Wash Your Fruit Unless You Want Herpes

by Aaron Dennis 12 months ago in health

But What Do I Know

Wash Your Fruit Unless You Want Herpes

You’re sick. You have a cold, the flu, herpes, whatever. You feel like crap, but you need groceries. Before you leave the house, you use the can, but let’s be honest, you didn’t wash your hands when you finished.

Then, you stop for gas. You touch the same gas pump that 7,000 other people touched before you. You pick at your face. You dig in your nose. You sneeze all over your hands. Then, you mine your butt crack. Finally, you walk into the grocery store, and you go for the fruit.

The fruit…

This is the same fruit that 7,000 other people handled before you. All of those people have done something from that nasty list of actions above, and then you take your fruit home and rinse it. You rinse it with cold water in the sink. What do you think that does?

Never mind the fact that the fruit is covered in pesticides, and oh yeah, pesticides are water resistant; they have to be in order to remain on the plants when it rains or during watering, so rinsing your fruit and vegetables doesn’t do didly.

You buy fruits and vegetables, because you want to be healthy. Eating nothing but meat and cheese is just going to clog you up… in more ways than one. We need fruits and vegetables, and the fresh stuff can be healthier than the canned goods, but only if you use your common sense. Maybe, it’s uncommon sense, but what do I know, right?

If you want to be healthy, and you want to stay healthy, you need to actually wash your fruit and vegetables. You can use warm water and dish soap, but you should let the food sit in the soapy water for a few minutes in order to breakdown whatever filth there is. Then, you can rinse it, and then try to store it a cool dry place, like the crisper.

Just beware because some fruits, like bananas, will break down more quickly—the peel actually releases a chemical that browns the banana, so they do need air, and the peel obviously protects the fruit from pesticides and germs, so they don’t need to be washed, unless you want to eat the peel… which is not poisonous.

Think this is crazy, ridiculous, asinine?

Consider that herpes can be spread through saliva.

According to the WHO, this is how easy it is to get herpes:

HSV-1 is mainly transmitted via contact with the virus in sores, saliva, and surfaces in or around the mouth. However, HSV-1 can also be transmitted to the genital area through oral-genital contact to cause genital herpes.

Yeah, HSV-1 can affect both your face and your junk.

The UPMC goes on to say:

It can also be spread to other parts of the body through infected fluid and saliva—saliva, which can come from a sneeze and remain living on a surface for up to eight weeks.

When people sneeze, they can spread herpes, and if you so much as breathe in their filthy sneeze, you can get sick. Herpes can be absorbed through mucous membranes, and it can live on fruit for a long time. Influenza can live on surfaces for twenty-four hours. Bloodborne pathogens like Hep-C can live on surfaces for three weeks.

Don’t think for a second that no one has open wounds on their hands. Construction workers, mechanics, plumbers, and landscapers buy fruits and vegetables, too, and I’ve worked in all those fields, never wore gloves, and always busted up my hands, so you go ahead, and you buy those peaches that someone sneezed all over, and you rinse them with cold water and eat them.

Didn’t see anyone sneeze on those grapes? Maybe they didn’t, but I’ll bet they sneezed on their hands before handling them. Maybe, they just filled up their car at the gas station, and I promise you, someone with herpes sneezed on their hands and touched the pump at some point.

Maybe, you’ll get sick. Maybe, you won’t… but what do I know, right?

You do you. You go ahead and ignore me. You call me a germophobe, and you tell me that I need to get infected once in a while in order to keep my immune system healthy, and I’ll tell you that I haven’t been sick in over two years. I’ll tell you that the last time I caught a cold, I got over it in three days.

But what do I know right?

For God’s sake, wash your fruit!

Thanks for reading this new series of somewhat informational articles I call But What Do I Know? You can find all of them in one place, right here, and stay tuned for more remarkably ridiculous information.

Aaron Dennis
Aaron Dennis
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