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Why It's Not About being Skinny

by Michael Martinez about a year ago in health
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It's okay to be a little soft

Why It's Not About being Skinny
Photo by Laura Chouette on Unsplash

Today we are talking about why it is not just about being skinny and why you should be more concerned about increasing your body's performance and less about how you look at the beach or the number on the scale. Yes, we want to be fit-looking, but we also want to be healthy, right?

Okay, let's clear one thing up I am not referring to being overweight. I am referring to that moment when you are not rock solid, and you cant wash laundry on your abs. Thes are nice to look at, and yes, the majority of people are attracted to these features. They do not necessarily mean they are a signal of great health.

As a Sailor, I always disagreed with the way they tool the BMI where a 206 pound man who is one pound "out of standards" would fail when a 290 pound man who is sixty pounds out of standards can pass because they have a massive neck to offset their fifty-inch wastes. This is supposed to be a massively effective military group, and if this 245-year-old Navy cannot even get it right, then it is okay that you would probably find it difficult.

The Mayo clinic studied people who fell in the "healthy" BMI (Body Mass Index" scale, and what they found is pretty interesting but makes a lot of sense. They found that most of the people who had the proper BMI were just as unhealthy as obese people. They still had an unhealthy amount of body fat and had the usual health complication most people associate with obesity. This is mostly because we have advanced to the point that most people live a sedentary life, and with the rise of convenient foods, our diets have gone down the tubes. Convenient foods are fast foods and premade foods. These foods are unbalanced and do not provide the micronutrients your body needs.

Look, we do not want to be obese, but we do not want to be skinny fat either... You know the person who eats junk food all day and only drinks soda because the water tastes funny to them. Their diet is more like that of buddy the elf and not well-rounded, but they way like 95 pounds well that person is skinny fat. If they don't already, they will eventually develop lots of health issues.

Yes, we all want to look amazing in our birthday suits, but it should not be the focus when you are trying to lose weight. You should focus on how strong you are becoming and how much better you are feeling. If you focus on the right stuff, you will reach your goals using measurements like this instead of that number on the scale will help keep you motivated. Your weight will fluctuate, and that is okay, but your body will get stronger and more efficient before you see massive weight loss, and by the time you start seeing it you will be so strong and confident you won't even care if that scale goes in the wrong direction instead you will strap on that gym outfit and crush it out!

The next time you are eating your healthy meal, and your skinny friend is drinking a 1200 calorie mocha frappe frosted cupcake drink, don't think it must be nice to eat whatever you want because that type of food or drink is toxic to everyone, not just the people who are trying to lose weight.

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About the author

Michael Martinez

I am a 16 year Navy vet with multiple combat deployments. I have come to learn that I in fact do not know it all and know very little. My goal is to learn more, listen better, take the time to see things from multiple view points and share.

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