Two BIG Reasons to Use Organic Cosmetics and Why Is It Healthier to Go Organic? Food, Skincare, and More

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Organic Cosmetics and Food, Skincare, and More

Two BIG Reasons to Use Organic Cosmetics and Why Is It Healthier to Go Organic? Food, Skincare, and More

Going organic can have a huge range of benefits for your health. Choosing organic skincare products in particular and organic cosmetics, means that you aren’t placing harsh chemicals on your face and skin. And this can absolute transform how you look and feel.

But those aren’t the only reasons to go organic! Here are two more big ones.

It’s cheaper

Another advantage of going organic is that it will often be cheaper. That’s because it will a lot of the time mean that you’re actually making our own products. People who stick to an organic lifestyle will very often grow their own fruits and vegetables for example and right away, this will mean that they are getting some of their foods for free. Similarly, choosing to make your own soap or shampoo can save a LOT of money.

Even buying organic products will often be cheaper because they will be made from expensive ingredients – naturally occurring ingredients in fact that are readily available!

It is highly rewarding

Taking up an organic lifestyle and using things like organic shampoos is immensely rewarding.

Essentially, going organic means learning to live off the land and learning to make nature work for you. It’s about being creative and resourceful and it’s about making the most of all the natural supplies and ingredients available to you. Instead of simply going out and buying a soap, you’ll be learning to make your own soap from natural ingredients that looks and smells unique. Instead of buying corrosive cleaning products, you’ll be using household items to do your own organic home cleaning.

This is also a highly creative and personal process, and one that gives you complete control. Imagine wearing a lipstick or a perfume that you made yourself. When someone says how great it looks, you can tell them you made it yourself. That’s an amazing feeling and one that is bound to start some conversations!

What’s more, is that this means you’re never going to worry about your favorite brand or product running out. You never need to worry about the price going up!

All this is a highly rewarding experience and as you commit more and more to the organic lifestyle, you’ll find that you discover more and more about nature and about your own creativity. You’ll become more independent and resourceful, and you’ll look great doing it!

Healthier to Go Organic? Food, Skincare, and More

Going organic is good for you for a number of reasons. For starters, it means that you won’t be consuming unnatural chemicals or other potentially noxious ingredients. At the same time though, it also means that you are embracing more natural ingredients and generally striving to live a little more in-keeping with nature and the way that your body evolved to live.

It means making conscious choices when it comes to your skincare products, even your cleaning products!

And this can have huge benefits for your overall health.


The most obvious example of this is what you eat. If you eat regular fruits and vegetables, then that means that you could potentially be eating trace amounts of toxic pesticides. These are literally man-made poisons that are being sprayed on our food and on our crops and so it isn’t hard to see how this might be a problem!

Indeed, pesticides have been shown in a large number of studies to be associated with a range of health problems both short-term and long-term. In the short term, they have been associated with headaches and nausea for example, while in the long term they have even been linked to cancer. Here is a research paper looking at the potential hazards of pesticides.

And it’s not just that non-organic foods can be unhealthy either. It’s also true that organic foods have additional health benefits. This is because organic foods will be fed with other natural ingredients, which in turn provide them with more nutrition. Thus, those animals and plants become healthier, thereby being more nutrient dense themselves.

This can be seen easily when we look at the difference between corn fed and grass fed beef. Those cows that have been able to live on their natural food source (grass) are able to benefit from better nutrition, which in turn results in a healthier, tastier and more nutritious cut of meat.

Skincare Products

And this doesn’t just apply to what you eat either. It also goes for organic shampoos, organic skin care products etc. Many people will find that products that use harsh, unnatural ingredients are much more likely to result in skin rashes or other unpleasant reactions. Conversely, using natural ingredients in things that will come into contact with your skin will often help to provide natural, gentle nourishment.

Did you know that when you use soap, it actually gets absorbed into your blood stream? The same goes for shampoo. So here’s a good rule: don’t use anything you wouldn’t be happy eating!

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