Treatment of Laceration Repair at Walk-in Clinic

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Benefits of Walk-in Clinics

Treatment of Laceration Repair at Walk-in Clinic
Walk-in Clinic

Due to certain reasons sometimes, we use our hands to perform some tiresome tasks, say fixing the roof. You might end up with a cut that can be deep and turn out to be tearing muscles from deep inside. In such cases, you need to visit the doctor immediately for the laceration repair. Do you think you can wait for the doctor’s appointment in such cases? No should be the answer that comes without a second thought. You can try the ER, but getting immediate attention is also not sure as there might be severe patients than you. Then you should consider going to the walk-in clinic located at Trinity, FL. Many walk-in clinics can offer an immediate and timely solution for your health conditions like laceration repair.

What is laceration?

When do you need laceration repair? This can be the bothering question. When you have exposed muscle, bone or tendon, then this procedure is required. If there is bleeding, then you need to stop it by applying pressure for at least ten to 15 minutes without a break. Depending on the damage to the bones, tendons or the muscles, the laceration varies in width and length. The procedure includes cleaning, preparing, and closing the open wound. If the arteries or tendons are damaged, then immediate care at the ER is required. In the case of facial laceration, you need to go to the emergency room only rather than going to the walk-in clinic found in Trinity, FL.

The Laceration Repair

When the simple laceration repair is all that is required, then you can find the walk-in clinic located at Trinity, FL. Their medical staff would take care of the repair process. The washing and cleaning process is done initially at the wounded spot. The sterilization is the second step. The wound would be closed with the glue or stitches. The anesthesia is given. Staples can also be used. The injury will be settled, and the doctor would provide medication for leaving it pain-free. The antibiotic ointment is also prescribed to prevent further infection.

When the sutures are placed, it is necessary to keep the wound free from any pressure for a day or two. There should also be no contact with water for 24 hours. Stop swimming and bathing until the physician says. Usually, you will be allowed to bathe after a day or two, but swimming takes a week. Gently clean the area with mild soap after 48 hours. Or, if further dressing is required, you need to go to the doctor again. Do not leave any wet band-aid or bandage to stay. Remove them, as wet surfaces let the bacteria thrive.

If the laceration is caused by an animal, inform the doctor, as the treatment has to be taken for the same to prevent infection. Oozing pus and fever along with laceration requires immediate treatment. When the cut is intense, you need to go to the ER, rather than going to a walk-in clinic located at Trinity, FL. This is because if arteries are cut, the consequences can be severe.

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