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When bathing, try not to wash the body these "5 places", appropriate "dirty", or more healthy

by wangfenglin 4 months ago in body
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When bathing, try not to wash the body these "5 places", appropriate "dirty", or more healthy

Summer weather is very hot, the skin will sweat a lot, exudes bad smell, at this time a hot bath, not only can clean the skin, increase comfort, but also can relieve fatigue.

However, there are many people in life who are obsessed with sitao in summer. Usually, they always wash their bodies often to keep their bodies clean and hygienic. In fact, some parts of the human body should not be over-cleaned, or it will cause harm to the body. Let's take a look.

First, what are the benefits of taking a bath?

1. Eliminate fatigue and prevent bacteria

After a day of hard work, usually very tired after go home, take a hot bath very comfortable, this time to take a bath to wash a day of hard, even if the suffering in the outside, suffer, suffer indignities, go home and take a bath, also can tidy up the mood, with brand-new mental outlook to face family, in the process of bathing, remove the dirt and germs of the body, can improve the immunity of skin, Protect the skin from bacteria or viruses.

2, accelerate blood circulation, promote sleep

When taking a hot bath for a long time, the water temperature is higher than the body temperature, which can usually dredge the blood and accelerate the blood circulation. When taking a bath, you can also massage the acupoints by yourself. It is best to massage the Shenmen point and Yongquan point. So showers are good for sleep, good for deep sleep.

3. Exercise cardiopulmonary function

Because of the high temperature of the water when we take a bath, the oxygen content in the air is gradually evaporated, so the oxygen content in the air is reduced, so we breathe less oxygen, which, as a result, promotes our heart and lung function exercise.

4, relax

Taking a bath can ease your mood, make you feel refreshed in the morning and energetic at work. Taking a bath at night can relieve fatigue, help you sleep, wash away unhappiness and relax yourself.

When bathing, try not to wash the body these "5 places", appropriate "dirty", or more healthy

1, the navel

A lot of people likes to clean up the navel in shower, actually often clean the belly button is not recommended, dirty it doesn't matter at all, navel is in a state of depression, it is easier to pile up dirt, a lot of people always go to clean up the belly button, in the process of cleaning, they too hard and often use hand dug navel, easy to cause local inflammation, after the invasion of the negative impact of inflammation is very significant, You may feel frequent abdominal pain after overwashing your belly button.

2, eyes

Life a lot of people like to clean the eyes, feeling the day's work down the eyes have a lot of dust and impurities, this time I like to clean with clear water, actually this is wrong, because our eyes have a self-cleaning function, if there is any impurities into, can blow or rubbing, these impurities can come out, on the contrary, if clean with clear water, are more likely to cause infection, Because there are certain bacteria in clean water, we need to pay attention to them.

3, ears

Most of us know that our ears itch when we mention them, but earwax in our ears doesn't really need to be cleaned out and it has this self-cleaning feature, but when you clean your ears in the shower, it's easy to get water in and damage the skin on your ears.

4, the nose

In clean at ordinary times in the process of the body, some parts are not often clean, especially sensitive nose, nose hair and nasal mucosa, distribution here with these substances can resist and shielding outside harmful substances, if always clean up the nostrils when bathing, may damage the hair follicle, and even stimulate the nasal mucous membrane, has led to an increased sense of nasal cavity and nasal cavity become fragile, body resistance is more likely to drop, So if you want to prevent damage to your health, you should pay attention to this problem. Your nose should not be washed too often.

5. Women's private parts

For female friends, every day cleaning private parts is very be necessary, especially in the summer, can control inflammation to a certain extent, make private parts, but it is important to note that at the time of cleaning this area, can clean with clear water directly, rather than using a dedicated lotion, special lotion can cause vaginal acid-base imbalance, on the contrary can also lead to various kinds of inflammation.

Therefore, female friends in life must pay attention to washing with warm water every day, do not need to buy special cleaning liquid.


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