ring!

2. Talking About the Future

Of course, if you're with someone you love you probably talk about the future now and then. However, if your partner starts to talk about the future more often than usual, or they start to make concrete plans that go beyond normal confines (e.g. planning a house when you usually only plan for the weekend), they may be thinking about proposal.

3. Sudden Closeness with Your Friends/Family

We all want our loved ones to enjoy each others company, but unless you're very fortunate it's not likely that your partner spends much solo time with your family, or has a strong bond with your besties. So, if they start spending a lot more time talking to others you hold close it could well be that they're planning something special for you.

4. A New Interest in Jewelery

Has your partner developed a sudden interest in what jewelery you like? They could be looking for the perfect birthday or christmas present, of course, but this could also be a sign that they are looking for an engagement ring you will really like.

5. Secretive Behaviour

No-one likes to feel that their partner is keeping a secret, but if your relationship is otherwise healthy don't jump to the conclusion that this behaviour is something bad! When people plan something like a proposal they often take care to keep the details a secret and maintain an element of surprise!

6. You're 'Not Allowed' in Certain Areas

Following the last point, if you notice that a drawer or cupboard is suddenly locked, or you're asked to stay clear of a certain area of the house - you could have a proposal coming!

7. They Get Very Sentimental

Ideally, we'd show the people we love how we feel every single day. In reality, life gets in the way - so if your partner shows a sudden upsurge in sentimentality this is a sign they may be getting ready to propose. An increase in tactil affection, nostalgic reminiscing, and other such sentimental actions is a strong indicator!

8. They Take Charge of an Important Occaision

Do you have an important birthday, holiday, or anniversary coming up? Well, if your significant other insists on taking charge of the planning it could be that they intend to mark this special occaision with a proposal to make it extra memorable.

9. Someone Makes You a Mani-Pedi Appointment

Your friends and family will be just as invested in making sure that your proposal goes well as your partner. So, if that regular meetup suddenly becomes a beauty day, or your bestie wants to meet for a manicure when you've never done that before, it could be that they're in on a proposal plot!

10. They Ask for Your Ring Size

This one is pretty obvious, which makes it one of the less common signs; asking for your ring size under any pretense can be a big sign that a proposal is pending. Keep in mind that they may do this months, or even a year, before proposing to throw you off the scent (so don't be disheartened if that birthday present isn't an engagement ring).

Each of these signs means very little on their own; the best way to tell if a proposal is coming is to look for a few of these signs together. So, keep your cool, don't pin all your hopes on one day, and remember - if you're desperate to marry this person you can always ask them!

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