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Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast

by Hajii Brown 3 months ago in health

Morning Fuel Goes a Long Way

Why You Should Not Skip Breakfast
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Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Many people due to busy schedules and active routines, might not have their breakfast. Such people are flirting with danger.

Everyone should realize that their eating chart should keep decreasing as the day progresses. Meaning, they should eat a maximum amount of food in the morning and minimum amount of food in the night. Our lifestyle is exactly the opposite of this. Nutritionists say that having heavy dinners can make you overweight.

Important for digestion

Breakfast is extremely essential for digestion. Having agood solid breakfast every morning helps in developing and maintaining a good digestive system. Taking water supplements and energy supplements with breakfast keeps away all sorts of digestive and intestinal problems. It prevents stomach ache and gastric problems.

To reduce the gap between the two meals

At night, we sleep at least 8 hours on an average. We actually stay hungry for those 8 hours. We do not consume even a drop of water during those 8 hours. We believe we are sleeping and no work is being carried out in the body. However, Digestion of food, circulation of blood, functioning of brain, etc, keep happening, while we are asleep.

These processes require energy and the stored energy in the body, is used up here. In the morning, the body is deficient of energy resources. Thus, new supplements of energy are required. Breakfast helps in providing the same.

Experts say a gap between two meals, should not be more than 4 hours. If we avoid breakfast, we are starving for not less than 12 hours. The body loses lot of energy during this period. Hence, eat your breakfast to converge the gap between two meals.

To avoid weakness

Many people may have breakfast and still feel weak during their morning routine. This is pretty common with women. Women may consume a light breakfast in the form of cornflakes, juices, toasts, etc. It is important to realize that, such types of breakfast are not sufficient. Having a good amount of wholesome food for breakfast, avoids weakness in the body. It provides energy to carrying out activities.

Passive and Inactive Mind and Body

Not having breakfast can affect thebody and mind adversely. People might feel lazy and inactive. Their body and mind will not co-operate in their actions. To enrich and recharge the mind and body, breakfast is extremely essential. It provides the necessary nutrients, to develop focus and activeness in the body.

To avoid unhealthy weight loss or weight gain

Men, who skip breakfast so as to reduce weight, might find it strange as they might end up gaining excess weight. Skipping breakfast leads to gas in which expands the walls of the stomach. The weight increase happens due to stomach expansion.

For women, they require regular supplies of nutrients. A small shortage can make them vulnerable to a lot of health problems. Weakness can cause excessive weight loss in women. The weight gain or weight loss has a negative impact on the body.

As you can see, breakfast is a serious matter. You need to start your day with the proper fuel. Even if you don't have time for a full meal, any small healthy snack loaded with the proper nutrients, will go a long way for your morning routine.

Don't become like those who view breakfast as something not important which you can pass on daily. You can make it a habit to prep or plan out your breakfast meals weekly. Make sure to include a variety of essential foods and healthy drinks. Your health will improve as long as you stay consistent.


Hajii Brown

Hajii Brown, a naturally gifted writer, has been writing throughout many years. Although his main focus is health & fitness, he loves writing on a wide variety of topics and poetry.

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Hajii Brown
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