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What If We’re Wrong About Angels?

by Linda Sharp 2 months ago in mental health / spirituality / psychology / meditation / advice
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Is it possible the angels we’re praying to are just aspects of our subconscious minds being made accessible to us?

What If We’re Wrong About Angels?
Photo by Amin Moshrefi on Unsplash

We're all familiar with angels.

Benevolent beings employed by god, sometimes in human form, to make existence a little easier for everybody. Our little (or major) reminders of a higher power.

Many of us have been taught that when we turn to them for help we will receive it, in some way. As long as we ask because angels need our permission to intervene. But I have a question for you,

What if we’ve got it wrong?

What if angels, and the help we receive from them, are a lot simpler than that? What if the assistance they provide, and the epitome of their existence, is written in the spelling of their name?

What If Angels Are Only New Perspectives?

What if praying to Angels is like praying for a new perspective?

Think about it, when we pray to them we’re asking for help out of a situation or dealing with a serious situation.

Yes, we are asking for a resolution but essentially we are also asking for a new way of being able to handle the current (or recurring) issue at hand.

Often, that means a new way of looking at it or some kind of divine intervention that creates a different view of the circumstances we’re facing.

Why am I saying this?

Because of how the world Angel is spelled. If you rearrange the spelling, the word ‘Angel’ creates the word ‘Angle”.


Angels bring peace and most importantly clarity when they appear. I say “most importantly” because sometimes the peace we feel stems from the clarity we receive.

The right perspective in a dark moment of our lives does the same. It works a miracle. It shows up when we least expect it, just like bright ideas. They give us a new angle on life.

Could it be possible the angels we’re praying to are the aspects of our subconscious we make accessible to ourselves — because we are now ready for them?

New Perspectives Are Always Available to Us

But they are not accessible until we’re ready to receive them.

Which would make sense to the notion of us having to ask for help, before we can receive it. We can only change when we’re ready.

Therefore, it would make sense that these new interpretations of the world around us aren’t available to us until we are finally able to handle them.

For example;

I’m dealing with the experience of ambiguous grief. I’m losing my mom, slowly. I couldn’t understand how to prepare to let her go until very recently when I finally gained a new perspective first.

She deserves happiness and her moving on, without me, means her living in constant pain would finally end. My mother deserves to be happy after all this world has given her.

This new perspective, after I prayed for it, is what is finally getting me to a place of accepting one day having to give her back to God.


Those uncomfortable thoughts of losing my mom have gone ignored consciously, for a very long time. Until the pain, I was hiding from myself began plaguing my emotions.

All the aspects of this impending loss became too loud to ignore and I broke one day, realizing the situation was inevitable. But that it was, in fact, me that needed to change all along.

And now all those emotions and all those thoughts over this predestined situation are in the active process of catalyzing me for the better, and into a better version of myself.

This shift was available to me once I was ready to submit to the inevitability of change. This connects me to prayer because often we tend to turn to prayer when all else fails and we're in a state of surrender.

Prompting a new angle on life to be uncovered.

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Linda Sharp

Evil prevails only when good men write nothing — so write everything.

Write it all.

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