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Vitamin D. Survive covid. How and why to get the most from vitamin D?

Against the background of the second wave of the coronavirus epidemic, scientists have finally found a factor that significantly reduces the risk of exacerbations and mortality from covid. It's about having enough vitamin D in your bloodstream.

By ROBINSON JAMES HERBERTPublished 2 years ago 6 min read
Vitamin D. Survive covid.
How and why to get the most from vitamin D?
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According to studies published in October 2020, Covid patients who received vitamin D as treatment required significantly less intensive care than those who received the regular treatment protocol.

“Patients in the vitamin D group (50 of 76 included patients) received 532 μg of calcifediol on the day of admission (equivalent to 106,400 IU of vitamin D 6), followed by 266 μg on days 3 and 7 (equivalent to 53,200 IU 7). Thereafter, they received 266 mcg once a week until discharge, admission to intensive care, or death.

Of those who received calcifediol, only 2% required an ICU hospitalization, compared with 50% of those who did not receive calcifediol. D reduced the patient's risk of needing intensive care by 25 times.8

What's more, none of those taking vitamin D died, compared with 7.6% in the standard care group. The graph below, created by GrassrootsHealth, 9, shows the difference in ICU admissions and deaths between the two treatment groups. ”The

experts concluded that normalizing vitamin D levels could save thousands of lives. in fact, 30% of the world's inhabitants lack it. Pra-vitamin

In fact, “vitamin D” is not a single vitamin, but a constituent of pro-substances, one of which is synthesized in the skin 7-dehydrocholesterol. hence the name - "sunshine vitamin".

But why, then, in Africa, where there is so much sun, do people suffer from severe immune diseases? Because for the formation of high-quality, "the very" vitamin D, you need one more substance "ergocalciferol", it is also vitamin D2. If the first substance is synthesized by the skin due to sunlight, then the second can only be obtained with food.

If vitamin D is so sunny, and so beneficial for the immune system, why do Africans still get sick, moreover, with immune diseases?

And that is not all. In order for the body to prepare a good portion of vitamin D for you, it is necessary that: parts of the vitamin in the blood pass correctly through the liver, are processed and sent to the small intestine. There will be another reaction, after which the kidneys will complete the process of preparing the "very" vitamin D.

And here we get 3 conditions for the body to have a normal dose of vitamin D.

1. The notorious “to be in the sun more often”. For example, Rudolf Steiner said 100 years ago that this vitamin is very important and recommended the next intake for parents. Do not stuff children with chemicals, but give them real sunbathing at any time of the year. His advice was this: to open the crown of the child to get sunlight on him. Not from the window, not from under the cap, but directly. Of course, no kinks: no need to undress a baby in a bitter frost. Some of Steiner's followers have even come up with special hats for children, which can be removed from the top and then put on.

2. Organize your meals. The components for the formation of vitamin D are found in organic foods: nettle, seaweed, butter, egg yolk, salmon (including caviar), cod (especially liver). I emphasize that we are talking about organic products, not industrial production. It is unlikely that there is even a trace of a useful vitamin in a can of canned food with cod liver. And in salmon fed with hormones and antibiotics, as in caviar, there is more harm than good.

3. To create conditions for the internal organs, in which they are able to function 100%. After all, how many cases I have in practice when people drink handfuls of various dietary supplements, but the body simply "does not see" them. This is the best case scenario. At worst, in this way, you can also harm, because we do not know if the pill we need to drink really contains the correct, clean and useful composition of vitamins for us.

High consumption of omega-6 also distorts the ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 amino acids, which should ideally be close to 1: 1.

Now I understand why my students, who previously complained of deficiencies: iron, magnesium, zinc and vitamins E, D, stop experiencing deficiency symptoms, although we do not deal directly with vitamins.

In the Belly Healing program, we put the internal organs in place and just let the body work without hindrance. Then, if the kidney was lowered (and for her it is a disaster, because it is very important for her to be constantly in motion. A healthy kidney "passes" 600 meters per day, and if nothing interferes with it, then it copes with its function perfectly), then it simply cannot remove urea from the blood, nor help synthesize the final version of vitamin D.

If there is an adhesive process on the intestine, it does not matter whether it is thick or thick, then this is already a big problem. The intestines are one of the most whimsical organs. And he has the right to do so, because there are more neurons than in the spinal cord. He has to answer to the brain for the full health of the whole organism. And any adhesion process instantly blocks part of the organ's capabilities. This means:

· Food is not digested, even if it is useful.

· Vitamins and minerals are not synthesized, because the intestine does not seem to have a holistic picture of what is happening in the body.

· The lowered intestine pulls with it all other parts through the ligamentous apparatus, and all other organs of the abdominal cavity begin to "suffer". Depending on the degree of prolapse and tension of the tissues, the pancreas, liver, stomach or pelvic organs will be more involved in the process.

Unfortunately, today, medical professionals point out to patients that the internal organs have prolapsed already at the most critical stage, when prolapse begins. And it is true that it is quite difficult to detect a prolapse with an ultrasound machine, for this you need to do the research while standing, and with a very intelligent specialist.

You can easily diagnose yourself even if you are not a medic. Look at your belly. Does it hang to the bottom? There is probably an omission of the first degree. Does it hang in an apron? Most likely, the omission is already between 1 and 2, degree. Are you slim, your stomach is flat, and you think that you are doing well? Look at the navel. Is there a "sad" fold above it, like an inverted smiley. Or a wrinkle that divides the belly at the level of the navel in half. If so, you have strong pelvic floor muscles and still have prolapse.

With first degree omission issues, you will be working on the Belly Healing program for about six months. If the degree is second, then from a year to two, and the earlier you start, the less you risk bringing the situation to the loss of internal organs. This is already a surgical situation that cannot be corrected permanently on your own. You will have to hem the ligaments, muscles, and after that it is imperative to do work with the abdomen in order to prevent the development of the adhesions.

To participate in the Belly Healing program, you will need internet and an hour of free time during the 21 days of the course. Then, when you have mastered all the techniques, the practice will take no more than 25 minutes a day.

To find out details about the program and choose the optimal format for participation, click the button below, fill out the form and very soon my assistants will contact you to guide you.


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