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Husband and wife a month how many times sex life, just normal? ?

But many unhappy sexless marriages are the result of two people having different sexual desires. One party is eager to dry firewood fire 15 times a month, one party has no sexual interest, a month 1 time are too tired, how "sex" blessing?

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How many times a month is it normal for a couple to have sex?

1 time? 2 times? 4 times?

In reality, a lot of people don't even have one.

I read a story about a sexless marriage,

There ARE a couple, married for five years, the only time "sexual life", is the second night after marriage, the husband did not have any warmth and words, directly took off his wife's shorts, with his hand to break her hymen.

Never had sex again: "I still have my first kiss."

The husband's reason for not having sex is: "I don't like her."

This man, there's no medical condition, there's no sexual orientation. He ignored his indifferent wife for five years just because he didn't like her.

Even worse, for five years, the husband put all the responsibility on his wife while his in-laws urged him to hold the baby.

An energetic normal man, married for five years never touched the same room life of the wife, not only cold-blooded, is unfeeling.

Sad is: he is not like Platonic pure love, but do not love her at all. And the wife in this loveless and sexless marriage, can only suffer in silence, there is no place to talk.

Sexologist Ma Xiaonian tells the truth: "The essence of a sexless marriage is a marriage without love."

If he doesn't even want to enter your most private body, how can he treat you with his heart?

Those who are prone to say: "work pressure, no mood," "old married, no interest in sex," "this is bad? There's no need to mess around in bed "......

Nothing more than to you lost interest in sex, also indifferent to your love.


Why you marry Love, but Lose to Sex

How do you define a sexless marriage?

Sociologists consider a sexless marriage if there is no physical illness or accident, but there is no understanding of sex for more than a month.

A lot of people don't understand, why is obviously married to love, marriage finally lost to "sex"?

According to sex therapist Judith Steinhar, intimacy in a asexual relationship can flow smoothly as long as two people agree on how often they want to have sex.

Marriage satisfaction can be high if two people are okay with how often they have sex and being in a sexless marriage.

But many unhappy sexless marriages are the result of two people having different sexual desires. One party is eager to dry firewood fire 15 times a month, one party has no sexual interest, a month 1 time are too tired, how "sex" blessing?

Men are born with a desire to conquer, and it is the same in bed. If a woman is too passive, he will feel that the challenge is not difficult, and his desire to conquer will not be satisfied.

That's why men often ask "Are you tall?" in bed. "Am I good? The reason why.

Once MADE A MALE TO CHOOSE A SPOUSE DEMAND QUESTIONNAIRE, there are many women's advantages to the man to choose, hope his woman to meet what conditions.

Being pretty and in good shape accounted for 80 percent of the choices, while being a good worker accounted for 95 percent.

Men do not necessarily care about a woman's beauty, but also can tolerate an imperfect body, and even can tolerate her countless shortcomings.

But he's gonna want her to be sexy in bed.

There is no such thing as asexual love. Platonic love can only exist for a while, not forever. No matter how perfect love is, if there is no normal sex life, the couple will sooner or later become a pool of stagnant water. And a happy marriage, should be sex and love coexist, spirit and body unity.

When men can feel the ultimate pleasure in you, they won't want to waste their energy on other women.

Good sex can actually reduce his chances of cheating!

How can he reconcile sex and love?

How do I make him love my body?

How do you turn him on?

How to maintain a long and harmonious sexual relationship with him?

Sex and intimacy counselor - She Xiaoai teacher to give you the answer:

Sex is an instinct we all have. But many people don't know anything about sex or relationships, let alone find pleasure and satisfaction in them.

If love is the foundation of marriage, then sex must be the sublimation of marriage. Life is short and you deserve to have a happier and more harmonious sex life.

8 practice full score bed skills

Set off his or her desire switch

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Perfect sex skills to make a man want to stop!

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We have a really good relationship. We just don't have sex!

Many sexless marriages exist because of a lack of sex education.

The only thing worse than illiteracy is sexual blindness.

Hubei A COUPLE, THE HUSBAND IS a DOCTOR, THE WIFE IS a master, married 3 years not pregnant, go to see a doctor JUST know the wife is still a virgin UNEXPECTEDLY. It turns out that they think sex is cuddling and sleeping, kissing can get pregnant. Helpless, experts have to make up a "sexual enlightenment lesson" to them.

For a couple in Nanning, the first time they had sex, the wife felt very painful, then refused to have sex, and they gradually became apathetic. It wasn't until the doctor told them to go home and watch more movies that they learned that foreplay is the only way to enjoy a good sexual relationship.

The backwardness of sex education makes many people have a lot of prejudice in their understanding of sex. Some people "talk about sex" and think that sex itself is dirty.

Women who are sexually experienced are considered immoral, promiscuous, and shameless. So many women "can't put it away" in bed.

If men have rich sexual experience, they are often labeled as "love prodigal son" or "nymphomaniac". They also think that if they can't satisfy women, they are useless and self-abasic.

Saving a sexless marriage is a long and difficult road. The most effective way to face the asexual crisis is to actively learn from professional guidance and practice.


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