Vampiric Thoughts

If a Vampire knocked on your door, would you let it in?

Vampiric Thoughts
1 bat, 2 bat, 3 bat, 4, 5 bat... you get the jist.

"Vampires, real vampires, didn't nibble on the necks of nubile young virgins. They tore people to pieces and sucked the blood out of the chunks" - David Wellington

It's late one night, all alone at home, you hear a knock at the door. You peer through the peephole and see a shady, ominous figure dressed in dark, they seem familiar, yet unknown. You grab the doorknob and twist, slowly pulling the door open to reveal the man standing in your porch. Pale white skin, deep sullen eyes, an air of dread hangs around them. You feel uncomfortable but intrigued.

The man brings with him bad news, he can’t tell you here though, to receive this news you must invite him the man inside. Curiosity killed the cat didn’t it, but you are not a cat and fuck that shit anyway, what could possibly go wrong.

This is definitely a Swedish Vampire

This moment right now is a very specific point in time. This moment right now carries with it the hands of fate, the feet of momentum and the gravitas of choice and freedom intertwined. This moment right now has within it all the fundamentals of Tao, the serenity of Zen and the possibility of extreme empowerment. In front of you, standing in the door, exists a Vampire. Not a fabled, fantastical beast from myth and legend but a literal, real soul stealer. The Vampire we know so well is real and paramount and waiting to infect the minds of each of us.

More metaphors hey?

This Vampire knocking at your door, this house you are in, this is a metaphor for your mind. You see, you are the house and the door is the gateway of attention. The Vampire is the Negative, the Pessimistic, the Scarce, the Fear. Now, you can’t always avoid the negative can you, that’s not what this life is about. Buddha taught us early on that suffering is inevitable, the only thing we can do is to try to reduce this suffering, until we achieve a state of enlightenment when the suffering no longer takes grasp of us anymore. In our attempt to reduce this suffering, we develop mental characteristics and practices that help develop internal toughness and resiliency. One of the ways we can do this is through mental imagery. Visually processing certain negative thoughts can help us to maintain them and understand their origins. This is what the Vampire imagery is all about.

Sweet ink bro.

How to use this imagery

As the Vampire knocks on your door, so too does a negative emotion or thought. It would be silly to leave the door unanswered, rude even, and we have values to uphold. We are not akin to rudeness so we open the door to greet the visitor. In the process of opening the door, we are enabling mindfulness. The opening of the door is a practice of meditation, it is the art of seeing with your eyes closed. The act of knowing without knowledge. In this moment, you open your heart to the visitor, but not your house. You view the visitor as you view a Vampire. You understand that this is a terrible force, one not to be reckoned with, but one that cannot hurt you without you inviting it further in to your house in the first place. This is where you hold the power. In the ability to see the visitor as it truly is, and to let it go. To be polite and kind and loving but firm and resolute. And in this, you disable the Vampires true nature, it no longer holds interest in you and moves on or becomes a Ghost.

You do this over and over again, and as you move across the great sea of life, you start to notice less and less Vampires along the way. Each and every time you meet one, if you act as stated above, you will begin to notice that less of them appear. Until eventually, you knock your house down and welcome it all. In the knowledge that walls and doors and open and closed do not exist, and neither do Vampires.

Bury those dirty negative thoughts for good.

Heed this Warning

Don’t you dare for one second think that the Vampires of the mind are easier to deal with then that of the flesh. I kid you not with this warning. Where do you think it all begins, in the actions or in the mind. First, one must suck the good out of someone, turn their thoughts against them, break them down from the inside, it is after this is complete and one has no where left to turn that the Vampire truly gets to work. Heed this as a warning and watch your door carefully, be wary of what comes your way and watch and listen carefully, if you pay enough attention you can always tell a Vampire in disguise.

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Robert Webb
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