Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

You found apple cider vinegar on the internet and now you want to know if it's any good? Well, here I am, helping you on this crazy journey called apple cider vinegar.

Why Apple Cider Vinegar?

First of all, you know how apple cider vinegar sounds disgusting? It is 1,000 times more disgusting than that. Take a freshly pooped poo from a dog, mix it with anchovies, and I think you still aren't quiet there. It is disgusting.

But yeah, little did I know. So here I went, I read all those articles on the internet, like you are doing right now. I did so much research, eventually went to the shop, bought the perfect bottle of apple cider vinegar, went home, and got all excited. That all until I opened the bottle and an unconventional fragrance wandered out. That's an odd smell, I thought. But I went on, and like a well-behaved, well-read, good girl I mixed it with water. So I did what you do when drinking, I took a sip. And at this moment, I knew I made a mistake. I felt my tongue cramping, my throat burning, and the smell made it even worse. I almost puked and at this moment, I gasped for air, prayed for holy water, and eventually found myself greedily drinking out of the nearest water bottle. Water that never tasted better.

Okay, I know that the last part was a little bit too much. But I promise, you are in for a wild ride. So, that's what I wanted to tell you at first. How awful it tastes, and I promise you that adding lemon juice and honey is not going to make it better. But yeah, we love our health.

This dramatic incident didn't make up for the fact that I indeed still drink apple cider vinegar two times a day. You want to know why and how I do it?

First of all, apple cider vinegar is good for your skin. And this is the only thing I can confirm. My skin did clear up a lot.

And apparently it also helps with weight loss, regulating blood sugar levels, lowers blood pressure, lowers your cholesterol, and fights diabetes. But I cannot confirm this for you, sadly.

I take apple cider vinegar before breakfast and before diner. Here is what you have to do, to successfully drink and survive your glass of water mixed with apple cider vinegar:

Step 1: Take two glasses, fill one with only water and the other one with two teaspoons of apple cider vinegar, and fill it up with water.

Step 2: Next up, prepare yourself for the moment that's about to come. Please hold your nose and only open it when the bottle is closed or when I say so.

Please hold your nose.

Step 3: Take your glass with apple cider vinegar in one hand, close your nose with the other, and just chuck the whole thing down in one go. You may struggle with this and find yourself again, almost puking and praying for help—I have been there. But I know it just takes practice. Practice makes perfect. But don't forget to breath through your mouth.

Step 4: Once your glass with the vinegar is gone, remember to still hold your nose and now start drinking the glass with only water in it. Just to cool yourself down from the disgusting liquid that has just entered your body. Remember this is healthy and for your own good.

Step 5: After every liquid drink is gone, you can slowly return to Earth and breath through your nose again. Congrats you did it, you only have to do it again in like 10 hours, ha. So do this two times a day and you are good to go.

I wish you all the luck in the world.

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