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Can act like a spoiled woman don't be reasonable, instant let the man surrender to the spoiled woman

Different women HAVE their own strengths IN PETTISH, SOME PEAR belt RAIN TYPE, SOME DAIDANYAN DAIDANYAN style, some play to play, DIAO type and so on, in SHORT, master the skills of petTISH, pettish WOMAN CAN let men immediately surrender.

By testPublished 6 months ago 4 min read

Still say: the man likes to love the woman who act like a spoiled woman!

I don't know

No matter BE IN love OR in marriage, act in pettish is a very practical skill, it is the "weapon" that can be used to deal with the man, so that you get more love.

After all, that's what most men do.


I think, few men can resist the woman's pettish, see Lin Zhiling's "dia" let many men fall for it to know.

Different women HAVE their own strengths IN PETTISH, SOME PEAR belt RAIN TYPE, SOME DAIDANYAN DAIDANYAN style, some play to play, DIAO type and so on, in SHORT, master the skills of petTISH, pettish WOMAN CAN let men immediately surrender.

I don't know if Taiwanese are born to act spoiled?

They talk soft waxy waxy, especially love to add tone auxiliary words, such as "you are very tired" by them into "you are very tired ah ~" inexplicably have spoiled meaning.

If we learn how to act like a woman in Taiwan, love will go smoothly.

Just like Big S, when she attends variety shows with her husband, she is very clingy, holding hands with her waist at any time and acting like a spoiled woman to her husband from time to time.

In THE DINING TIME WANG XiaoFEI WENT TO THE toilet did not say hello TO BIG S, she was particularly nervous, wronged of the pout mouth to say: the husband how quietly left me, WANG Xiaofei came back, she suddenly SAjiao asked him "where you go how did not say with me, I am afraid of ah ~".

In a word, instantly aroused Wang Xiaofei's desire for protection, until the end of the recording, Wang Xiaofei almost always accompany in big S's side, never leave.

In FACT, TO the man, the greatest satisfaction should be able to be relied on and trusted by the woman.

Compared with competitive, occasionally show weakness, is the correct way to open the spoiled. As long as it is used properly, sajiao is a happy way of communication and can avoid many unnecessary conflicts between husband and wife.


Pettish, for some women is innate talent, but for most women, it is a complex skill. With good, can get twice the result with half the effort, with defeat, that goes without saying.

As long as a man loves, no matter how you act spoiled, he is acceptable.

Like Xiao Ying, she is known to be a good jiao.

Last week, when she had a chance with her best friend, it was getting late, so she called her husband: "Honey, it's dark outside, and I'm afraid. Why don't you pick me up?" Delicate tone, listen to a lot of friends can not stand. But it wasn't long before her husband came to pick her up and brought her a coat, which he carefully dressed her in. While doing these things at the same time also do not forget: this is how much people, do not know how to take care of themselves, today how much outside the wind ah, back to cold how to do? Well, I can't be right behind you all the time.

Take a look. It's easy for a man to be protective.

This is because men are animals that need to realize their own sense of value. When women show weakness, half of men's bones are crispy, just like humorous men bring you the feeling, I think you also enjoy it.


Will cry children have candy, coquetry woman best life. Those smart women know how to use the careful machine, to retain a man's heart.

Perhaps some women will feel that love needs to be honest, too pretentious. But these women do not understand, the so-called jiao, in fact, is to let men love themselves more, cherish their own means.

All say that a woman is good, shallow, deep ditch is not important, have to learn to act spoiled.

Every woman can act like a spoiled woman, but how to act like a spoiled woman can make a man's heart throb without making him feel bored is a kind of skill that smart women master.

So do you have problems like:

Want to act spoiled, but don't know how?

"Tough woman" is used to, a mouth feel uncomfortable?

Coquetry is to show weakness. The Queen never has to coquetry?

Why is it that you are acting like a spoiled woman to your partner, but they still do nothing about it?

Why some women can always easily act like a spoiled woman, but how can I learn?

All this because you opened the Sajiao wrong way!

The Queen of Sajiao -- ten years has been engaged in the cause of happy family international business etiquette expert, glamour goddess college dean Princess tutor summary launched "Invincible Sajiao Art", master the six tricks of Sajiao, with the right way to open communication, let him do what you say.

Between men and women is a profound knowledge, master this knowledge, your love or marriage will be better, you will also find that married life more beautiful.

A word can melt the heart of a man's mentor princess

Teach you how to act like a bitch by hand


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