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What Foods Give You Radiant Skin?

by Hajii Brown 3 months ago in health

Top Foods For Bright, Radiant Skin

What Foods Give You Radiant Skin?
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Everyone dreams of picture perfect skin with an everlasting glow. However, the question of how to get radiant skin has beenaround for several centuries. The only answer to this common query would be a healthy diet, emotional wellness and periodic workouts. In this article, you will read about top foods for radiant skin.

Food #1 – Guavas for Astringents

An abundant and inexpensive fruit for flawless skin would be guavas. This is a special fruit filled with exquisite astringent properties. Guavas will firm and tone your skin. As a result, you will have healthier and younger looking skin. Moreover, guavas are enriched with antioxidants and essential vitamin E.

Food #2 – Spinach for Vitamin A

Go for healthy leafy vegetables like spinach for better looking skin. Vitamin A will protect your skin from cold sores, acne, burns, skin disorders, psoriasis and wounds. In fact, the zinc deposit in spinach will build up collagen in your skin. If you have dark circles, spinach must be in your dietary routine.

Food #3 – Melons for Radiance

Foods that are rich with water will keep your skin radiant and glowing. There are plenty of raw foods with excess water. This includes broccoli, water melons and grapefruit. If your skin doesn’t have sufficient amounts of water, it will break and feel rough.

Food #4 – Peas for Vitamin B7

The list of foods for the skin will remain incomplete without lentils, peas and beans. These are amazing sources of vitamin B. Additionally, these food items are loaded with vitamin B7. It is an important ingredient for better hair & skin. If you want moist, lively skin, you should consume a diet with vitamin B3.

Food #5 – Green Tea for Beauty

For more than two centuries, green tea has been a part of beauty routines. It is a wonderful drink that removes free radicals from the body and prevents skin inflammation. Research at the Medical College of Georgia states that “Green Tea” can activate dying skin.

Food #6 – Dark Chocolate for Antioxidants

The list of foods for radiant skin will remain incomplete without dark chocolate. Antioxidants from cocoa beans will give you a striking look. Your skin will be protected from harmful ultraviolet radiations. However, bear in mind that other chocolates don’t have this power. Researchers at Yale have proved that only dark chocolate promotes better skin.

Food #7 – Olives for Elastic Skin

To prevent your skin from becoming flaky and dry, you must include more virgin olive oil in your diet. Healthy oil varieties will make your skin elastic. The best choices would be extra virgin olive oil and saturated fats. Moreover, monounsaturated fatty acids will keep your heart healthy and improve your skin.

Food #8 – Salmon for Moisture

Moving on, fatty fishes like salmon are essential for skin health. Polyunsaturated fatty acids will prevent your skin from losing its moisture.

Bottom Line

Last but certainly not least, you should go for foods with more dietary values. This includes cucumber, dry roasted cashews, prunes, cabbage,cucumber, eggs, cheese, brown rice, liver, pear, raspberry, mulberry and milk.

Starting a healthy diet should be a gradual converting process. For years when I was younger I would eat junk food and hardly ever drink water. Since I'm older and have been making better nutritional choices, I notice improvements with my skin.

Radiant skin reflects good health and fitness from a person. Your body is your temple and you should always strive to keep it functioning well. Not only will this lifestyle keep you healthy, but it will improve the quality of your life no matter what your age.


Hajii Brown

Hajii Brown, a naturally gifted writer, has been writing throughout many years. Although his main focus is health & fitness, he loves writing on a wide variety of topics and poetry.

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