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When you wake up in the morning, you prefer to be hungry or eat as little as possible

by wangfenglin 2 months ago in body
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When you wake up in the morning, you prefer to be hungry or eat as little as possible

Guide LANGUAGE: EVERY MORNING IS THE MOST IMPORTANT TIME PERIOD IN A DAY, A VERY IMPORTANT THING OF THIS TIME PERIOD IS BREAKFAST, BREAKFAST IS VERY IMPORTANT TO THE ACTION OF THE BODY. A good breakfast not only has a lasting impact on the rest of the day but also on your health. In peacetime, must eat breakfast on time, otherwise easy to stimulate the stomach, lead to stomach pain and even suffer from stomach disease.

Some of the hazards of skipping breakfast for a long time:

1, easy to get fat

The human body has a standard for caloric demand. If you don't eat breakfast, the number of lunch and dinner will increase, which is easy to cause obesity.

2. Stomach diseases are more frequent

If you don't eat breakfast for a long time, gastric acid and various digestive enzymes will easily stimulate the gastric mucosa, which will destroy the function of cell secretion of mucus, thus leading to gastric ulcer, 12 finger ulcer and other digestive system diseases, and may also lead to symptoms of constipation.

3, induce gallstones


4. Malnutrition

It may also cause malnutrition, which makes the body's immune system less resistant to disease. It may also lead to insufficient blood sugar, fatigue, lack of concentration, and poor mental state.

After getting up in the morning, would rather hungry, or try to eat as little as possible 4 types of breakfast, doctor: advice to understand

1. Fried food

Such as fried chicken and so on, eat fried food for breakfast, greasy and high fat. After high temperature fried food, many nutrients are destroyed, not conducive to the body nutrition supplement.

In addition to carbohydrates, other material content is less, including protein, vitamins, minerals, and fried food fat intake is too high, will increase gastrointestinal burden;

2. Overnight food

Such as leftovers, leftovers and so on, many families will choose to heat the leftovers and leftovers for breakfast, thinking that this is simple, convenient and nutritious.

But overnight leftovers, leftovers, especially vegetables are easy to produce nitrite, not good for human health, try to choose fresh food in the morning, overnight food to avoid eating;

3, fruit

A lot of weight loss people like to eat some fruits in the morning to be breakfast, but a lot of fruits are not suitable for fasting food, such as oranges, bromeliads, etc., contain acidic substances, in the morning eating easy to produce too much stomach acid, is not conducive to stomach health;

4. Stimulating food

Including cold and spicy food, such as ice cream, latiao, etc., these food will cause irritation to the stomach mucosa and intestine, easy to cause stomachache and other adverse symptoms, especially for people with digestive and gastrointestinal diseases.

How should breakfast eat more beneficial more healthy?

1. Drink a glass of warm water before breakfast

After a night of metabolism, the human body is in a state of water shortage. Therefore, after getting up in the morning, we must not rush to eat breakfast first.

Should cultivate the good behavior habit of drinking a cup of warm boiled water before breakfast, so that not only can make the original lack of water body fully ingested the water needed, but also can play a role in cleaning the stomach and intestines, promote the effect of toxin discharge in the body.

After drinking warm boiled water, people's stomach and body can be in a more comfortable state, so that the next breakfast to eat better.

2, breakfast calories should not be too much

Breakfast intake depends on body type, different AGE will have some differences, however, intake 400~500 calories of calories is more appropriate, about a quarter of the day's requirement, but you can try to add some sugar.

3. Keep breakfast light

Breakfast too rich will cause gastrointestinal burden, but also lead to high blood fat, if you really can not resist the temptation, once a week is not impossible.

Breakfast is more suitable for light but comprehensive nutrition of the diet, as far as possible to eat less fried food, some people like to eat churros for breakfast, in fact, may not be impossible, but do not eat too much, and as far as possible a week only once.

4, breakfast should not be too oil, too sweet, too salty

Breakfast is the energy source of the day, too oily, too sweet, too salty food, easy to eat people feel sleepy.

Therefore, in terms of choice, the fried dough stick is occasionally replaced by steamed bread with eggs, sweet potato porridge can also replace French fries, a cup of milk, yogurt is better than milkshake, porridge should be accompanied by green vegetables less pickles, the body burden is reduced, the beginning of the day is more vibrant.

Some recommended breakfast accompaniments

First, cabbage breakfast cake + fresh shrimp and cabbage congee

Autumn and winter are good times to eat cabbage. This season's cabbage is sweet, crisp, moist and has the best taste of the year. It also has high nutritional value, rich in vitamins and dietary fiber.

Cut the cabbage into shreds, stir well with flour and eggs, adjust into batter baked good cake, soft and fragrant, dip in their favorite sauce, must be to eat also want to eat. And you don't have to mix, knead, or get your hands dirty, so it's perfect for breakfast.

Two, 2 eggs +1 cup of milk

Eggs are rich in protein and calcium. They go well with milk and are easy to make by boiling them.

Regular consumption of eggs can not only supplement brain power, but also can improve the constitution, but also promote human growth and development. In the morning, eat two eggs and a glass of milk to meet the body's nutrient needs.


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