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Unhelpful Questions To Never Ask In A Tarot Reading

by Francesca Harrall 3 months ago in spirituality

And what to ask instead.

Unhelpful Questions To Never Ask In A Tarot Reading
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Are you new to Tarot and wondering what kinds of answers the cards will unlock for you?

Maybe you’re in a rough spot in your career and need to know when you’ll land that new job, or desperate to know what you need to do to be happy.

I get it!

It’s so tempting to enlist the help of a reader to get the answers you’re so desperate to know.

But did you know there are just some questions that will make your reader roll their eyes at you?

Well, maybe not actually roll them. Internal eye-rolling maybe.

But that’s only because there are a few different kinds of questions that we hear over and over again to the point of exasperation.

And only then does the exasperation come because often, if you’re asking a Tarot reader a question, your expectations of what Tarot can tell you are a bit out of whack.

That’s not your fault, though! Although Tarot and other similar tools have surged in popularity in the last few years, there’s still a lot of stigma and false information out there.

Incorrect ideas about intuitive readings stem from those who have spent too much time watching supernatural horror films. 😉

Tarot readings can be so powerful if used correctly, in a very practical, common-sense way. So it makes sense to work with your reader on open-ended, relevant questions that will help give you the guidance you need.

Question one: Specific questions about a future partner

Intuitive readers often get questions from clients that go something like this:

When will I meet The One?

Will they have brown hair?

Will they drive a fancy car?

Will we have two kids?

The trouble with these kinds of questions is that in life, there are so many elements that tie into what happens. You are not the only part. So it’s impossible to determine what will happen down to the microscopic details!

It’s hard, but you have to accept the fact that you can’t control everything.

Tarot can’t shape the future to how you want it.

Also, let’s say it could for a moment.

Would those kinds of surface wants and needs lead to a lasting, fulfilling relationship?

Hmm… probably not.

What to ask instead

It’s best to turn your attention to yourself.

I get that you want to see your future relationship situation as a happy one! But there are more useful questions that are more likely to help you understand what you truly want, and what practical steps you can take to get closer to that, rather than blindly wishing for something to happen.

Useful questions could be:

What is going to increase your chances of finding a loving relationship?

What do you want from your next relationship?

What can I let go of to help me find a better partner?

And don’t stop there. You could also ask:

Why do I feel the need for a relationship?

How can I make myself happy without being in a relationship?

Question two: Time-based questions

Of course, it makes sense that whatever it is you’re aiming for, you’d want to know when it’s going to happen so you can be on the lookout for it!

Time questions usually look for an answer within a certain time frame, like ‘will I get a new job in three months?’ or ‘will I sell my house by December?’

Don’t get me wrong; to an extent, Tarot can help you achieve certain goals within a timeframe, but ONLY if you put the work in, and even then, it’s not a guarantee of something happening, but rather increasing the chances of it happening.

Tarot cannot predict the future. Let’s be clear on that.

Let’s say you asked me in our reading together whether you were going to get a new client in your new business in the next month, and I said “yes, you will!”.

Happy in the knowledge that your business is going to take off, you allow yourself to sit back, relax, not worry about marketing yourself, creating content, or getting your name out there in any way. Why bother if your reading said you’ll get a client, right?

Then when it doesn’t happen, you come back to me furious that Tarot is unreliable.

What you can ask instead

You can get much better results for yourself if you ask better questions. Let’s take the above example, but rephrase the question to be more helpful for you.

You could ask:

What steps can I take to increase the likelihood of a new client this month?

Where do I need to put my focus to start making more money in my new business?

What bad habits do I need to let go of to make some positive progress?

Do you see? You can have the same outcome in mind, but with the right questions, you’ll get much more satisfying results.

Question three: Third-party questions

Readers see these kinds of questions ALL THE TIME and it makes me really sad because they’re usually centred around failing relationships.

They’re normally questions about someone else – maybe you’re trying to find out if an estranged ex is going to get back in touch, whether your old best friend is talking about you behind your back, or whether your partner is going to cheat on you again.

Heartbreaking as these situations are, Tarot cannot tell you what someone else is thinking. I personally find (as well as many other readers out there) that talking about someone else without their permission to be unethical, too.

The reason these questions don’t work in a Tarot reading is purely down to no one knowing what another person is thinking – Tarot doesn’t hold a mind-reading power of any kind.

Desperate times can call for wanting to know things about another person that they don’t want to share with you.

I get it, but not only is it impossible and unrealistic to expect Tarot to reveal the inner workings of someone else’s mind, it’s invasive and not a helpful, positive thing to want or have.

Tarot will not tell you what you want to hear.

Instead, Tarot can offer some helpful guidance through a tough spot which, at the time, may not feel like the instant gratification you’d get from a reader pretending to know what that elusive ex is thinking about you right now, but in the long run will be healthier, more productive, and helpful to your situation.

An appropriate question could be:

Why do you put so much importance on getting back in touch with this person?

What can you do to boost your confidence and self-worth without getting approval from others?

Question four: Yes and no questions

Some readers might offer answers to yes and no questions using Tarot, but I don’t, and here’s why:

Like with the time-based questions, I don’t think it’s fair or helpful to give ‘definite’ answers to a problem. I believe that everything in life is changeable and I see this as a very positive thing!

The problems with a yes or no question are that:

You come to expect a certain outcome, no matter what else happens. When it doesn’t happen for whatever reason, you’re unprepared and disappointed.

A yes or no outcome, whichever you want, is based on what you ‘think’ would be the best answer right now, and is what you’d want to hear rather than what would be good for you.

They’re asked with the belief that Tarot can see into the future.

Your actions and your attitude affect your outcome, and everyone has their own free will. This is why nothing is set in stone, and that’s such a positive thing because it means you have more control over your life and the path you take!

What you can ask instead

Anything open-ended.

A ‘Yes’ or ‘No’ question doesn’t leave room for exploration, but asking ‘how’, ‘why’ ‘what can I do’ questions leave so much more room for understanding yourself, the present, and what actions you can take to set up a more desirable future.

Question five: Fortune-telling questions

There are just some people who believe Tarot cards are a magical tool that can predict lottery numbers, whether you’re having a boy or girl, and a whole manner of other chance-based answers.

Let me tell you – and I know some people have varying beliefs on this – but Tarot cards are just pretty pictures on pieces of card.

Nothing more.

They are a tool to help Tarot readers tell a story – to explore your subconscious, and your thoughts and feelings and to help you make plans to improve a situation based on what’s going on right now.

But never to pluck random chances out of thin air. Sorry!

If you take any advice from this blog post, please let it be this:

Don’t waste your time, effort, and money on getting readings asking these kinds of questions. You could spend your whole life chasing something as big as a lottery win, only to never win it, while never working on things that would actually make you happy.

And if you ever meet a reader promising you they can predict these kinds of answers, walk quickly in the opposite direction.

What to ask instead

Honestly, anything but these kinds of questions!

Maybe this is your chance to focus on a present issue that’s bothering you. Take the lottery numbers example; this could mean you’re focusing on material wealth, or that you’re struggling with money.

As a child, we were very hard up at times – like, cupboards bare, no hot water for a year kind of hard up. And my parents would still sometimes buy a lottery ticket over a loaf of bread in the hope that they would win it big.

Don’t be like that.

Instead, if you want to focus on a Tarot reading, then think about what changes you could make right now. Don’t focus on chance and wishing for something to happen, but take a more practical approach to your problems.

Did you find this post useful? I hope that this will help you pause for a moment before your next reading and focus on a more helpful, more powerful question to ask your Tarot reader.


Francesca Harrall

As a ghostwriter and narrator in my 'day job', I get to be the voice for children's stories, meditations, & educational topics. How lucky am I! Here, I write about freelancing, intuition, simple living, and the joys of being introverted.

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