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Can let a man truly respect, loyal women have achieved this!

Years later, Zhangjiahui became famous. When he won the Best Actor Award, he attributed most of his work to his wife. "She knows the workaholic side," he said. What I love about home, she knows. Because of what she did for the family, I was able to put all my energy into acting. My wife was the best thing I learned in the entertainment industry."

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A lot of people complain like this:

What is the point of marriage, widowhood marriage, widowed parenting, or postpartum depression?

In fact, the person who said these words,

Precisely those who give up running their own women after marriage!

They put all their thoughts and energy into their men, into their families.

Taking care of their husband and children as their greatest career, they have nothing but marriage and children.

This is undoubtedly very dangerous, because once the other side changes heart, all your efforts will be wasted, but also may end up with people, money, all lost.

So, manage yourself, can effectively protect their marriage.


There is a story in the Book of the Later Han Dynasty,

There is a man named Zhou Yu. He has always been lazy, proud and arrogant, and often does something against ethics and morals. But he married a sensible wife.

Zhou Yu's father said to his daughter-in-law, "You are the daughter of a virtuous family. In addition to observing the virtues of women, you should also regulate your husband's behavior. If he doesn't do well, it must be your problem."

The woman felt a great deal of pressure. She felt that if she did not do well, others would blame her. If she persuaded her husband and he did not listen, her father-in-law would blame himself.

If the husband listened to the man is too listen to the woman's words, no matter how to do is their own problems, thinking and finally chose to commit suicide.

So, women should not be trapped in the world of marriage, don't dive in and don't want to come out, paint the ground, and repeat their sadness over and over again.

Women should try to find the fulcrum of life, invest in themselves, to develop their own ability to achieve happiness!

That way, even if one day marriage does not protect us, we will not lose our focus in life. ?????


No one can casually become a winner in life, a happy marriage, must begin with the level of appearance, loyal to wisdom!

Let the man truly respect, loyal woman, must rely on the woman's "wisdom" to teach out. Come out!

Zhang Jiahui, nicknamed "slag Hui", is not slag at all.

He and Kwan Wing Hoe have been in love for 28 years and married for 17 years. They have been known to love their wives and good men in show business.

Kwan Wing Ho red early, is Hong Kong "TVB a sister" status, at that time, young and beautiful, successful career of her, but chose three years younger than their own, also in the role of Cheung Fai.

When they first fell in love, they were crowded into a rental room of more than 30 square meters. However, Guan Yongshe's real home is magnificent, fully 400 square meters, and even the toilet is bigger than his home. Parents don't think about the poor boy Zhangjiahui.

Career status is far from the same, this Zhangjiahui extremely low self-esteem, this "glass heart" man is to escape the feelings, leave without saying goodbye to South Africa.

Later, because his sister suffered from cancer, Cheung was unable to return to Hong Kong. When he went to the hospital, he found Guan Yonghe had been there to take care of the elder sister, he was very moved. Big sister also praised Guan Yonghe in front of him to take care of people is very considerate, free to accompany her, to Zhangjiahui must treat her well, after that, two people compound.

Know in micro time, weal and woe, mutual support, do not dislike his poverty, tolerate his inferiority, accompany him through the most difficult period, from no complaint, this is not the average woman can do.

Years later, Zhangjiahui became famous. When he won the Best Actor Award, he attributed most of his work to his wife. "She knows the workaholic side," he said. What I love about home, she knows. Because of what she did for the family, I was able to put all my energy into acting. My wife was the best thing I learned in the entertainment industry."

People say, Kwan Wing she is a winner in life, youth as a bet, and take a potential stock.

But who has it easier in a marriage?

She polished with deep feeling, adjusted with tolerance, and fused with time. Only then could she gain a good man who made money and cared for his family.

She taught us, a wise woman, how to realize her own worth, and she helped her man realize his own worth.


Or back to that sentence, marriage should not learn to manage?

May be a lot of love lovers, will think that if the man loves you, everything is love you, if you do not love you, no matter how hard you try.

In fact, no, when you enter the marriage, have a family and children, you really realize the cost of rice, oil and salt, your idea will be different.

Marriage also needs to work, also need to learn! "Management" is not a conspiracy, but to seek common ground while reserving differences, actively improve their own shortcomings, and understand the difficulties of the other side.

A happy marriage depends on neither man nor woman. But not only rely on the husband, but also rely on the wife, but also rely on two people grow up together in the marriage.

According to renowned social psychologists J.W. and his wife, there are two basic forms of love: "romantic love", which is dominated by lust, and "partner love", which is inseparable from life. In contrast to the short and intense nature of romantic love, partner love is stronger and more lasting. It is based on mutual interests, but it makes people more selfless, willing to put their partner's interests above their own.

Those who get separated, often trapped in "romantic love", but die in "partner love".

Moving from "romantic love" to "partner love" requires maturity rather than passion. Mummy's boy and Mummy's girl will not have a happy marriage, nor will lazy and wayward men and women.

If hormones decide to fall in love at first sight, dopamine decides to love men and women, then, growth force, happiness force decides to last forever.

Wang Siyu, who has been focusing on emotions for ten years, has successfully solved tens of thousands of emotional problems, and published nearly 20 works of women's works, has carefully created 24 happiness tips to take you to understand intimate relationships and control your own happiness from now on!

If you also want to become a wise woman who can control your own happiness, then Teacher Wang Siyu will take you to understand the secret of controlling happiness: "Happiness Control" read intimate relationships, control your happiness and happiness!

Take you out of anxiety, depression, low self-esteem, open communication quarrel deadlock, untangle the magic spell of emotional discord!

It gives you a sense of who you are and what relationships are

You have the power to break the curse of pain

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The secret of happiness is not out of reach

In Heidi's Sex Report, there's an old man who says:

"At 70, knowing that I am getting closer to death and forgetting, I have become more aware of the nature of human loneliness and more eager to have a warm, intimate relationship with another human being.

Sexual pleasure and orgasm are still pleasurable, but the emotional comfort of hugging, kissing and caressing is much more important than it used to be."

In intimate relationships, we always ask him in one way or another what he should do, hoping to get more preference and security from him. To prove that he is loved, but we also ignore that he also needs to be recognized and warmed.

Intimate relationships also need to love, be loved, be noticed, be validated, feel safe, be allowed, and have value.

When you send a signal of high expectations to a person, whether you use an accusatory rant or a nice talk, he experiences stress and even control.

So think about his expectations before you expect them. If you lower your expectations a little and he changes a little, happiness and satisfaction will be achieved.

Women, if you want to control happiness, you have to read their expectations, read men's expectations.


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