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There are many people out there that enjoy a cigarette out on the terrace or on their balcony or even in their home. However, there are many smokers who want to quit badly, but they have no idea how to stay away from the nicotine. They have tried numerous things such as nicotine gum, nicotine patches and cold turkey quitting, but then the stress comes and next think you know, the smoker has gone through a pack of cigarettes in a day. This is where vaping comes in; it comes in fun flavors such as root beer, cotton candy, and peach iced tea. It also does not smell terrible like cigarettes. You can choose the amount of nicotine that goes into the vape, so you can keep lowering the nicotine content until you smoke no more cigarettes. I am not saying that you will not have the craving from time to time, but there is a good chance you can quit smoking for good.

However, in the news lately, there have been articles about people dying from vaping, which is a huge risk to take, but the issue is how the vapers are taking in the drags and the amount that they are putting in their lungs. It is meant to be equal to a cigarette drag; it might taste good, but honey you could be taking in way too much and not noticing, that is what is causing all the illnesses with vaping because it is not meant to replace weed.

According to CTV news, six people have died due to respiratory illnesses. They all had one link, which was vaping. However, these numbers are from the States and there have yet to be any death in Canadas. Also, if your child is vaping, they are at a higher risk because their lung capacity is much weaker than those of an adult. Teens who are smoking or vaping on school property can expect fines of "$305 if you’re caught vaping or smoking where you’re not supposed to and $490 if you’re caught sharing or supplying" (CTV News, Schnurr), which is a good way of keeping teens from smoking or vaping. There are still many unknown facts about vaping, so research is still being conducted as to what is causing these illnesses.

However, vaping is a good alternative to smoking. A single cigarette carries about 600 chemicals, but when one is lit, it increases to 7,000 chemicals because of the reaction that is caused. 69 of those chemicals are toxic and harmful. Approximately 154,050 deaths happened in America due to lung cancer, which is caused by smoking. Over 1 billion people smoke cigarettes in the world and 2.09 million of those smokers have been diagnosed with lung cancer. Now, let's look at the statistics for vaping. Around 41 million people are vaping and approximately six deaths have happened, and it is all in the United States. Yes, this number will increase, but the chances of you dying from vaping are still pretty slim. 600 illnesses in the United States have been recorded, but the percentage of that is still reasonably small. I am not saying that everyone should vape because you shouldn't unless you want to quit smoking. It is one of the most efficient ways of quitting, especially for those that struggle with getting rid of the nicotine addiction.

Well, we should also take into consideration that secondhand smoking can also cause and increase the risk of lung cancer. Approximately 7,300 deaths have happened to secondhand smokers. I have never smoked a cigarette in my life, but unfortunately my fiancee and his family are smokers and they smoke inside the house, so the smell spreads to everywhere in the house. I am being exposed to this a lot because I am over at his house constantly. The chance of me getting lung cancer has increased from 20-30%. I decided to get my fiancee to quit smoking and in support of this bought him a vape; I feel better being around his house and around him. I no longer have to smell the toxic, smelly cigarette, and instead I am smelling things like cookie dough or mint chocolate chip cookies. I prefer that smell over a cigarette any day. I used to be the girl that would change bus seats just because the guy next to me smelled of cigarettes. I could not stand the smell, and I still have difficulty breathing when I am around a smoker. I am glad I will be marrying someone who will have quit smoking by the time our wedding rolls around. I am relieved that he has made this decision to quit because it also affects my health and not just his. Remember that vaping is not the worst thing in the world. I agree that it should not be pursued by teens, because nicotine is harmful to younger generations.

Ada Zuba
Ada Zuba
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