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Best way to end an affair: Talk to a man about money

After two people say break, the problem also readily solved, the husband sympathized with the wife's childhood of regret, every month take the initiative to buy clothes with his wife; Understanding her husband's long-term plans, the wife stopped spending money and put a certain amount of her salary in the bank with her husband every month.

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"We've been married for 15 years and we've had a lot of fights about money."

"Ordinary living expenses, the cost of two children, is also my own shoulder, but I do not earn enough, where will be enough.

When we only had one kid, we used to fight a little bit, and the bickering went away. But since my second child, I have become more and more disappointed in this man." ? Lin Fang is helpless and sad to tell her he and her husband all sorts of.

After the birth of the second child, the doctor told me that my rectus abdominis muscle separation 3 fingers, need to exercise to recover, I went to consult postpartum repair, need 15,000 cost, I discussed with him, he directly said, my figure eat less, go running can recover, why to spend money

There is another thing I can't bear, since the second child, I have no intention of the eldest son's education, the child's grades slide, want to use the summer vacation 2 months time, give the child a cram school, he said, he does not study well, you give him money to cram school is useless, you want to make him willing to learn to be useful....

Time and time again, as long as it has to do with money, discuss with him, he always has a pile of excuses, not willing to come up with the money.

He only cares about his parents, brothers and sisters, and every time he takes money for them, I am very reluctant to ask him for money, just like I owe him.

Last time, he lent his brother money to buy a house, which was tens of thousands of dollars. He didn't even want to give me money for rehabilitation. He didn't even want to spend money on his son's education.

I have to say, in many cases, money is the litmus test for marriage.

If a man says he loves you more than anything else, but he haggle over every penny, it will be hard to make you feel truly loved.

Although money seems vulgar, but it is also the most practical, it can most see whether a person is really willing to pay for each other, whether it is worth their own to pay for it.


Money is the litmus test for relationships, and the same goes for extramarital affairs.

Don't look down on it. Talk about money.

Many people think that love is more than thousands of millions, but when it comes to money, there are definitely not a few people who fall apart. It is not uncommon to bury a relationship for a bride price, a car, a house.

What is money? Is the general equivalent of time. What is time? Time is life.

So men are willing to spend money for you, romantic translation is I love you with my life.

Just like in the TV show "30 Just," Xu Xuishan cheated on her and chose to return to his family after it was revealed, not because he had feelings for Lin or not, but because he didn't want to pay the price.

A woman has an affair outside of marriage and feels that she has met her true love.

But once, she looked at a bag, twelve thousand yuan, she knew men's economic strength, it is easy to buy such a bag.

As a result, the other party refused.

The reason is that you have changed now, the simple happiness between us before, can never go back; Besides, aren't you rich yourself?

Lin is confused, does this man really love me? He says he has no feelings for his wife and loves me to the bone. Why should he be allowed to spend some money so that he has a completely different face?

Money is the most important thing to show a person's sincerity.

And most extramarital affairs, like a colorful dream floating with soap bubbles, a poke to break.

So, when the marriage is in tatters, the wife knows that holding on to a man's money is the equivalent of holding on to the bread of life.

This also confirms, good marriage, the wife must know how to talk about money.

I was very impressed by Huo Siyan's words.

"Du Jiang would never say in front of me, 'You spend my money. Because he knows that 'my money' is wrong."

In his Wife's Romantic Journey, Du Jiang even said emotionally:

"Everyone said she was a little princess who loved to buy clothes and spend money. But she was a woman of extraordinary inner strength and strength."

The love and respect in Du Jiang's heart is just too much to be envied.

It has to be said that a marriage that only considers money is absurd, and a marriage that does not consider money is foolish.

If a man is willing to spend his hard-earned income on his wife, then he must be really passionate.

And the money he spends for you is not only a material security, but also a sense of security that others can hardly give, reminding you every moment that he loves you.

Remember, talking about money is not about calculating every penny. It is about being conscious of reality and making rational plans for the future.

Girls, learn how to talk to a man about money like this, and not only will it not hurt your feelings, but he will take you more seriously.

You need a couples money talk guide to better manage your finances!

Mr. Huang Wei teaches you the art of "talking about money" without hurting feelings

Let the couple talk about love when money, talk about money when love


If you want to preserve your marriage, couples should talk openly about money.

I have heard such a story:

My wife likes to buy clothes. In order to buy a new dress, she can eat noodles for a month. But the husband JUST LIKES TO save MONEY VERY MUCH, ORDINARY CLOTHES, SHOES are not willing to buy new, ill also seldom go to the hospital.

For this reason, the two quarreled numerous times, the husband accused the wife of losing their family, the wife accused the husband did not love her as much as before marriage.

Finally one day, two people quarrel tired, decided to sit down to have a good talk.

This just learned, the girl has a sister, from small to big, the girl has been wearing the sister to wear clothes, so, she will be so eager to new clothes.

The boy grew up in a poor family. His grandmother, who loved him, died because she despised the disease. He saved money desperately, just because he didn't want to lose his relatives due to lack of money one day.

After two people say break, the problem also readily solved, the husband sympathized with the wife's childhood of regret, every month take the initiative to buy clothes with his wife; Understanding her husband's long-term plans, the wife stopped spending money and put a certain amount of her salary in the bank with her husband every month.

Because the husband and wife to put the money on the table, two people, no longer because of the money red face, life over the more prosperous.

For couples to be happy in the long run, they need to agree not only on the relationship, but also on money.

At any time, the honest talk about money ideas between couples can not only let you understand each other's money values, but also can judge whether the other person is willing to pay for you, and can also be a reference for your future marital happiness index.

And many happy families have a characteristic, is the financial sharing, each other's financial situation is in mind, the money spent together, debt also shared.

They set aside time every year to organize and plan their finances, figure out where all the money goes, control unreasonable spending, and take care of everyone in the family.

So don't hesitate to talk to your partner about money. Not only do you talk about it, but you need to talk about it in depth and detail.

The teacher will not only teach you how to talk about money with a man, but also teach some husband and wife financial knowledge, to know that a woman who is good at financial management, a man will be as good as a baby for up, put money on the table to talk about a woman, a man will be more highly of her, rest assured to give her money management.


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