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Workout Must Do's

by Kelsey White 2 years ago in fitness

Simple and Easy

Workout Must Do's

Hello, my sunshines! Today I am bringing you some simple little habits everyone should build when it comes to their workouts. Doesn’t matter if you are working out to build muscle, lose weight, stay fit, or make it up the flight of stairs to your apartment without getting winded; these are for you!

#1. Pee first.

This may seem a little odd to say, but make sure you empty your bladder before a workout can be a lifesaver. Not only will you be busy moving your body but you will also be drinking water which will fill your bladder during the workout making holding it a bit difficult. So going to pee beforehand will save you all the extra bathroom trips during your reps and pee dribbles down the leg.

#2. Water!

Staying hydrated at any time of the day is important but during a workout, having some water with you is CRUCIAL. When you are being active, sweating, heart rate up, it can become very easy to become dehydrated. When the body is dehydrated, your blood pressure can drop and this may cause you to experience dizzy spells and fainting spells. So please, drink water.

#3. Make a playlist.

I don’t know about you but when I am working out I love—no, I need to have music playing. Upbeat, poppy songs that make you just want to dance. Having music on can really keep you pumped during your workout making you work harder and keeping a smile on your face during those crunches. Making a workout playlist on your phone in advance is much more convenient than having to skip through your music library while you do your plank.

#4. Focus.

If you find during your reps time is going very slow making your workout drag on, and you just want to give up, well, a way to make them fly by painlessly is to focus on something in front of you. Now, this could be something so simple like a tack in the wall or a hole in your couch. I find this helps me get through my workouts no matter what kind of workout it is.

#5. Strip and shower.

Do not stay in your workout clothes after your workout. This builds bacteria and begins to cause a bad odor. Stripping out of your sweaty clothes and hopping into the shower as soon as possible is a must. Be sure to wash your face during that shower as well. Acne can begin to occur if you allow the sweat to build upon the face.

#6. Have a snack.

After a workout, I don’t know about you but I am usually hungry. This is simply because you just burned calories, making you build up an appetite to fuel your energy. However, don’t go for junk food like sugary cereal, chips, or pizza. Reach for some fruit, veggies, yogurt; anything healthy and light. On Pinterest, you can find tons of healthy snack recipes that anyone can enjoy.

#7. Track your progress.

Tracking your calorie intake and calories burned can really help you stay on track, and show you how well you are doing which can really keep you motivated to continue what you are doing. You can do this with a notebook, or an app, or a Fitbit. I personally love the app MyFitnessPal which is available for both Android and IOS for zero dollars. I have been using this app for years and I am in love with it.

I hope you enjoyed your read and please be sure to follow me on Instagram and Twitter @escape2thewilds! And feel free to also follow my other account @thehypepipe on Instagram and Twitter for some amazing cannabis posts! Stay fit my friends!

Kelsey White
Kelsey White
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